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  1. Probably no more than an hour. As I said, very minor things so I'm very disappointed that they've not bothered. When I bought my Elise from them a few years back the prep was pretty crap (and when I mentioned it to them there was little more than a shrug of the shoulders) so I can only assume it's not something they think is important
  2. It's the car they had on display in the Barton Arcade in Manchester for a while. Aside from a few minor scratches where Joe Public has left his mark (including a slight graze on the bonnet) it's nice. Really can't understand why the dealer hasn't sorted these things out though To be honest, that orange does make the car look a bit plasticky - there are much better colour choices out there IMO
  3. I know I've been down this road a while back, but once the house is built I'll be getting a 400. For certain.
  4. Correct - I have no idea, that's why my original post was posed as more of a question than a statement (or at least that was the intention). It'd be great if more people bought, or at least considered, buying a Lotus and anything that helps them down that path is a good move in my view. They seem to be getting the products out there now though, which is great
  5. It's shown as 2-9 as (in the UK) they come with 2 from new. At 9 years old you can take an additional 1 year's warranty to take you to 10, or you could put a 2 year warranty on an 8 year old car (but not on a 9 year old one). FWIW, I haven't extended mine beyond the 4 years but I know others that would still have one all the way up to 10 years I think the point is, if Lotus offered a long-term factory backed warranty option it would send out a very positive message about quality and the company's confidence in the product. Not doing so sends the wrong message.
  6. It's not the same though is it, or do you just buy the cheapest cover you can find and ignore the level of cover? I bought a Porsche from a guy down in Essex which it came with a transferable Porsche warranty - if it needed warranty work I'd just get it done at my local dealer, no issues. I'd happily buy a newish Lotus from a dealer as long as the warranty checked out - but I wouldn't buy one in a private sale, and I'm not alone in that thinking They cover cars up to 10 years old, yes
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is that if you were to buy a 3 year old Lotus from a dealer, the warranty that you would get isn't factory backed. I'm not sure what duration you would get, but I'm sure I read somewhere that it is in the 6-12 months range, depending on the dealer. I agree with the comments above regarding Lotus vs. Porsche warranty. When most people find out I have a Lotus, one of the first questions is always about what has gone wrong with it. Now irrespective of reality, that is peoples' perception, and offering a minimum 2 year factory-backed warranty on all used cars would go some way to alleviate it. As would allowing an owner to get the same warranty on a car they bought privately (after an inspection etc).
  8. To be fair, it would have come with 2 years warranty, not 6 months
  9. Passed a lovely looking titanium Evora going north passed Loch Long about 5pm today. I was in the green Cayman R - I would have waved but I thought you might have thought I was a bit mad!
  10. My guess is that in terms of percentage it's probably about the same so given that the N/A cars are cheaper I'd say they will lose less. I think a bigger factor though is buying new(er) as they do seem to shed quite a bit in the first year
  11. No, I can't wait until then. Come on, chop chop
  12. Really? I thought it looked more "biscuit-y". Either way, I like it
  13. What colour interior is that? Looks really nice
  14. Still looking Spoke with Guy at Stratton today who did a good job of trying to get me into a new car. I think he knew he was onto a loser but fair play to him for still trying!
  15. Ah man maths! Lol!!! Yep, worked it all out - the long and short of it is that a 58k car new today would be worth sub-40k if I sold it after a year. If I bought a year-old car for 43k say, after a year I'd probably get in the region of 35k, so a big difference. Looking at it another way, irrespective of how it's paid for or how long it's kept, a 58k car still needs me to earn a minimum of 58k after tax and spend it on a depreciating asset. I don't mind spending money on cars but I don't like throwing it away unnecessarily - I'd rather retire earlier So far I've spoken with Murray's, JCT600, Silverstone and B&C but none really seem that hopeful of being able to help me out as almost all the later cars are the S. But I'm ever the optimist, something will turn up!
  16. Cheers. Can't let the scum of the earth dictate your life can you? If anything, it's made me even more determined to get one - a bit of a 2-fingered salute, so to speak. I would LOVE a new Evora and if I could afford to get one I would be off to Murray's now. The thing is, I know that at 12 months old it would have dumped the best part of 20k in depreciation, which is just mental. But you're right, it is going to be a long wait. Hopefully worth it though
  17. £58k new, £40-45k for less than a year old
  18. Pretty much my take on it too As an aside, what really annoys me about Lotus is that they consistently fail to learn what their target market actually wants. The MY12 cars are very close but if you want all the packs (and the car demands them at the list price) you only have the SR in limited colours to choose from. Don't get me wrong, the SR is a great car, but I don't want a black roof, I don't want black wheels and I don't want suedetex interior (nice to look at but not sure on longevity). And I want to be able to choose from more than 4 colours. Yes, the SR is very striking and has its place, but for crying out loud, Lotus, why do you have to alienate those who just want a "normal" car? Laser Blue, all the packs, diamond cut wheels and the same price as the SR - what's hard about that? I'm pretty sure I'll end up with an SR (Hobson's Choice), but the wheels and roof will be changed and if I can find a way of taking the interior back to all-leather for a reasonable cost I'll do that too. I just hope that something comes up before a Peridot Cayman R with PSE and full leather...
  19. Tbh, no matter how good the S is or how much better than the N/A it might be, the real world fuel economy is so bad that it's not an option for me. The choice is between MY21 Evora N/A and a Cayman R - I'd be happy with either (I've had 4 Lotus and 4 Porsche) but I'd rather go for the Evora this time
  20. Alarm went off, which they ignored but it may have resulted in a much quicker "job" by the scum. They had a quick scoot around the house but not long enough to find the keys to the cars. CCTV is one of the jobs on the list! Re: the car... yes I would. I actually prefer the non-SR as I don't like the black roof (though easily fixed) and I'd rather have full leather than suedetex. All the dealers I've spoken to though say that they've not seen a MY12 non-S that wasn't an SR. What year is yours?
  21. Hey Al, yes I've spoken with Brandon. All I'll as is that between the phone call and my string of emails he's one hell of a patient guy! The biggest problem I've got is that, according to Brandon and others, 90% of the MY12 cars sold and almost all the ex-management ones of that age are the S. Given that I want all the packs that pretty much means it'll be an SR - not a problem in itself but they've only been out 5 mins so finding one could involve a bit of a wait. So, colour-wise it'll probably be red or white assuming it's an SR. Having said all that, while discussing the impending purchase in the pub this evening with the gf we got burgled and the police seem to think they were after the cars, so not feeling mega positive about anything at the minute
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