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  1. are you looking for a radium and decat pipe?
  2. Khyber73


  3. I ran a radium for a year then switched to a boe... Radium was much louder
  4. I'd recommend changing them... Ended up stranded on the side of the road.. Plugs knackered at 25k miles..
  5. yup koldfire:-) interesting article in pistonheads:
  6. was very low..will dig up the print outs... was about 260bhp:-( had the koldfire tune afterwards and only run high octane now...apparently the engine retards ignition on low octane so you can loose lots of power... my understanding is the engine is very sensitive to fuel will be getting a re dyno at some point
  7. i have a full 2bular with a boe cai and the dyno numbers were only 6bhp better than when i had a radium with lotus sports exhaust and decat pipe:-(
  8. my concern with the ev460 is throttle response...will the extra plumbing ruin it?
  9. i test drove both before buying my evora:-) i drove a cayman and a 911..i ended up buying a LE evora. Have had it nearly 4 years and struggle to decide what to replace it with...sooo good! ps: its pretty much worth what i paid for it too!! bought it for 31k and id say its worth 30k even now!
  10. just wondering if lotus dealers update the car ecu routinely during a car service. im only asking as i have a koldfire tune and an update would wipe it
  11. fuel was had been parked for a bit. wondering if it was a clogged injector? possibly some crap sitting in the bottom of the tank. when the rev limiter kicks in it cuts fuel so might have been some dirt. out of curiosity how would a bent valve present? i got no cel and revs through out the rev band smoothly
  12. was on upshift..not on downshift..shouldnt the rev limiter protect against that?
  13. bounced of the rev limiter in 2nd gear the other day..upshifted and the car started stuttering..this cleared up after a bit but the idle has been rough ever since:-( any ideas?
  14. more to an exhaust system than bhp..look up the torque figures and ask about the noise. my evora n/a has the full 2ubular cai and tune. not dynoed it but my 30-70mph time is 4seconds which is about the same as an evora S. sounds amazing too
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