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  2. Oh my, I'm having a hot flush ;-) how does one get an invite to breakfast? A real laugh out loud moment there , thanks x
  3. Here's the deal... I've always loved the Esprit especially from late 80's to early 1990's, love most of all the yellow, dreamed of having one before I had kids 18 years ago. Anyway my beloved OH who has been a petrol head for the 22 years of our marriage would look at Esprits getting me excited and then go and buy a Triumph Tr 6,2,6,3,oh and a 7 in there too over the years add to this various jaguar XJS's which I swear he loved more than me, certainly they had far more pampering! I supported him through all this even helped a bit with some welding, fitting fiddly things as my fingers were more nimble than his, bleeding brakes - you name it I helped. Well now he's ditched me and the TR's and XJS's for a new woman, probably done me a favour , but I'd just love to p1ss him off and turn up in the street with an Esprit. It's my birthday at the end of March, I'll be 44 any offers of help would be appreciated, I live near Glasgow. Ideally I'd like to hire one for the day or even with a chauffeur, preferably a hot adonis!!!
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