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  1. Does anyone have the bar to hand which attaches the upper front control arm to the chassis? I could do with finding out the thickness of the bar. Dean
  2. It's definitely not to everyones taste but its individual, taking nothing away from the beautiful s3 looks. Ive made a point of keeping the chassis completely original so it can be put back to original if I wanted to, with a subtle install so the boot space can be used. I have used the best suspension systems you can get and the air struts are fabricated by a company in th US. These are controlled by potentiometers to keep the correct ride height (kind of active suspension) which gives a really plush ride with no bounce. Dont worry, Im not going to be adding ridiculous spoilers or 10'' exhaust pipes, thats it for the outside. I am however going to cover the interior as it has been sun bleached and is proving difficult to keep on top of. Also, I have a little blue smoke under load so I will be addressing this over the winter months. What sort of mileage do you fellas do in a year?
  3. The camber is only because the air is fully released. All s3's would have a camber like this if the spring were taken out. Normal camber at ride height Cheers for your comments
  4. The waistline trim was removed when the car was resprayed years ago. I'm used to it having none now, dear I say.... prefere it! The suspension details will be in a mag near you soon! How many people on here still have their original suspenion on the car? Its not at all in show condtion really but its much better than it was. How do you mean detail the car? If you mean all the suspension work, it has been done by days of measuring and weeks of fabricating ( but not chassis invasive). Various ways like using photoshop and past car experiences to show previous cars in magazines. Its what I like but most dont. The thing with this car is it can be return to standard in a few hours..... maybe days.
  5. ..... Its amazing how many people still love a wedge. Pleasantly surprised to win best car 2012 at Retro Rides Gathering on sunday. Quite a big turn out too. This was just 1 of 3 fields full, from Bentley napier to Farrari's and the odd esprit Its the first time I have Been to Prescot hillclimb, normally travel over to shelsley but its a great venue
  6. I'm using ridetech/fox air struts single adjustment with double conveluted bags. With accuair ride height control system. I've managed to install with no chassis mods at all which was priority. The rear were straight forward and fit great fine. However the front suspension needed some attention.
  7. I have a sort of active suspension fitted to mine at the minute, ok not really active in the sense of counteracting role in corners but height adjustable and spring rate adjustable from the drivers seat. I wanted the car to have a tourer type feel under normal driving condition but also be able to stiffen the suspesion whenever it was need............... plus I am able to get off my steep drive without catching the splitter I have only been using it for around a week so there is some tweeks to do and some component hiding to be done but if the wife says '' isnt it smooth'' then i think im going in the right direction.
  8. It's seems to stop when jacked up. I wonder if it's a hole half way up the tank?
  9. Afternoon fellas I've finally got the car running.., love it! Thing is I have noticed a leek from the rh tank a couple of days ago, the only thing I have done is move some wires at the top. The tank looks like it has been repaired before also it seems to be coming from the rear at the bottom. Is that were the fuel return runs or will the rank ne weeping, cheers Dean Oh, it's an s3. When I Jack the back of the car up it stops?
  10. Ah well if its that easy!! So does adding a sunroof reduce the value?
  11. Nelly, what sort of size is your sunroof? Did you consider using a larger sunroof which is available or did you not have room? Plenty of research still needed, also Photoshop tests before I would even consider messing with anything external bodywork, after all that's what everyone sees I'm sure there are companies that could reverse the job isn't there?
  12. Its absolutely an option...... Why not? Aren't the glass roof options like rocking horse &#@!? To get hold of and the price? Also is the roof strengthened on the glass option. it's only an idea at the moment, I'm not massively keen the aftermarket sunroofs but that would be an option too. Has anyone had to install or repair the aftermarket roof?
  13. Has anyone ever thought about these or had any experience with them, wind noise etc?
  14. No hopo I've just sat the wheels on. There are no springs in at the minute, just dampers. That rear negative Camber is just the trailing arm geometry. I'm not sure about the 4x100 offset hut I'm sure a search on google will show something up?
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