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  1. Hello all, I brought this question up as my car still has the timing belt maintenance available under warranty. I believe it might also have a slight leak at the driver side (U.S) head gasket. So a lot of fun to be had that's for sure, haha. Thought maybe I could save a little on engine removal if in fact a dealership was removing them anyway for replacement of the timing belt. I know it is a lot of work removing the engine from the vehicle and a large chunk of the costs is in labor.
  2. Thank you all for the replies. I am just gathering information as some places have said engine out and others engine in. Of course the pricing being higher with the 16 hours ($1760.00) for engine/transmission removal added to the $1500ish for timing belt service. vs keeping the engine installed and doing the timing belt as per the service manual with no engine removal. Brian
  3. Hello all, I tried to do a search and found a lot of information on timing belts but nothing that said anything about if it is an engine out procedure or not. So my question to you is: When the timing belt is changed under warranty through Lotus at a Lotus dealer, is it required for the engine to be removed from the vehicle? Or can this service be completed with the engine still installed in the car? Thanks Brian
  4. Hello all, I am looking for some information on what I believe is called a driver door lock solenoid. My driver door does not lock anymore but my passenger side does. For the last few months it made a straining, struggling sound to lock the door and it would be successful at doing so...but now simply does nothing and makes no locking sound at all. So now even though the car is "locked" I can open the driver door (but not the passenger door) and of course the alarm goes off, haha Any advice on what I may need (I think just a solenoid) to once again have a locking door using the keyfob? Thanks Brian
  5. check this too when you are in there
  6. those look like they might have worked with some minor modification...but i called up jae and he happened to have a lotus one for me so when it arrives and is installed i will take some new pictures Brian
  7. Hello again, I have removed the door trim and also the access panel within the door to check out the window guts (See picture 1) The white plastic slider (See picture 2) is no longer one piece and has snapped in two this piece goes over a small metal ball on the scissor arm I checked out the service manual/parts manual and I am not seeing this sold as a separate part but could be mistaken? Will make a call tomorrow I guess and hopefully this white plastic slider is sold without the whole scissors assembly haha Brian
  8. Hello all I have a question in regards to my passenger window. The window motor does work...however.....when the window switch is pressed to put the window down the front of the window goes down before the rear of the window causing it to bind and stop/get stuck at the front. When I assist with my hand pressing down on the rear portion of the window it will go down as it would normally. I did a search to see if anyone had any similar problems but didnt come up with anything Any assistance greatly appreciated! In the meantime I am going to take the door panel off and have a look Brian
  9. thanks all for responding i played around with the different settings and some are just not as loud as others must be one of those Lotus things, haha
  10. Hello all, I have a question regarding a noise that seems to be coming from the underside of the dash in the passenger footwell. The noise occurs at a constant pace every second when the car is running. I did a search within the forum to see if there was any information from past posts but wasnt successful in finding anything. The noise sounds like a large bumble bee or a door buzzer (haha ) noise pulsing on and then off every second. it isnt very loud but you can certainly hear it with the radio off or when sitting at stop lights with no engine noise to drown out the under dash sound..... is this one of those "they all do that, sir." ? any insight greatly appreciated! Thanks! Brian
  11. Hello all, Recently acquired my 2002 Lotus Esprit V8 25th Anniversary and am in the process of researching a dealership or recommended shop for servicing. I live in the central NY area near Syracuse and am not really familiar yet with the dealer network or who excels at service on Esprits. I plan on letting the service include doing the timing belt and a couple other things to freshen the vehicle in the spring. Any suggestions for locations greatly appreciated! I am a long time Porsche owner through the various models of 944, 968, 993 C2, C4S and Turbos but always wanted to try a Lotus I did! and I couldnt be happier. Thanks! Brian
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