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  1. Thanks for your encouragement I know the adage about Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious, but I have always fancied a Lotus and this was too good a car to miss. I have an issue with leaking diff seals so the baptism of fire is about to start.


  2. Hi

    I am a new owner of an interesting Eclat. The car was registered to Lotus in 1978 and used as a development car for about 3 years and then sold to a Lotus engineer who kept it until last week, the company did about 35k miles in it and he as done about 5k since.

    The car is a Mk1 with Mk2 parts and some special parts, The main details are:

    5 Speed ZF gearbox

    Mk2 Exhaust

    Truimph 2000 spedo and tacho

    Spoiler non standard

    removable roof panel

    alterations to suspension mounts

    Rover fog lights

    single cooling fan

    The car is in original paint (blue) and tan cloth trim

    I have got all the usual problems that you would expect with a 'sleeper' - dried up oil seals, dirty brake fluid, tired paint etc so I will be busy for a while!

    The main thing is that it is undamgaed, the chassis and underpinnings are good thanks to Waxoiing as it has not got a galvanised chassis. The engine is good and the car drives well, it has passed the MOT for the first time after 5 years on sorn.

    I will keep yo updated with progress.

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