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    2000 V8 Esprit - Aubergine
  1. 2000 V8 Aubergine SCCDC0829YHA10118
  2. Well, I saw something for the first time last night. As I was going down the road, the miles counter on the speed odometer started flashing and certain numbers were messed up. Like all the pixels not working. It continued for the 10 or so miles I drove. Upon restarting about an hour later for my retrun trip home all seemed fine. FYI - is an 00 V8 with 26k. The battery is alittle over a year old and I keep it on a trickle charger. Thoughts????
  3. Fox Valley has been one of the largest Lotus dealers here in the US. They do know there way around an Esprit. My car went through there several years ago as well. I would trust them more than most dealers, but hey, they are a dealer. With any car, particularly an Esprit, make sure you do your home work and get as much of the servie history as possible. I've had good luck with mine, and all I can say it is a blast. Don't Drive it a lot, in part to help keep my license. FL Sheriff's would have significant issues if they caugh the ocassional 130-140mph blast! I've had all kinds of HP c
  4. Go to Lotus Esprit World and they have a excellent year by year model change summary. The 04's are the final edition versions, and have a different spring/shock set up along with tire pressure monitors, but basically once you get past 99, the changes are farily minor year to year. As far as US pricing, its all over the board. I purchased a 01 about a year ago and paid $41. The key is to find one with a well documented service history. If not, what seems like a good deal will cost you a bunch of time and money to sort out. Also, something with extrem
  5. My 2000 V8 has both hyperflow cats and a Tubi. The previous owner had just installed prior to selling. While I don't know what it sounded like before, you can certaintly hear it at start up but idle is fairly tame. Once you get on it, the sound comes to life. My neighbors only say something when I get into the gas, as its sounds like I'm going 100 through the neighborhood. Overall I'm happy with the set up. I've had all kinds of cars and loud hot rods, so I was not looking for anything that would get me noticed more that the car already does.
  6. I actually have a glass one and am looking for the purple one. My glass top is in perfect shape. Let me know how you would like to swap. I am in Jacksonville FL. Thanks, Chip
  7. Before purchasing, did you review all available serice records???? Don't think so!!! You need to look well beyond the current owner. As a recently new to the Esprit group, the one thing I learned is to do your research. If the proper homework is done, there should be few suprises. Also, one thing I understood upon purchase of the Espirt, its that its rather unique, both in its looks and performance. I've owned numerous Corvette's and various muscle cars. If I wanted something to be able to drop the clutch and do smokey burnouts and stop light racing, I certaintly had better choice
  8. Being in Louisville and your version of winter is not far off, I would go with 5w/30 for everyday driving. Since its synthetic, you get the high temp protection without having to put the heavy weight in. That way it warms up more quickly (and thats where most of the wear happens). If you were going to the track or planning something more agressive, you could go to something heavier. Just my two cents worth.
  9. Looks to be a typo - If you look in the description, it actually as 10,800 miles.
  10. Just verified, my newly acquired 2000 V8 has engine number 30680 built in June 2000, which is past the liner sealant changeover from engine 30600. Hopefully this means smoother sailing in the years to come, I wil certaintly be sleeping better at night.
  11. Picked the car up in San Antonio TX and drove 1,100 miles back to JAX FL. Went the long way through New Orleans to see. Still lots of damange from the road. Superdome maybe ready for fall NFL, but we will see. Took a side trip to the Gulf Shores AL/FL. 16 hours was a long way, expecially without cruise. Overall a great trip. I hit TX, Miss, Al, LA, and FL on the way home. I was challanged to several races and numerous stop light - "What's that, a Lambo??? Would I do it again? Most likely, but seeing it pulled off the delivery truck in front of the house would have almost been as
  12. Here is my new 2000 V8. Was not sure about the dark purple but now that I have it, I get more compliments than anything.
  13. Ok, trying to sort out some of the new experiences with my 2000 V8. 1. When filling the gas tanks, the filling cuts off early. Even after waiting, I can't get the guage to full. 2. How accurate is the guages on these things? When I get down to just below 1/2 tank, I can only put in 12 gallons. Just trying not to run out of gas. 3. What is the proper octane? The manual states 91-93 in the US, but can you run 89 if needed? Finally, the tag on the door says 29psi front and rear. What do most people run. Thanks, Chip
  14. Well, after several months of research and searching, I am now the proud owner of a 2000 V8. It's the dark Purple, now with 22k. Was not sure about a purple car, but after seeing the car, its more black than anything. I found the car in San Antonio and just finished driving it back to Jacksonville FL. If I had not had to be in San Antonio for business, I would have shipped, but since I was already there... Approx 1,100 miles back. Previous owner was a car nut. He just had new Hyperflow cats, K&N, Tumi exaust, new Pilots, and the belts, oil and coolant changed. Car ran great
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