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  1. Don’t be such a big Jessie drive it home. I collected my 380 late at night in freezing conditions, drove about 90 miles back and got salt bombed by gritters twice. 2 hours cleaning later in every nook and cranny was fine (and still chip free). I suspect on a trailer will be a allot cleaner underneath mind so be prepared to get on your hands and needs to wash and wash again! But the body will be cruddy anyway so will still need a post collection clean.... Enjoy!
  2. Ah I meant new old .... GT4 and GT3 were previous cars. So had made money before delivered rather than having to wait years.
  3. Having made many £10s of £k on some old cars you can do both. My last weekend car made me about £10k over 3k miles of use even when you factor in fuel and insurance Something satisfying knowing you can enjoy something and it be net free. Buy right and enjoy them for sure. I only got my Exige in late Nov and it’s alteady done 600 miles of pointless fun driving (mostly to tool station and Sainsbury’s 😂)
  4. I wouldn’t worry I didn’t notice too much difference in a few I have been in with and without
  5. My 380 steal of century for sure then and in the 350 sport range (right place right time and cash waiting). No plans to sell it - deffo a keeper (utterly immaculate and tyres like new at 4K miles m) Currently on holiday in the sun watching a shit show (wife will watch any old shit) and wife pining for kids .... me the car!
  6. Lol Exige 380 + summer owners meet at mine then (epic roads to!) It’s a tad extravagant and wasn’t planned. But me and a mate got sh1tfaced when my wife and kids away with family and decided to build a lodge for her as an anniversary gift and got a bit carried away (as we do we have form for stupid drunk ideas). Never done anything like that before as an work in IT Delivery. But 4 weekends later we smashed it - Really enjoyed it to! Next up when I save some cash a toilet /shower block and a swimming pool.
  7. Lol Chantelle or ..... A few seeds in the green house of the herbal variety £16 (and wait circa 12 weeks) A bottle of Vodka (on special for £12) or crate of Stella A few steaks on the indoor BBQ (£12). Then some free sexy time in the in door BBQ for pudding. Whilst I love a drive that’s MUCH more enjoyable and it may or may not have been tested 😂
  8. I couldn’t tell any difference between the 2. If anything thought standard was louder / deeper when I listened to them back to back (but cars had different mileage so could have been that).
  9. 380 exhaust sounds amazing with roof off you get the full sound, the standard V6 I agree sounds a bit limp.
  10. Completely agree wanted to love the GTR and seriously looked at a Litchfield stage 4.25 and hated it (which shocked me). Brutally quick in the 0-100 sprint but walked away from a drive and went and got an FK8 type R as found it more ‘enjoyable’ on a B road blast with more space for real world kids and stuff. Can see why people like them though and engineering marvel.
  11. My mates gtr has double power to weight of my Exige have track day with him in July so will see how the Exige fares! (By counting how many times he laps me)
  12. Just be sure to pick the 🌽 out first
  13. You want some silicone grease for rubber seals mate. Quick Amazon search this came up Any should do I had some left over an old M6 convertible I used it on. Was a couple of quid at time from local motor factors. I wouldn’t put anything petroleum based on rubber seals as may damage over time.
  14. Yep back on no issues (literally 5 mins work for 1 person) had already greased up due to squeaks and quick drive after to check all is well and fine. Now tucked up all polished and on trickle charger ready for March 👍🏻
  15. Ah makes sense but seemed fine at well over 90 on a private road with corners. I won’t test the 150 though .... just yet.
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