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  1. Any new owners coming to the brand for the first time be be aware Lotus Cars are getting shocking for warranty and parts lead time (always been poor but getting worse year on year). I had my first Lotus in 2011 and since had 4 and it’s gotten progressively worse each one (not better). In 2018 I had an Exige. Long story short Lotus we’re taking so long to sort the warranty claim and ship the part I paid for the part myself (was only £30). They were suggesting the part would be 3 months rendering it unusable. I should have learnt my lesson but didn’t! Evora warranty claim back from start of August still not sorted as a long lead time. For the parts approved will be a few more months. Ironically I can order today before 4pm and have it here Monday for another source. Reason for mentioning on this thread is I have literally just cancelled my Emira deposit as a result. Customer services weren’t bothered with my complaint that why should I want 4-6 months for a warranty part if I can order from elsewhere and get it in 48 hours. Never had such issues with Porsche, VW, Honda or even Lamborghini. Seems to be a Lotus specific trait that they think it’s acceptable for you to wait months for parts (even before COVID was a thing). If you have an issue be prepared for your car to be off the road for months! Also for those of you coming from Porsche beware Lotus warranty process to be allot more picky when it comes to rejecting claims and can take ages. Ironically back in 2011 were amazing. Defiantly gotten worse year on year.
  2. Mine came with the rear speakers in (2017 380) and judging by later cars it’s the same looms used and also have the wires there where you remove the plastic trim and cable tied into the loom). I had a complete system I put in mine that I removed when I sold to a dealer. Link here to the package - flip out touch screen head unit, speakers and sub.
  3. Disappointed ... I read the title as peasant!
  4. Cheers all, perhaps mine at painted also will check later. They looked stuck on to me. Where stones have impacted you can see the yellow on mine, looks like lots of tiny yellow dots.
  5. That purple car has been for sale for ~2 years (mental!) but now they have lowered another £5k does make it good value for sure. Id personally rather have a car that's higher miles and driven than one that has been sat for so long. It was on 3900 miles in 2019 when they first had it in for sale so its done 200 miles in 2 years ....
  6. Cheers Jim - I meant these and looks like as on Deroure they only do in clear. I’ll try and message them
  7. I am not sure of the actual name but my GT410 sport matte grey lower side (sill?) protectors are looking at little tatty so I wanted to order up some new ones. I have looked on Deroure but can only seem to find protective film any idea where to get the matte grey version rather than clear protective film? Cheers
  8. £57k - bargain IMHO when I look at what is being asked for some 400s Kerbed rear wheels now sorted and back to factory new. One bit of poorly fitted window trim sorted. It must have been that way from factory as original screen. Just required some sore fingers to sort as was pinched under the lower window trim as per pic on right (sorted on left). Following that Claybared, 2 stage machine polish, all trims restored and totally ceramic coated. Small bit of wear on drivers bolster sorted (being anal!). A pillar trim refitted as one had one alway a tad. And it’s now back to totally mint and ready for summer 👍🏻👍🏻
  9. Not sure drinking a bottle of vodka the night ahead of a 3.5 hour train trip and 3 hour drive home was the best move. But great car. Looking forward to a proper drive in hills tmrw when I am not hanging out my arse 😁
  10. I ended up buying that yellow GT410 Sport. On way to collect now. Had it confirmed was management car not a press car and just used for that Norwich City video (was only yellow one they had available at time). Also confirmed those tyres were original so to get 15.5k miles out of rear cup2s is good going! A few bits to tidy up to make it perfect but at the price (negotiated quite a few £k discount as well as new tyres) its a decent buy I think.
  11. It’s more about the type of people who let tyres get to 0 tread tend to not look after things that well I guess is the concern. He said he hadn’t checked and seemed genuine but who doesn’t check tyres 🤔 And because I had an Evora in 2012 and had a new clutch at 12k miles..... Only car I’ve ever had a clutch on in 24 years of driving.
  12. Yeah I think it was not babied once past run in when in lotus ownership. But mid 2018 ties up with original tyres. I certainly would want a few £k slack for a clutch just in case. Been in private hands since 2019. 40k that’s impossible off cup2s? My Exige cups 2 rears were shot in 5k miles of road only use. Similar on my GT4. I think they start with the same 5.5mm of tread only. But I know cup 2s can be between 4.5mm and 6.5mm depending of application. Even if rolling everywhere at 30mph that’s a stretch as the cup2s are very soft compound.
  13. Yep I know that’s, seems he didn’t and they were long gone!!!!
  14. Went today to looked and was in generally ok condition. Certainly not what I would call immaculate and a few issues that need sorting but oh my god never ever seen tyres that bald on a road car ever! I asked if if needed tyres before I went and was told would need them shortly. So I was expecting 2.5mm and took the digital depth gauge. I needn’t had bothered there was no tread at all on the backs and I mean no tread. The inner 1/3 had 0.4mm tread and the middle and outside none at all. Couldn’t see but could feel the canvass ribs so nearly negative tread 😂 Was astounded as he said had done 1k miles and driven the kids to school etc. I think they may be original as dated in mid 2018 and car done 15.5k miles. So I think they have done well for rears if original.
  15. I think Stevie Wonder owned it before the current owner .... needed some parking lessons as the rear wheels are Kerbed to feck. Looks like it’s this one All being well am going to take a look next sat 👍🏻
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