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  1. We could install the LED discs in around an hour but the refresh of the lacquer takes 2-3 days so we normally suggest you leave the Evora with us on a weekend and collect the following weekend.
  2. We can replace the LED ring without splitting the casing apart which makes the job a little easier. As it is much easier to replace the ring with the headlight removed, I am recommending that we refinish the lacquer at the same time - we're doing this as a package deal for a pair of headlights inc VAT at £740.
  3. After a considerable delay, we now have the replacement sidelights in stock in our shop - link below
  4. I have the solution but it requires me to pre-order 20 sets of the LED rings - I have been compiling a list of names who would want them and was waiting to get 10 confirmed orders - this is taking longer than I had thought....
  5. Does anyone have a stock 2ZZ exhaust manifold kicking around, I really need one!!
  6. I have headlights sat in my parts stock for Evora if it helps... With regards to the sidelights, I'm going to have to write a cheque for several thousand pounds in order to get the production started - I would like to have around 10 fconfirmed orders before I commit, I currently only have 2!
  7. Good afternoon all. I'm now taking pre-orders for the Evora replacement sidelight LED circuit boards. I am compiling a list of people who want a single or pair of these from the first batch of 20. We will be selling these at £199 + VAT each, we can of course carry out the fitment at extra cost in our workshops if required. If you would like to secure one of these then please contact myself or Samantha on 01327 320223
  8. Yes, it was a pre MY10 facelift car but one of the very last with a few additional light weight options
  9. Hi All, I believe the RGB Exige mentioned with Will B is a car that we sold from new and then to its second owner. If I'm right, the condition is superb and has been very well looked after by both of its previous keepers - a good buy! The Exige 260 cup that we had sold very quickly, they are very rare at the moment and apparently going up in value
  10. Hi all, thanks Bibs for the mention. I have got to a point where I need to invest several thousand pounds in order to to move this project forwards and commit to a quantity of these replacement PDB's - currently the retail price would need to be around £227 per headlight (inclusive of VAT at 20%) for the replacement PCB's. The design of the circuit board is being improved and the quality of the LED's is higher but it still feels like a fairly expensive solution especially as I would guess at around 30 - 60 minutes labour to replace the PCB. I would be really interested to see how many of you would still be keen at this price before I commit to a fairly large purchase...
  11. I've done a few, it's also worth looking at some push pull tone controls to split the coils on the humbuckers - allows you to get a good clean tone more akin to a stratocaster. In my experience copper tape with conductive adhesive is the easiest route to go paying most attention to the single coil pick up cavity as this is the biggest area for noise. Another point worth noting as we've all probably done it, make sure you connect the jack socket the right way as it'll work if you get it wrong but create a buzz when you're not touching the strings and will take you ages to diagnose what went wrong!!
  12. It was an RG570 made around 2002 which was finished in silver and had a few scars on it. I had the body repainted in Lotus Motorsport Green, I stripped the original Edge tremolo and repainted it in Solar Yellow (without the metallic flake), automotive paint was used but solvent based to get it to lay thinner. I play it through a Marshall valve amp and the pickups are powerful enough to drive the valves to a warm tone on the neck position. I also have a PRS Custom 22 that is my grown up guitar and a blonde Fender Strat plus from the 80's with the gold lace sensor pickups for a bit more blues...
  13. My latest project guitar, the yellow strings are probably a step too far!
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