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  1. Alex Bartram! firstly, HOW DARE YOU! ? i leave on Sedlescombe road and have a v6cup with a 460 kit on it - you have just outshone my car... ?? Secondly, CONGRATS!!!!! that is one gorgeous Car and it looks amazing in the dark and snow - respect for getting a resi permit and driving it home in this weather! we should lunch darling ? Some photos (excuse the quality, I am not a photographer)...
  2. farook

    Evora GT430

    Wow - that's really quick. Great over delivery - well done Lotus! Congrats Mark! The colour looks amazing ? Do the run in on the Corsica trip ? Look forward to seeing it in the flesh and getting a pax ride ?
  3. farook

    Evora GT430

    Not wishing to fuel the debate but Pits you need to add in the gearbox into your assessment above, I think that's a fairly significant element. i also wonder about the comparative 'engineering & design' quality and robustness of the two
  4. 089 - is Mark Allin's, I was just a custodian...
  5. farook

    Evora GT430

    To add more emotional grief - go custom paint! ?
  6. farook

    Evora GT430

    Congrats Anthony & Mark - awesome! Great to know have we have at least 2 of the 6 here. now talking specs only three things matter: 1) colour - I look forward to the angst, the changing of minds, the emotional pulls and then the final decision ? 2) harness (six point) and bar - it HAS to have these.... 3) aircon - cos we have all gone soft, but it helps on the drives to Spa and Ring! very exciting guys ?
  7. Just heard 040 sold - I don't think the chap is on here - drummz
  8. Hi - so here are our details: march 2014 build 51 pewter grey
  9. Yes and yes - I will need to get back to you on those; Orange in storage and grey back at hanger111... ?
  10. Yes, next time and also I should be in the Exige. I will post up when I am at Spa next - probably April.
  11. Yes, I was at Spa on fri - what a shame we didn't know we were there. I was in the silver Gt4, with my friend who was in his blue Gt4. It was a great day.
  12. Hey Norbert - great to hear and thanks for the update. Were you at Spa on Friday at the Lotus on Track day?
  13. So, I used to get ~150-175 miles from the standard tank in my v6 cup. I am impressed people are getting ~200ish. I have never got anywhere near there... ? I used to have a 60l tank in the v6 cup and my range increased to 220-240miles. I had 'sold' the car and the guy wanted it returned to stock so I had it removed - but then he couldn't complete... long story... Any how, that led me to consider and go ahead with the 460 upgrade and got hanger111 to fit the larger 60l tank - with two tanks fulls I am managing 180-200 miles. in terms of how the gauge works - it's just normal, except yo
  14. Thanks MarytnB - it makes sense. But I think it was Freejack that was asking the question...
  15. Drew do it before the summer so you have the full season to use/enjoy... see you soon, best, f
  16. Thanks, fortis, Arun & redviper - not one to generally go la la over something but this is very good....! Fortis - Not me I am afraid not been to Anglesey yet, but I do know the group that went with the sector 7 jag.
  17. Hope you don't mind Norbert - add comments on your thread as this is after thread... Day 2 - dry roads, dpm set to Race and full throttle application - WOW! This is just so bloody amazing and addictive - I am so loving this upgrade and falling in love with my car even more.... Can't wait for a hooning trip and or track day - hopefully both soon. Guys those of you who are undecided - don't wait do it, you will have no regret and you will be totally thrilled. This what the Exige cup should have been all about.
  18. Thanks Norbert!! Yeap me too with track testing else just honing on roads... yes in the front - I didn't realise this was different to KT... Do you know why the difference and benefits...? I will ask Greg.
  19. I have only covered a couple of hours and a 100mile but as Norbert said on his thread it's like a new car! It's bloody amazing - the torque is brilliant and the power is reliant less easily passes 160leptons - 991gt3s watch out we are coming a chasin... my phase 1 was only the power upgrade but it is so worthwhile.... It's how the car should have been and if not, that's what they should offer have offered... Phase 2 for me is suspension, brakes, exhaust, lsd, clutch, gears... Probably over the darkest winter?
  20. My car lives!!!! i am very pleased to report that I picked up my car this morning and all the issues have been resolved. To say I am very pleased would be an understatement but I would equally say that Greg at hanger111 is also very pleased. We were all in a tight corner and the car would not yield... Thru preservance Greg has managed to find the needle in the haystack that was causing the problems. Quick recap - issue was two fold a misfire on cold start pointing to an air leak and during road testing some slight hesitations. They chased, replaced, reviewed and resolved: -
  21. Hi - thanks! I was very much missing it, thou I have had other toys to keep me occupied as well as use to all the track days and events I had booked and was hoping to take the upgraded v6 cup too.
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