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  1. I've got a two complete sets of front caliber seals that I have left over from a previous resto. Happy to come to a deal on those if you're interested.
  2. At LotusBits today to get a rebuilt tensioner for my cambelt change this weekend. They said a twist of 'just under ninety degrees' at the longest run was right. They also recommended turning the engine three times by hand before testing as this will be more accurate. Jason also put some great advice on my resto thread.
  3. Thanks Jason. I rather think I will be relying on the Forums quite heavily during the process!
  4. Thanks for that. Now reading up everything I can about the cambelt change. I seems straightforward enough as long as I'm methodical, although fraught with potential disasters. The one thing I can't find any info on is how to set the tension once I'm finished. Given that I don't have a Burroughs gauge or equivalent what suggestions does the forum have from their experience?
  5. So I've finally got a chance to spend a bit of time with the car today. And the first bit of good news is that the engine turned freely by hand first time. So once I've changed the cam belt - hopefully this weekend - I'll see what happens when I turn her on the starter. The next job is to pull the fuel tank and give it a clean, and replace the Facet fuel pump which a PO had put in. I've got a spare SU on the shelf so I'll plumb that in with all new pipes and then enjoy that reassuring tick-tick of the pump. Here's a silly question - tried to pull the tank this morning (which I surprised to discover had a lot of very old petrol in it, bit of a mess!) but I'm struggling to work out where the other end of the two bolts is. The spin freely but aren't coming out and there's no sign of a corresponding nut behind the seats or anywhere. Where should I be looking to shift these two? And are they the only two that hold the tank in? Favourite bit of PO invention so far is the cooling fan override switch - which involves two wires from the fan that end in a 12v appliance plug. So I'm guessing the very inelegant solution was to plug this into the cigarette lighter when they wanted the fans to run. This will be going!
  6. Going to clean out the fuel tank on the Elite this weekend and replace all the pipe work. Wondering if anybody can tell me how much I'll need to replace the lot - tank to pump, pump to stop valve and valve to carbs. And what diameter is the pipe? Thanks all.
  7. Don't know if this helps but I was having a similar problem and discovered that the door buttons weren't turning the courtesy lights off. Took me ages to work out why, finally chased it down to a dodgy connection in the centre can't rail. Solved the battery drain immediately.
  8. As it sounds, has anyone got a decent scan of an Elite S2 wiring diagram they could email me? Got my Eclat one but obviously there's a few differences. Many thanks in advance.
  9. I got a good condition second hand plenum seal from LotusBits. Wasn't hugely expensive.
  10. Just out of interest (not of course that I'd ever dare do it) do the Dellortos come up nice from the dishwasher..? Just wondering...
  11. There's a great guide for that on SJ's website. I followed it and haven't had a single leak since.
  12. If it's anything like the S2 Eclat - which is maybe being hopeful given how much variation there seems to be in these things - the indicator flasher relay is mounted under the steering column. So get ready to assume the Lotus position..!
  13. SJ Sportscars have the correct part - that's where mine came from
  14. I'm going to say yes because I don't know otherwise. There are two bolts that drop vertically down under a metal plate that is under the trim that goes between the dash top and the windscreen - to get this out you have to remove the de-mister vents. I can't remember if you can get to this plate without the whole dash coming out. Then there's two more bolts through from the air intake plenum. If you can get these out, and if you can get to the pipes behind the radio, you might be able to force the unit out the glove box side. But I doubt it... There are so many benefits of removing the entire dash though. You can get to everything, see everything, and fix everything then just bolt it back in. It won't take more than a couple of hours to pull it out, and if your gauges are out anyway you're half way there...
  15. That is indeed the fan motor in the red circle and of course there's a second one on the other side. If you can get the bottom covers off - possible, but not easy - then you are still the wrong side of the system to get to the moving parts. The best you could probably do is squirt a bit of WD40 in there with a long nozzle. However if you take the entire unit out, which requires a bit of force but not much intelligence, then you can grease (or replace) the motors as well as replacing all the foam that is supposed to make the heater air-tight. And you can give the matrix a proper flush too. This is what I did and now the heater works brilliantly. If you go this route don't do what I did though and disconnect the cables from the knobs. Leave all the mechanicals attached. You can get the whole thing out as one piece and it'll save you hours of heartbreak trying to make the cables connect up again correctly.
  16. Took the Riviera for a spin today, couldn't resist snapping a couple of pics up at Ally Pally. Running like a dream, and pulling like a train! And perfect weather to lift the roof out... I am going to sell it though, the S2 Elite has caught my imagination now so if anyone's interested...
  17. My S2 Eclat Riviera will be up for sale very shortly... MOT, no accidents, galv chassis and still got its sill covers! Spent the last year and a half doing everything, and everything works. Only selling it because I've picked up an S2 Elite. If you're interested get in touch...
  18. Thank you gents. I shall replace it on the Elite when I'm done, and not worry about not having one on the Eclat.
  19. Finally started to do some work on the Elite and I was rooting around the gearbox where I discovered this weight bolted to the propshaft end. I had to get it off as I was removing the speedo drive and I thought I'd post up a photo and ask what it's for - simply because the box on my S2 Eclat doesn't have one. Any thoughts?
  20. Sorry for the wait, the book was buried! Hope this helps, let me know if there's anything else I can try and find for you.
  21. I had a similar thing on my Riviera - when the car was on axle stands the o/s rear wheel span happily when the car was running in gear but n/s was very reluctant. Turned out the drum was fouling on the exhaust pipe where it curves up through the rear suspension. After loosening off the exhaust clamps and a little judicious arranging (and swearing) both wheels now run perfectly. Sometimes it's the simplest things...
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