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    WANTED Esprit V8

    Hi Neil, I think I went to see your car at Stratton Motors. Is it the Azure blue V8 GT? Mark
  2. Botox

    WANTED Esprit V8

    42 year old surgeon looking for an Esprit V8. MUST HAVE things are - a full service history with the following things checked or done: re-cored radiator, cylinder linings, no gearbox issues, garaged, driven in dry, preferrably mileage <35,000miles, A/C working, no intermittent electrical faults and owner must have way of preventing a flat battery if car is not driven for 2 weeks. DESIRABLE - the higher wing (not the S4S/ Sport 300 wing), federal centre exit exhaust, round tail lights. Colour is irrelevant if car is mechanically sound. I will consider any V8 with or without all these featur
  3. Hi, I stumbled across your problem with your ABS light staying on. I am sure you have fixed this but the ABS light staying on is most commonly due to the a fault in the ABS box in the front of the car and not the wiring or ECU. This happened on my 1998 GT3 in 2014 (I had owned the car for 9 years and done 114,000 miles in it). Send your ABS module to PNM engineering. There is a guy who can re-furbish it for you that Pete knows. It costs £90. The ABS module is originally from GM motors and a replacement is very expensive. Hope you got it sorted. Mark
  4. Hi, My ABS light was staying on a few months ago in my 1998 Esprit GT3 - new dash. The ABS sensors were all resistance tested and were ok. The car was scanned and that showed the ABS module was the problem. That's quite a big problem since GT3/V8 ABS module was from the GM days of Lotus and used to be on a Vauxhall Vectra at cost of £900! My Dad found that Pete and PNM could repair the module which cost me just under £100. If you have this problem, I hope this information helps. Mark.
  5. Hi Guys, Roy and Brian at Paul Matty have fixed my speedo. Top marks to Paul Matty's team. Several things were done to sort this out.'s the sequence of events. I had my new speedo tested by a company in Swansea to double check it was okay. (In case you were wondering why I didn't send the old speedo it's because I wanted completely new parts and didn't trust that the new speedo I had bought on eBay was working ok). A full scan was done with the Lotus scanner showing the ECU was fine. The old speedo was replaced with the new one I bought from eBay and the ABS sen
  6. Hi Derek, The guys at Paul Matty Lotus have tried this. The scans shown nothing wrong. Mark
  7. HI Alan, I have not resolved my speedo problems! Ok, the car was scanned by Paul Matty Lotus near Birmingham. The scan they did showed nothing! I bought a new speedo and the fault occurred with that too! I had also sent the new speedo for a complete check at a electronic speedo company in Swansea who said they could find no fault with it. The guys at Paul Matty have failed me - big time and I can't see where to go from here. They have phoned VDO who made the speedo who don't care and also Lotus don't care either about the Esprit. It is really killing my love of the car. PNM eng
  8. Thanks for getting back to me Travis. We changed the fuel pump in 2010 so we didn't actually check it formally (good point -thanks!). I don't have freescan myself so will try and borrow it from a friend of mine. Does the Esprit actually have an automatic choke? Thanks in advance. Mark
  9. Hi guys, My 1998 GT3 is running rich causing hesitation after 15 mins. We have checked the following Plugs + plug connections Fuel pump Fuel filter Air filter Vacuum pipes When we removed the O2 sensor plug, it made no difference and the the engine management light did not come on. Any thoughts on where to look next? Thanks, Mark.
  10. Hi, I own a 1998 GT3 Esprit. When I read your problem it sounded like a problem I am having now. The way I would describe it is that I am getting hesitation with the engine after driving for 30mins or more. It feels as if the car is going to cut out, but it doesn't. Also, I am getting uneven acceleration and have to over gas the throttle to prevent what feels like a possible stall. I had the engine frees scanned and everything was working ok 4 months then the fault developed 2 months ago after a really enthusiastic drive. Do you think I should change the O2 sensor first, or is
  11. Hi. Can anyone please tell me where the ECU is that controls the speedo and ABS? Thanks,
  12. Thanks Guys for all your help. I will let you know the outcome.
  13. I know it's been ages since I last posted on my GT3 electronic speedo problems. Does anyone know of anywhere that refurbishes electronic speedos for the GT3/ V8 models? I am a bit stuck. I have taken the car to stock coachworks in Essex and they think it is the speedo unit and not the ECU or wiring. Thanks for any help.
  14. Hi Guys, My speedo on my Esprit GT3 1998 with (new dash) intermittently cuts out whilst I am driving then cuts back in again. Has anyone else had this problem? What are the possible causes and solutions? Thank you for any help Mark
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