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  1. Alex Bartram! firstly, HOW DARE YOU! ? i leave on Sedlescombe road and have a v6cup with a 460 kit on it - you have just outshone my car... ?? Secondly, CONGRATS!!!!! that is one gorgeous Car and it looks amazing in the dark and snow - respect for getting a resi permit and driving it home in this weather! we should lunch darling ? Some photos (excuse the quality, I am not a photographer)...
  2. farook

    Evora GT430

    Wow - that's really quick. Great over delivery - well done Lotus! Congrats Mark! The colour looks amazing ? Do the run in on the Corsica trip ? Look forward to seeing it in the flesh and getting a pax ride ?
  3. farook

    Evora GT430

    Not wishing to fuel the debate but Pits you need to add in the gearbox into your assessment above, I think that's a fairly significant element. i also wonder about the comparative 'engineering & design' quality and robustness of the two
  4. 089 - is Mark Allin's, I was just a custodian...
  5. farook

    Evora GT430

    To add more emotional grief - go custom paint! ?
  6. farook

    Evora GT430

    Congrats Anthony & Mark - awesome! Great to know have we have at least 2 of the 6 here. now talking specs only three things matter: 1) colour - I look forward to the angst, the changing of minds, the emotional pulls and then the final decision ? 2) harness (six point) and bar - it HAS to have these.... 3) aircon - cos we have all gone soft, but it helps on the drives to Spa and Ring! very exciting guys ?
  7. Just heard 040 sold - I don't think the chap is on here - drummz
  8. Hi - so here are our details: march 2014 build 51 pewter grey
  9. Yes and yes - I will need to get back to you on those; Orange in storage and grey back at hanger111... ?
  10. Yes, next time and also I should be in the Exige. I will post up when I am at Spa next - probably April.
  11. Yes, I was at Spa on fri - what a shame we didn't know we were there. I was in the silver Gt4, with my friend who was in his blue Gt4. It was a great day.
  12. Hey Norbert - great to hear and thanks for the update. Were you at Spa on Friday at the Lotus on Track day?
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