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  1. It was up on Ebay 30 straight after the auction closed (wasn't there before) so he opted to put on ebay 30 mins after non payment .... hmmm!!
  2. I nearly bid on the collecting cars grey one but...Last service in July 2018, body work had lots of a scratches in pics (needed a good 3 stage polish), needed 4 new tyres (week 15 of 2015) so coming up 5 years old. Weirdly it sold today and yet already up on eBay for £49.9k but sat in their show room in pics. So not convinced it sold (allot of collecting cars don’t really sell it seems and just end up back on the same traders site). I d
  3. Still not got anything if anyone is thinking of selling up due to lack of use due to the winter months / lack of us. I have noted the Green 410 at Oakmere keeps coming down. Was £70k when I first saw it, then £68k, now £64k. Who ever specced the interior needs to get off to spec savers (red stitching with green accents). Even with that and being a demo if they did another £4k drop would bite at £60k on that.
  4. I started off looking at 400s as an entry back into Lotus life but man maths has me in GT430 territory. I noted the silver one at Porsche Aberdeen at £74.5 sold really quickly, just missed out. Does anyone know the lotus racing green at Hoffman’s 2+2? The auto and colour is the only downer but must be the only 2+2?
  5. Man maths is the only way..... Yeah def doable ...... a silver one popped up at Porsche Aberdeen for £74.5k Ironically I brought my wife's Macan GTS from there in January. I don't fancy that drive there and back ever again Aberdeen to Taunton was a slog!
  6. Back on the hunt, but in no rush. Car was inspected and not quite as clean as was implied in discussions. By way of even more budget scope creep have my eye on a GT430. Not long on market and they seem to hang around forever so will sit a wait a few months and see if it creeps down towards my upper limit in the depths of winter and if something else comes up in interim will snap that up. Budget now even more flexible as wife approved of spending up to £75k on the next weekend car now (need to top up car fund from the share ISA for that level) so I have set some ranges... ~ £44-4
  7. No way I would spent £80k* on an Evora vs even a base spec 911 or a spyder or gt4. Porsches I’ve had a few of GT and none GT and never had an issue Evora and Exige lots of niggles. Build quality no comparison and dealers in every city too. Lotus never seem as fast (over egged bhp vs under egged). When I sell a Porsche it’s gone in days and often for same or more than I paid .... a Lotus takes ages. Porsche you can extend warranty until 14 years old etc. Lotus out priced them selves with latest generation of Evora and it’s simply not an car that warrants £80k plus.
  8. Damn right looks like I have a deal sorted on a 2+2 manual for £61k with less than 6k miles and all options subject to inspection giving it an all clear. They seem to hang around for 1-2 years and anyone paying more than £57k for a 2+0 or £62k plus for a 2+2 <19 ref need certifying in the current climate. Also makes any 400 £48k plus seem overpriced. If you actually have cash to to a deal and buyers market. Most dealers Saying they can’t shift them which is madness really
  9. Thanks for the replies all. Peegee355 sent you a PM. au-ty. Quite a few about sub £50k if you are willing to do a deal it seems. Spoke to a dealer who has one up for £46k and would be willing to do a deal at £44k with a fresh lotus service as sat for a bit but not ideal colour combo for me. Another who has had the same 410 for sale for close to 2 years and willing to drop £5k. I looked at it but was put off buy it being sat for 2 years. I think if I was getting really close to the £50's I would plump the he extra £10-£15k to get into a 410 sport as the budget is flexible and win
  10. Looking for a new weekend toy, after an Evora 400. Ideally orange or another lary colour. May consider blue, black or grey if the car and price is right. Wouldnt consider red or yellow. Must have full service history, be in excellent condition. Ideally manual but wouldn’t rule out auto for a really unique and low miles car. Cash waiting looking to pay mid 40s may go to upper 40s for the right car.
  11. If you have the right kit / take to a dealer you can get a print out from the ecu that shows engine ours, max speed, fastest 0-60 times, max engine revs etc etc. Similar to what you get from Porsche’s etc and really useful to assure yourself about the cars use. The code thing still puzzles me as can only think it may be immobiliser. But had battery out of my Exige for 1 week whilst doing and ICE install and it started fine afterwards.
  12. Make sure you check the data print out and warranty status ...... I know someone who looked at this car and was put off by it having a harder life than he would have liked based on the data dump. Borderline over revs apparently. Also I understand there is no warranty on the gearbox and drivetrain from Lotus and their AA warranty won’t cover a modded car engine And further to that last post new battery and code? Hmmm code for what exactly ..... I haven’t heard of that had both and Evora and Exige and never had that after changing a battery. I wonder what code they are get
  13. Mines an original car and don't think it came with one fitted from the factory. I am the second owner but purchased direct from the original owner. Agree those cannards just done look right.
  14. Look kind of like mine actually but too wide for my liking. edited to add photos of mine genuine ones. My 380 has no rubber splitter though and think that looks gash!
  15. Good question, I had a quick Google but couldn’t find the answer conclusively. I have been lined up to order one also (would have done the same as you ref mileage tie up). @GFWilliams has one and may know the answer for you. However I note Lotus void the warranty according to the booklet / a dealer. Given this not sure I want to risk it myself as I have 15 months left on warranty guessing you have a good chunk left also. Heaven forbid a gearbox or engine issue being rejected just because you swapped out the cluster. It’s nice ..... but not that nice. Out of warranty I wouldn’t
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