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  1. Here's a pic. I found the 5mm seal was too thick taking up too much of the endfloat on the shaft, but it slimmed down to 4mm ok on some flat emery paper.
  2. I may be able to help you there... Will pm you.
  3. Hi Tom, I've noticed a few 9xx engines on the web (usually fleabay) with different sump mods, usually to put a 907 into a Sunbeam rather than the other way round. What are your plans with the engine?
  4. I remember seeing this post a while back from davetoff re splitting the MBH. Looked like the best way to approach it.
  5. There's a couple of good pics on Steve's Dry Sump engine thread of the thrust bearing mod:
  6. Yes maybe think twice about tidying the weld - would be a shame to remove metal risking opening up a possible channel for oil to seep through but I do understand maintaining the standards you've set for your rebuild. It's not that noticeable buried where it is.
  7. Hi Fabian, looking at the length of the weld repair I wonder if the head had been dropped on the stud snapping off that chunk of the carrier face. Considering how tricky these repairs can be I think it looks quite solid. The outside bead looks quite neat really.
  8. Yes definitely worth trying the Dist Doc (Martin Jay). He's helped me with a couple of Lucas issues before - recently successfully matching up a damaged advance spring. He may be able to sort that spindle problem, keeping everything as it should be. Is the distributor number 41623 by any chance?
  9. I was going round thinking how could this day get any better? – Then heard Clive say on the PA that Hazel would be attending. It was great to finally get to visit the factory. With the future looking so positive and so many key people from the past there it was all so good. Thanks Bibs for getting SLOC along. Great to be there on such a fantastic day!
  10. Had a frustrating day yesterday trying to sort the stubborn EML light on the Astra. This cheered me up when it cruised by. Later on my sister saw it parked up round the corner.
  11. Ah I see, on the earlier trapezoidal type the washer sits snugly on a lip on the pulley. It had kind of got jammed half on, must be simpler on the later ones. Beautiful car by the way!
  12. Hi Bob, looking at your close up of the pulley it just looks like the flange washer is a bit out of shape. I'm just wondering as I recently worked on an engine (though earlier trapezoid type) where the crank pulley hadn't centered on the washer properly when being assembled. It had been torqued up tight but it wasn't properly seated - the washer ending up a bit skewed. Maybe this sort of scenario may load the toothed pulley unevenly and lead to failure. Just an idea. Thank heavens you saw this before further catastrophe! - Jeremy
  13. I have a few of these bolts and spacers spare if you want to press on. Various lengths etc. I can drop them round whenever (though prob not tomorrow afternoon). - Jeremy
  14. I remember a thread on another forum years back where a mysterious rattle kept occurring somewhere in the gear train at tickover. It appeared that the friction plate was setting up a resonance that was transmitted back into the gearbox and rattling a gear that was susceptible to that exact frequency. The box was in and out many times, but the rattle was still there. The friction plate in that case looked fine but all its damping springs were identical, unlike other types which have two or more different rates of spring fitted, which must prevent any kind of resonance building up. As some of the springs are actually loose it’s definitely worth replacing.
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