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  1. Good to hear Btw, do you know if he managed to negotiate a discount and if so, how much?
  2. Unfortunately they do hurt. Just tried to walk down the road but turned back after 100m as it was too uncomfortable I think I'll end up with a sports racer as there are very few 2012 cars that are non-S, non-SRs - mainly due to the better value of the SR I suppose. Unlike most people though, I'm not a fan of the black roof so I'd probably paint that body colour. But one step at a time! Out of interest, why did he "downgrade"?
  3. Manual all the way! I've had quick cars in the past but very rarely used all the power. There's something quite enjoyable about trying to get every last drop of performance out of a car and I don't think I'd be able to do that very often in the S.
  4. It seems that indoor karting is the most expensive form of motorsport. Well it seems that way to me! I managed to break a couple of ribs on Monday night during an evening event at Warrington Speedkarting so for the past 2 days I've been sat at home feeling very sore and even more sorry for myself. Anyway, having toyed with the idea of getting an Evora for a while I've finally decided to stop faffing around and actually get one! Can't afford new unfortunately but will be going for MY12 and probably non-S as it'll be a daily driver and I don't own a petrol station! Joking aside, the non-S is plenty quick enough for the road - or at least it is for me I had a good chat with Brandon at Murray's this afternoon so hopefully he'll be able to come up with something in the near future but it seems most people are wrong don't agree with me and have gone for the S model in the past year or 2 so I might have to be a bit more patient than I want to be! Wish me luck on the hunt, guys!
  5. I was at Chris Neil's last week and got chatting to one of the mechanics who mentioned they'd done this. I have to say, having had "the demonstration" of it, it really is fantastic - it sounded absolutely mental! I think he said it was something like £80 + an hour's fitting - bargain. Go for it, you won't be disappointed
  6. Try Henderson Taylor. Matt is really helpful and they were comforatbly the cheapest for my Elise
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