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  1. When I did mine SJ Sportscars recommended poly for the ARB and rubber everywhere else - and they were selling them to me! Likewise I can't comment on drive quality, I'm a ways off that point yet...
  2. There is a company in Birmingham that re-silvers the reflectors. Can’t remember the name (and it’s not cheap!) but if you run an appropriately worded search it’ll come up. They did a great job on my XJS.
  3. SJ certainly have the rubber rings. I had a front pipe off them for my S2 Eclat which they had to have manufactured to order. But that was a few years back.
  4. My Eclat had very similar symptoms, ran fine on the motorway but then (random) power loss once I was running it a bit slower - but only after the engine had had a good long run fully warmed up. I tried EVERYTHING - all of the suggestions above and more. In the end I discovered two tiny splits in the O rings that form part of the mounting between carbs and manifold. Clearly once the engine had warmed up something was expanding and then the reduced airflow running at lower speeds meant that there was a big vacuum leak generated in the manifold once off the motorway because of different heating/cooling times - hence starving the engine of fuel. It took me weeks to find this! Good luck!
  5. I’m with John on this one. Mount the headlining on a suitable board - I used Proplex from Wickes - and then mount that on the ceiling. That way you can get a beautiful smooth finish without having to work upside down and you get a few mm of extra insulation to boot. I did that in the Eclat and it looked great.
  6. Get someone to put some pressure on the bonnet over the catch that’s not behaving while you pull on the release lever. The extra compression on the spring is usually enough to ping it free.
  7. The radiator and the wiring look just like mine! Guess it must be a design feature...
  8. There are a couple of driveshafts on eBay right now. No hubs though.
  9. The door’s not shut so I’m not worrying about that. And I thought it was an Elite and Eclat design decision that the headlamps sat slightly below the bonnet line?! Mine always have! Anyway that sunshine is about twenty years old now. And the door and pop-ups are of little worry, they’re currently not attached to the car. Nor is the interior. Or the front suspension. Or the engine for that matter...
  10. Still deep into the complete rebuild of my Elite, everything takes longer than you hope and real life has a habit of getting in the way. But I managed to contact some of the previous owners and get some snaps of past glories. And these are my new inspiration. One day...
  11. My old Riviera had A/C but no PAS from factory so there's no guarantee that that's an indication. But there should be a 'Riviera' decal on the rear wing rather than the Eclat decal shown. A call to Andy at the archive will clear it up.
  12. If they’re the diodes that control current flow to the courtesy lights then they’re found just inside either end of the main console near the push switches that are operated by the doors. At least, that’s where mine were!
  13. Is it different to the condenser on an S2? And is it the condenser or the compressor you’re after? I pulled mine out a while back, must be in the back of the garage somewhere!
  14. You still need a fairly delicate hand to reach through the various access holes. And I don't have the smallest hands..!
  15. This is invaluable! Thanks for this, it's my next job. Got everything back together yesterday but was squinting at the handbrake adjustment and decided it needed some thinking time. You've now done the thinking for me! The new compensator might be the key, I have replaced mine but the downside of that is that it's so new and stiff it's very hard to manipulate to get any access to the nuts. But bolstered by your success I'm going back in tomorrow!
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