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  1. A bit more detail, I made a hoop to go round the cross tube and threaded both ends, it might be easier to use a bit of m6 allthread, I then made up aplate with 3 holes in it, one in the centre to fit round the switch large enough to clear the terminals but the small enough to ensure it rested on the metal part of the switch,the other two holes were m6 clearance. i then turned the crosspipe through 90 degrees so the switch hole faced the engine and put it all together. I have tried to attach pictures,but they are difficult to compose becase the bonnet is in the way!
  2. I was checking the connections on my otter switch mounted in the cross pipe along the top of the road when it blew our showering water everywhere. I think the stainless clips that hold it in are a bit dodgy. i made a u bolt to go round the tube from 6 mm Rod and a plate with 2 holes (rather like an exhaust clamp) and a larger hole in the centre to clear the connections for the switch. I then turned the crosspipe 90 degrees so the contacts face the engine and fitted the clamp. I can now get to the contacts without taking the bonnet off and the switch is secure.
  3. I asked Mike Taylor at LB about this and I seem to remember he told me that the belts tend to run towards the engine side of the pulleys and they are ok provided they are not rubbing against anything. I noticed that mine moved slightly forward after an hour or two of running.. If you have everything else correct you should be safe, the only other thing to check is the actual tension, you might have the belt too tight or loose
  4. I too would like to be there in the Eclat but I am running the engine in so the trip to CC would take too long. I hope all goes well.
  5. I any case change the brake fluid every 2-3 years, it is hygroscopic and the water it picks up will rust brake components. This applies particularly to low usage cars.
  6. I am about to do the headlining on my Eclat, I plan to use the foam backed lining from Wooleys and their heat resisting glue., I have read the postings here but I still have some questions to ask you. How much lining do I buy How do I get the old glue off Do I recover the vertical edges of the windscreen surround, i.e. From the cant rail to the top of the dash. Thanks
  7. What about Shelshey, Walsh, they did a great job last year for Jag XK event with untamed runs up the hill.
  8. When I took my Eclat engine out, I asked Mike Taylor the best way and he said that Lotusbits always take the engine and box out together. I did this without too much trouble, he allows 3 hours but has the experience and kit to do it There are more than one type of PS pumps and mounting brackets. I took my pump off when I took the lump,out but put it back with the pump fitted. The best lift point is with a sling round the inlet manifold, I managed on my own with limited headroom by a combination of a chain hoist and trolley jack underneath and rolling the car back and forward. why not replace the missing bellhousing bolts first? peter
  9. John, I think the problem is with the fuel, if the car stands for a while, the fuel will absorb water from the atmosphere. Ethanol will take on a high proportion of water to its own weight whereas petrol will only absorb 3-3.5 percent. After that, free water will sit in the bottom of a he tank. Drain and refill the tank and try again. How do I Know This? I have just had the same happen to me. Peter
  10. John, another little horror is that the keys on either the crank or cams have sheared and allowed the wheels to slip out of position however, this will upset all,cylinders not two. One other thing to look at is the vacuum outlet on the inlet manifold for the light pop up if fitted, done manifolds had blanking plugs that can be missing.
  11. It might just be possible that the inlet valves are not fully closing, you will get some compression but not enough, take off the inlet cam cover and get the feeler gauge out. I assume that valve timing is OK and that the plug leads are in the right order. I have been there too!
  12. I know that a lot of advice has been given on this topic but I would like to add some new thoughts to give a simple tune up procedure. 1 set timing to 20 degrees advanced, I do this with a strobe which will work at cranking speed. 2 check that the carbs are filling and not flooding, if not deal with the float chambers. 3 set the butterflys to open together, I have come up with this idea, use a length of feeler strip or even a piece of thin plastic strip. Push this under the butterfly on one of the rear venturies and adjust the engine speed screw on the lever of the rear carb until the strip can be felt dragging as you pull it out, by carefully adjusting the screw you can get a nice 'feel' as the strip is pulled out. Test both the rear carb butterflys, if there is a variance you need to sort the problem. Now use the carb balance screw on the front carb to achieve the same feel as on the rear. Go back to the rears to be sure all butterflys are the same. 4 take out each slow running adjuster and clean it, removing any burrs etc, put it back and gently screw it home and back it out 2 turns 5 open the throttle adjuster screw by 3 turns 6 start the car and warm up the engine 7 do the hiss test with a pipe in each Venturi or use a manometer or balancing meter and adjust the mixture screws for balance and good running 8 set the mixture using your best methods Colourtune or other, I use a Co meter in the exhaust pipe. good luck
  13. My thought was that the copper pipe would be smaller diameter so would pass through any holes and rigid enough not to sag between fixings.
  14. After all this time it RUNS, there is oil pressure so now I have to tune it, which brings me to my question, I normally balance carbs with a bit of hosepipe but I have noticed the Gunson balancing kit on fleabay, has anyone tried one of these or are you all using the German gauge? Peter
  15. Would it be possible to feed a length of copper pipe through from end, if the pipe is annealed so soft, it could be bent if needed as it is fed through the holes. I can make some special fittings to connect to fuel proof flexible pipe at each end. Any thoughts? Peter
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