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  1. 40 minutes ago, Evotion said:

    I wish it was that red but nah, the Magma is a fair bit darker and a different tone.


    Isn't Magma similar to Fire Red? A nice enough colour but a bit dark and the tendency to look a little dull in this country I feel - probably fantastic in California

  2. 9 hours ago, Bibs said:

    Deposit holders will be contacted with dates for viewings at each dealer, those dates shown are extra days at each dealer than can be booked by interested parties who don't currently have a deposit down. 

    I do hope that's true but at the moment I'm not holding out much hope. From what I've read, B&C deposit holders are booking on that roadshow link. Given the roadshow starts in 11 days time, if that's not for deposit holders then (you would hope) they would get to look at it before then, which isn't a lot of notice. Seems all very last minute/panic stations if true.

    Any B&C deposit holders able to confirm/deny?

  3. 9 minutes ago, TomE said:

    That list is currently incomplete 

    /taps nose

    Looks like they’ve messed it up if there’s no verification that you’re a deposit holder.  

    Yes. Apparently Oakmere are looking for a larger venue due to the amount of interest!

  4. I placed my dealer deposit a month or so back. I got an email this morning saying to place the order on the Lotus website and then give the reference code that you get to the dealer - they would then ensure that the factory order is matched to the dealer queue. The dealer will refund my dealer deposit. I'm 5th on the list at Oakmere.

    Apparently, launch cars are V6 and the i4 will come out 3 months later. Specs locked around autumn and cars starting to come through from April. If you want to drive one before ordering, you would probably not get one until end of 2022 (or later).

    I'm going for V6 manual. I think...

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  5. 7 hours ago, Nathan Pitman said:

    V6 is straight from the Evora 400/410 but only delivering 360?

    Car magazine also quoted spring for V6 at 60k and i4 later in the summer. 

    Leading with the lower power car seems an odd choice.

    The V6 is 394bhp. The i4 is 360bhp

  6. 2 hours ago, ramjet said:

    If it is any consolation, I know the superfan thing was to be able to let us participate, I just wish that some people had either muted their mics sometimes or turned them down.

    I understand being excited, just really wanted to hear the designers etc as well.

    Anyway, we have seen it now. Let the games begin. :) 

    I ended up leaving it before the actual reveal due to the constant drivel. Failed to find a 'mute all' so watched it on YouTube. Shame as the idea was really good

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