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  1. I had a similar thing on my Riviera - when the car was on axle stands the o/s rear wheel span happily when the car was running in gear but n/s was very reluctant. Turned out the drum was fouling on the exhaust pipe where it curves up through the rear suspension. After loosening off the exhaust clamps and a little judicious arranging (and swearing) both wheels now run perfectly. Sometimes it's the simplest things...
  2. So the whole thing just pulls out, board and all? Struggling to find any purchase on it! Did you just wedge a screwdriver underneath or something? Cheers Dunc.
  3. I've got a book about brake systems restoration. I remember there being an exploded diagram of the servo used in an S1. Do you know if it's the same servo? If so I'll scan it and post it up. Dan
  4. Hello all, Just started to re-carpet the Riviera and I want to recover the parcel shelf too - it's faded from the sun and I want it to match the whole interior. Has anyone done this before? Is there a knack, i.e. is the carpet fixed to a panel in the back that can be lifted out as one piece? Any pointers before I start digging around gratefully received as always. Cheers, Dan
  5. Thanks gents. I particularly like the idea of using a bolt. It's cheap!
  6. Hi there, quick question abut the drain plug dimensions - at a rough measure it looks to be an 18mm hex key that I need to remove the plugs. Can anyone confirm this? And does anyone have any good ideas where I can get hold of a key? I don't want to buy a complete set for this one job. Or any brilliant workarounds that'll perform this without buying a special tool? Also what oil are people putting in their boxes? Thanks all.
  7. My S2 exhaust system is a mixture of doughnuts - four at the very back, and blocks - four in total, two at the front of each rear silencer and one at either end of the centre box. Once the clamps are tight and these are all on it barely moves at all.
  8. Hi Dan, if you're concerned about crud getting pumped from the tank to the carbs, or blocking the filter I would have thought your first option would be to disconnect the fuel pipe at the carbs and turn the ignition on. Make sure you've got a suitable receptacle under the loose pipe cos it'll pump out at fair rate! If there's nothing at the pipe then your next suspect is the pump or filter - both in the boot. Can you hear the pump tick-ticking when the car's running? And have you checked the filter? It's a very easy job to replace it. And I guess the next thought would be the fuel cut-off valve - these seem to have a habit of failing although from reading the forums it appears often just to be a dodgy earth. As you know I'm only round the corner from you so I'd be happy to come and cast my equally unprofessional eye over the car if that's of any use to you!
  9. Hi Dan, thanks for this. I've tried a screwdriver down the hole but I couldn't work out which bit to push! Ooh-we! There's a semi-circular piece that projects on the top left at the far end of the hole but no amount of persuasion can get that to shift. Don't suppose you can post up a photo? When you say your barrel's come out too do you mean the whole lock or literally just the centre barrel? It's just the centre of mine that's gone - lifted out with the key - leaving the chrome surround attached to the car.
  10. So here's the thing. The barrel for my S2 Elite tailgate lock has sheared off, came away with the key and now it's good for nothing. And, of course, the tailgate's shut. I don't want the expense of a locksmith if I don't have to so has anyone got any brilliant ideas how to resolve this? Can the tailgate of an S2 be opened any other way? When I look into the old lock now there's just a hole leading straight into the boot with nothing in there I can work out how to jemmy. Or does anyone know if the two black blobs that cover the end of the lock where it attaches to the glass can be removed, and even if there'd be screw heads under them? Next job on the list was replacing the fuel pump so understandably I'm currently a bit buggered...
  11. Easiest way I've found with spinning track rod ends is to wedge a crowbar against the rod so that it's pulling the nyloc down tight. By doing this you can apply enough pressure on the ball joint to stop it spinning.
  12. That looks (and sounds) to me like an S2 steering wheel - in which case yes, you have to remove the two bolts to get the centre trim off. The S1 wheel - which that manual is talking about - is a rubber piece that clips onto the wheel. While we're talking steering wheels - and your donor car - I am looking for the boss that fixes the splines of the steering column to the back of the wheel as well as the large nut that holds this on. Am I in luck?!
  13. As far as I'm aware they're exactly the same overall design. And thanks Terry, got your PM. I'll email you to arrange everything.
  14. LotusBits will probably provide you with an original galvanised chassis too if that helps circumvent the classic car laws. Or they do come up on eBay. I had picked one up for an abandoned resto that I then sold on to Herc and which is now under his Elite.
  15. Voltage regulator for the gauges? It's attached to the rear of the temperature gauge.
  16. Hi Richard, great looking car, and I'm very jealous of the vintage promo shots! I'm in north London and will be getting my Elite S2 on the road over the next few months. I'd be very keen to trade time with you on our restorations - these cars are fairly straightforward to spanner but some jobs do require more than two hands! - so please let me know if you fancy teaming up. Cheers, Dan
  17. Hi Iain - we must find a better way to communicate than this! - so after all our discussions my plans have now changed last minute and I won't be driving down today. Sorry to muck you about, but I'm hoping we can arrange postage so I can still get the wheel from you. Very disappointed not to meet up, it's always great to meet fellow lunatics, and see their cars. Reminds me why we go through all this!
  18. I absolutely do. Still got your address from eBay - assuming it's the same one? If early afternoon is OK then I'll just make my way to you. I've PM'd my number to you. Cheers, Dan
  19. Not a problem Iain. I'm hoping to leave Glasgow by ten tomorrow so please PM with your details if you're going to be around and I'll drive that way down the country. It would probably be about two I was passing.
  20. Hi Iain, been trying to get you on your old email, I'm guessing you're still having problems. Just wanted to check if you were still going to be around this Saturday (9th May) for me to drop in. I reckon I'll be driving past your neck of the woods between 1 & 2, something like that. Cheers, Dan
  21. Hi there, So for the second year running I'm going to have to pull out of the day. This time the Eclat is all up and running, but a family do means I won't be able to make it. 103. Eclat S2.2 Riviera is now sadly off your list. Have a great day everyone. I'm jealous! Dan
  22. It does seem odd though if both your motors have the same fault. One of them yes, but both seems to me to say there's still a problem with the wiring. Any chance you could scribble out a wiring diagram for us all to have a look at? One of us must be able to spot something! Dan
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