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  1. For me I found that the issue wasn't the seats themselves in the 410, although I don't think they're as good as their looks suggest, but the angle at which they are fixed. As stated above, they really are very upright, too upright, and there is nothing you can do to adjust them if they don't suit you. With being fixed backs, I think they need to be a lot more reclined to be comfortable for the majority. I had a Cayman R with fixed-back carbon seats and had a similar issue although it wasn't anywhere near as bad a position as with the 410 seats. The newer 'lightweight' buckets that Porsche
  2. Have I stumbled on the playground? He had his views and opinions (not that I necessarily shared them), but I don't think anything he said justified abuse nor the threat of a ban.
  3. Yep, looks like it Gareth Downing's GTE I think
  4. Do you know if these sit you lower, either by virtue of different design or different mount? I've come to the sad conclusion that the 400 with the Sparco seats is a non-starter for me but would like to investigate other options
  5. Other than the seats, was there anything else you weren't happy with? I had another sit in one at Oakmere yesterday and have come to the conclusion that the seat is just too high for me as my head brushes the roof where it curves down towards the window. However, looking at the seat runner I'm sure 'something could be done'. Bearing that in mind, what made you not persue swapping the seats for the Recaros?
  6. Will this be a daily drive or a weekend car? Interested to know how the alcantara holds up over some good, hard use Congrats and enjoy
  7. My S2 Elise was Burnt Orange and I absolutely loved it. I saw it on an Evora though and it didn't have quite the same impact
  8. NT (customer dis-service) was a **** when I had a problem with my Elise. Don't hold your breath...
  9. With you on that. Look it on a BMW. Borrrrrring....
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