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  1. Isn't Magma similar to Fire Red? A nice enough colour but a bit dark and the tendency to look a little dull in this country I feel - probably fantastic in California
  2. That's where I am. I've asked them to do Motorsport Green but got told a categoric no. I'll see them for myself in November but it's highly likely I'll defer
  3. Yes, by November 5th. Which is irksome for those of us who don't get to see the car until the 4th
  4. I had my phone call this afternoon. I placed an order with Oakmere on 5th June and then through the Lotus website on 7th July
  5. The FE is £75,995. Not sure where you're getting £80k from
  6. I do hope that's true but at the moment I'm not holding out much hope. From what I've read, B&C deposit holders are booking on that roadshow link. Given the roadshow starts in 11 days time, if that's not for deposit holders then (you would hope) they would get to look at it before then, which isn't a lot of notice. Seems all very last minute/panic stations if true. Any B&C deposit holders able to confirm/deny?
  7. Yes. Apparently Oakmere are looking for a larger venue due to the amount of interest!
  8. It does seem that way, which is probably not what they intended. Hope the car's software is better written!
  9. I booked on the Concord Hangar event, 5th Nov at 11am. Top tip - it doesn't work in Safari - use Chrome
  10. Looking at the roadshow booking page I don't see Oakmere listed but Concorde Hangar, Manchester Airport is. Not received an email yet either. Anyone else on the Oakmere list with any info?
  11. Manual at the minute, but might be swayed into the i4. Many pros and cons for each.
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