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  1. Your car is looking very good with the new rear spoiler, but have you had to strengthen the tailgate at all around the fixing area or are you mounted on to your chassis? Steve.
  2. I was just out for a little run from Aberdeen to Braemar and back. 😎 Steve.
  3. Recently managed 265miles from a full standard tank on the way back home from Oulton Park. Still showing a tiny sliver on the last bar. Steve.
  4. Thanks for that. I did not know that Komotec had mapping for Jim’s exhausts. Steve.
  5. Did you pay Komotec to fit the headers and cat that comes with the 460Kit and then replace them afterwards with the 2bular ones? Interested to hear why you done this. Steve.
  6. Does the lsd make much difference between sport, race or off modes? Steve
  7. C7steve


    The white fuel pump is just to show you that the bars are your fuel gauge. The orange light comes on when your running low. I don't know what the 120 is though Steve.
  8. Some info just under the Design part. Steve.
  9. Thanks George and looking forward to seeing the new wing after you fit it. You must be nearly finished with the upgrades soon with not much at all left to do. Steve.
  10. Look great, but for a photographer of your standard..........close the door please. George, has your drivers side B6Screamer been fitted on rails or fixed down at a single point? Loving your work 👍 Steve.
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