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  1. Looking for a new weekend toy, after an Evora 400. Ideally orange or another lary colour. May consider blue, black or grey if the car and price is right. Wouldnt consider red or yellow. Must have full service history, be in excellent condition. Ideally manual but wouldn’t rule out auto for a really unique and low miles car. Cash waiting looking to pay mid 40s may go to upper 40s for the right car.
  2. If you have the right kit / take to a dealer you can get a print out from the ecu that shows engine ours, max speed, fastest 0-60 times, max engine revs etc etc. Similar to what you get from Porsche’s etc and really useful to assure yourself about the cars use. The code thing still puzzles me as can only think it may be immobiliser. But had battery out of my Exige for 1 week whilst doing and ICE install and it started fine afterwards.
  3. Make sure you check the data print out and warranty status ...... I know someone who looked at this car and was put off by it having a harder life than he would have liked based on the data dump. Borderline over revs apparently. Also I understand there is no warranty on the gearbox and drivetrain from Lotus and their AA warranty won’t cover a modded car engine And further to that last post new battery and code? Hmmm code for what exactly ..... I haven’t heard of that had both and Evora and Exige and never had that after changing a battery. I wonder what code they are get
  4. Mines an original car and don't think it came with one fitted from the factory. I am the second owner but purchased direct from the original owner. Agree those cannards just done look right.
  5. Look kind of like mine actually but too wide for my liking. edited to add photos of mine genuine ones. My 380 has no rubber splitter though and think that looks gash!
  6. Good question, I had a quick Google but couldn’t find the answer conclusively. I have been lined up to order one also (would have done the same as you ref mileage tie up). @GFWilliams has one and may know the answer for you. However I note Lotus void the warranty according to the booklet / a dealer. Given this not sure I want to risk it myself as I have 15 months left on warranty guessing you have a good chunk left also. Heaven forbid a gearbox or engine issue being rejected just because you swapped out the cluster. It’s nice ..... but not that nice. Out of warranty I wouldn’t
  7. They sent you the wrong sample then bud for sure as it’s not much different. I’ve seen Gulf, Riviera, Mexico and Vodoo all in a line one the same 911 variants. Not much between Riv and Mexico at all.
  8. They are safety hex I just went and got this set
  9. Yep Mexico exact same, dark in shade and bright in sun. Pops when properly detailed. Belive it not riviera even lighter than Mexico but the bright sun pic makes it look brighter. That whole palette up to Vodoo blue all look stunning
  10. A man of good taste I specced my GT4 in Mexico blue and Riviera was a close second. That REALLY suits an Exige and if I was speccing would be exactly how I’d do it. Well done sir! Ps anyone else who’s speccing a 430 / 410 acid green would also look epic.
  11. I messaged via their website on a Sunday eve to enquire about the cost of the chargecooled unit and had a response by 9am the Monday morning. Cant ask for better than that!
  12. LoL I agreed I would rather have the metro ones than the ‘motorsport ones’ those mounts can only be described as
  13. I 3rd this advice. I had an original Evora, noisy clutch lotus replaced apparent failed bearing, just as noisy afterwards. 7 years later the Exige is just as loud if not louder that that was. You can hear allot more clutch, engine and gear box than allot of other cars in these.
  14. In all seriousness though if we are paying for the development process I would want to look to get more people on board and price down. I wouldn’t ever pay more than £500 for a pair of mirrors. If they are good they will sell like hot cakes at that amount?
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