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  1. as said in a previous post , I had this kind of issue under heavy rain leading to lump mode .solved with cleaning the throttle contact . i also had this default coming in dry weather usually just after starting, around 10 to 100m drive . The cause is throttle sticking with oil residue in the inlet pipe . A good throttle cleaning has solved the problem since nearly 2 years. In fact this started after a few years and some track days , I suppose that in heavy load without oil catch bottle some oil return to the inlet of the throttle and at the end cause sticking giving difference between pedal position and throttle ( the cause of the lump mode ).
  2. Hi , I had this issue several time . Cause was the connector on the throttle taking moisture under heavy rain. Solution, remove it , clean it with moisture repellent. On the side of the road ,check that the connector is well engaged and maybe move it a bit to recover good contacts. Hoping that this can help Stéphane
  3. Lotus Evora LE chrome orange interior black SCCTC12209HP41058 234th Evora , 103th in RHD , 2nd in chrome orange Built November 18th 2009 first registration november 24 2009 previously factory company car for Mrs Arundell i own this car since February 28 2011
  4. It can also be the fuse 5A on the O2 sensor preheating. I had the sensor changed several time before being advised of that. I changed the fuse hidden in the fuse box ( on the left side rear passenger seat) and no problem since .
  5. The drive on snow was fun and without problem but i left the car two weeks in the garage and when I tried to use it again ,the wheels were absolutely blocked the salted road rusted the disks and the brake pad. impossible to move the car , impossible to remove the pads , I had to insert a thin metallic knife between brake disk and pad to free the brakes . the disk were marked and the pad damaged so complete brake overhaul . never park your car for a long period with wet brakes , even worst if the road was salted .
  6. You can also try to elise shop for a cf part , the original black plastic part is subject to break in the top corner.
  7. Mine is a 2009 NA launch edition with 47000 km , the clutch has always been heavy but it is still good for the moment with no sign of failure. of course compared with my other cars , it is significantly heavier and the first time i declutch on the audi A5 i feel there is nothing under the pedal.
  8. The komotec is not so quiet , in fact it is at the limit for track day use. it is really melodic when you change rpm from bass sound to sport motorbike . the main drawback is on highway at fix rpm were it become loud and monotone.( no valve ) i have one since 2011 without problem except maybe getting a bit louder . if you install one , take care of the running of electrical connection extention for lambda sensors , if the are too close from exhaust , they may get burned and cause short circuit of the sensors .since routing has been done according rules everything is perfect.
  9. I had the same issue.. A fixation of the black panel went loose ,the panel lift at high speed and finish to crack. i reglued it with polycarbonat cyanolit and then a smooth polish . Not unvisible but acceptable . With the fixation tightened it is ok since one and half year.
  10. I changed from the original P0 to michelin PSS ( evora NA 18/19 ). using the standard pressure does not change a lot on road but on track the PSS are far less sticky than the pirelli , they also raise in pressure much quicker. As a conclusion i regret a bit the change. since i have tried lower pressure , i am now at 1.9 front 2 rear and feel it better ( but i have not yet tryed it again on track ) Stephane
  11. i have changed the original pirelli mo mo1 for michelin pilot super sport. very desapointing , the pirelli were far better on track. on road no big difference , i hope at least that the rear will last longer than the pirellis. i was using the michelin with the same pressure settings as the pirelli. i will reduce theses pressurent to see if it improve but for the moment my feeling is far in favor of pirelli. my car is a NA launch edition.
  12. There are different type of PO for a given size. The evora uses in standard mercedes specified tyres M0 and M01 which are soft. But there are also audi specification A0 , porsche specification N... the generic P0 is silver , harder for longer road use but less efficient. My feedback concerning PSS , i used the generic version and not the M0 which exist. The front are more stickier and the rear less. Maybe the trick is to find the same original specification as for the P0.
  13. i did the swap from OEM P0 (mo , mo1 ) to pss end of lest year. the reason was the poor longevity of the rear tyres around 10 000 km. after road use and trackdays , on road , no significant difference with PO regarding noise and wet handling . on track real difference on the adherence of the rear tyres. the pss are fun , progressive but are far from the PO grip.on the front it makes no problem , this give much more oversteer than before. notice you have the same kind of difference between oem PO and PO silver . if you use your car on road , pss are a good choice as they are supposed to last longer. if you go to track just be aware that the car balance will be changed a bit. my car is LE evora with Komotec 300.
  14. my Evora NA launch edition is equiped since 5 years with the Komotec . headers ,down pipe, the original final cat is kept with modified lambda bosses to fit sensors ,final Komotec muffler ,KN air filter , remap. the sound is much louder but nicer than the original OEM . i have not measured the power output but it is noticeable . the only problem i had was a lambda sensor cable melt because of a routing too close of the exhaust pipe.the Komotec support to find the issue was top . since this point has been corrected , everything is fine.
  15. i am a bit off the topic as i drive since 4 years only a NA 300HP Komotec evora. the power is good and the exhaust noise is much better than the standard version. i only had a problem of lambda sensor as the wiring was too close of the exhaust pipe and and got damage. once the problem identified with the help of Komotec the solution was easy. on my opinion it is a good modification.
  16. hi , i bought a 2009 LE coming from hethel . clearly it was a good choice as all the major problems were solved . so if you like the car , you should not hesitate.
  17. i notice this mainly after driving by rainy day or washing the car and leaving it in the garage just after. my position is that the wet pads create rust pitting on the disc if you do not use the car often . then on the next use you feel a kind of jerky breaking . as mentioned by other the problem is removed by heavy braking or better a track day.
  18. Hello, with the french lotus club , it is mandatory to have an extingisher to participate to track days. I have build in bonded aluminium à part fixed under the passenger seat ( moving with the seat ) The fier extingisher is fixes on it. I enclose underground some photos. Stephane
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