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  1. Hi Noe, As you are in Japan, does your 211 have inertia belts fitted, if so would you mind posting some photos of how they are mounted as I understand your roll cage has been modded at the factory. Cheers in advance, Antipodean
  2. Reliability areas to focus on are... Correct engine & gearbox oils for track day / racing in the Aussie heat. Upgrade the radiator due to weak factory unit Engine mounts, change the inserts Change the fuel tank to a remove fuel startvation issues Keep of the limiter to protect the oil pump from failing Upgrade the sump to prevent oil surge issues Be as kind to the gearbox as you can as the syncros are prone to failure at the hands of some drivers Is the one you are looking to buy on car point?
  3. Thanks Jack, looks great. I'll track down Jim when I start my update plan.... Happy if it is the last one .......
  4. Thanks guys for the info, was just interested as I have been told I may have the last one made (Jan 2012) due to no more engines being available ... Jack, you really have a awesome setup, just wondered what exhaust system arrangement you have as seen on another thread? And how loud is it?
  5. Hi I have a 2012 delivered Ardent Red 211 Was Tony Shute's leaving present.... Any ideas how as how to find out what production number it is and to get the build plate since it was not purchased through a Dealer? Cheers
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