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  1. My Eclat fuel gauge has stopped working, I have volts on the one side of the meter and it swings over if I short the other side to earth so my problem is with the tank sender, the lead to it or the earth return, so my question is where is the return and must I take the rank out to get to the sender to test it. Any help and advice much appreciated.
  2. I have now got the replacement diff and is new seals but the book shows that I need to chisel off the rings on the output shafts and replace them with new ones. I wish to make my own to save buying them in, the problem is what size do I make the bore to allow for the shrink fit needed to keep all the bits in place. Can any one help? Peter
  3. Ok so you take out the rear seat and dig a hole in the middle somewhere? The oilseals need to be done but I remember hearing something about having to take the conical ring off, I will look at the book before I start I will do a proper report for the forum when done, it is interesting that Lotusbits quote 10 hours for diff swap with replaced oilseals and brake cylinders and they have the ramp and experience.
  4. I have heard about the brake pipe saga and am hoping for the beast there, If all goes t*ts up and I have to chop a hole in the floor, where do you do it? I am going to make a cradle for the dif and put that onto a trolley jack to do the lif in/out bit but I am still dreading the whole thong Thanks for offer of help Peter
  5. I am waiting delivery of a 'new' diff from Lotusbits for my Eclat as the old one whined and leaked, I have dropped it partly out to do the front oilseal but I must do the change this winter due to the horrible whine. I have been advised that this is the time to replace the rear brake bits, the side seals on the diff, waxoil the newly exposed ironwear and possibly the brake pipes. I too am dreading the job and as it will be done on the garage floor rather than on a ramp, and I know that the weightlifting aspect is pretty horrific but I would welcome any constructive advice!
  6. So are we all getting frightened that our cars will self destruct when there is no real problem with sensible precautions? Peter
  7. It would seem that the ZF gearbox top gear is 1:1 so no overdrive effect whereas the Maxi box does. My diff is 4.1:1 so i think the 3.73:1 will help counteract this and stop over revving at high speed. Peter
  8. Dan Speak to Lotusbits, they have manuals in stock Peter
  9. Ok so Ethanol will rot the plastic and embrittle rubber parts but is that when it is at 100 percent or will it still do it at the lower levels when diluted with petrol? As for aluminium, this is the first that I have heard of it, I guess that this applies to the diecasting grades with higher levels of impurities I understand that people are working on additives for this, are there any decent results as yet. Peter
  10. I have had a look at my diff and it is a 4.1 so there is room for a change, the gearbox x is ZF, I do not wish to change that for the maxi based box so it looks like a chat with Lotubits is in order. Thanks for the help Peter
  11. I will have to replace my Eclat diff sooner or later and wondered about altering the ration to give me a better fuel economy and quieter top speed cruising, have any of you done this, while I accept that I will need to change/ recalbrate the speedo is there something I have missed. Peter
  12. I had the same problem on my Eclat, I tried to do it in the car and ended up with a compromise, I removed the prop shaft and the diff mounting bolts, the brake pipe and lowered the diff on a bottle jack, did the seal and pushed it all back. Peter
  13. Ok So they will not recommend the planet saving juice but we have cars and must run them on something. I think the problem is that some parts of the fuel system are likely to be dissolved in the new fuel. My thoughts were to go through the fuel system on my Eclat and check each item by asking specific questions of the supplier, with this in mind I began with the carbs, the nice man at the Dellauto said that he could see no problem with their internals so I take that as being OK. The fuel pipes on mine I know to be OK So my next stop is the fuel pump, mine is a SU so I will report back whe
  14. So, as there is no guidance from Lotus or any other source, what do we do other than keep on motoring until they fine a fuel aditive to counteract the alc problems? Peter
  15. Can someone please tell me what the biofuel actually does to the engine and fuel system. As I understand it was are talking about alcohol which on its own will not dissolve the metals used in our cars, or will it? On combustion it may form nasty by-products that could have problems associated with them. so can I have a laymans guide to what the actual problem is. Peter
  16. Car is now equipped with new belts, water pump, brake linings, fluids, a diff oil seal Insurance and MOT so hope to tax for April. It has been cleaned and polished and looks OK I now have to get the spedo to read right and drive it this summer to see what new excitements it has for me. Peter
  17. Hi all Yes the pics are recent and it is pretty good, the gearbox is ZF and I suspect it was there from the start. Throttle linkage was made by the last owner. I will do some more pics of the bits that interest people. Peter
  18. I have put some more details in the Eclat section and will try and download some pics although I have trouble with Photobucket. Peter
  19. I have mentioned my car in the introduction section, but I thing the details belong here. It is a series 1 Eclat that was first registered to Lotus who seemed to use it to develop the series 2 and perhaps other variants, it did some 30+k miles with them and was then sold to owner of their engineers who had until I bought it from him last month. In that time he did about 10k miles and none in the last 5 years. The car was regularly started and moved but was on Sorn throughout that time. I have been through it with people with more Lotus knowledge than me and have drawn up a list of features t
  20. HI Martin Mine is at a pals unit while do some preliminary fettling and like you I am waiting to tax at the end of the month, then I hope to get it home and would be pleased to have a meet and chat. Are you a member of a local Lotus ownership group? Regards Peter
  21. Thanks to you all for the encouragement, I will do some pics of the car and try and post them here. As I do not have much experience of the model (or Lotus in general) I am not going to spot the 'non standard' bits at first glance and this is where you guys will have a useful input. I am rather reluctant to change/ update stuff as the car is a genuine time warp machine and I bought it to enjoy rather than make into a pristine concours machine. The previous (second) owner was a but unforthcoming about details and is unwilling to stay in contact. I do know that he had a development role at the
  22. Thanks for your encouragement I know the adage about Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious, but I have always fancied a Lotus and this was too good a car to miss. I have an issue with leaking diff seals so the baptism of fire is about to start. Peter
  23. Hi I am a new owner of an interesting Eclat. The car was registered to Lotus in 1978 and used as a development car for about 3 years and then sold to a Lotus engineer who kept it until last week, the company did about 35k miles in it and he as done about 5k since. The car is a Mk1 with Mk2 parts and some special parts, The main details are: 5 Speed ZF gearbox Mk2 Exhaust Truimph 2000 spedo and tacho Spoiler non standard removable roof panel alterations to suspension mounts Rover fog lights single cooling fan The car is in original paint (blue) and tan cloth trim I have got all the
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