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  1. Car looks good. Lotusbits should be able to supply the dizzy.
  3. This one:
  4. Hi Dave, just wondered - the marks may look aligned but are they level with the sprocket centers?
  5. Just saw this:
  6. I saw this mentioned over on LotusTalk.|1000|2500&nma=true&si=Y1qRzclelgy%2FmR8FrVW06RAD61U%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  7. Been looking forward to seeing that. Some great behind the scenes footage.
  8. On the dry sump cars this hole is sleeved and the adjacent oilway in the block is elongated to connect to it. This provides an oil feel to that end of the aux shaft as the usual oil channels in the aux housing are all blocked off.
  9. I think this is just a drilling down through the chamber to provide an oil feed to the aux shaft bearing that end. It's blanked off when the housing is bolted into place. I don't have a gasket handy but quickly traced a bit of paper to check: Keeping going Fabian!
  10. Thanks for that description. Wasn’t pictured but that advert said they supply a special extra long tap, your work around sounded good. The last helicoil I did was on a couple of exhaust stud threads. I was hoping to fit longer helicoils than the ones supplied but found the tap couldn’t cut deep enough to the bottom of the hole. I guess at least the head studs have a better chance with the reduced nose where they bottom out. I have a block which had suffered from the head studs corroding in. Got them all out in the end but I'm going to have to revisit the situation. Re gasket/head stud issues - I’d noticed the Northstar engines having similar problems and this radical fix using studs with unequal ends. Not sure if this could be possible with the 9xx block though.
  11. Hi Thomas, did you repair this successfully? Just asking as I wondered how feasible it is to repair damaged head stud threads recessed so far down in the block. I recently noticed this insert kit on ebay (in the US). - Jeremy
  12. Dave I noticed this post on the Lotustalk forum from Tim Engel re crank position for frequency test...
  13. Yes SJs and also just seen PNM have the belts listed...
  14. Do they have to come out Tom? Be good to use new ones in your replacement block. - Jeremy
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