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  1. Hi everyone - there are loads of indoor car covers on sale, some quite a lot, some quite cheap, some well fitting, some not so Anyone got any recommendations for a well fitting indoor cover for an Eclat? (without breaking the bank) Ta Tim Linford.mp4
  2. "Bills totalling nearly £100" Bargain 😂😂😂
  3. Thank you Don for your kind words. You have lifted my mood after a bad day. I was preparing for a nice long run, the first since lockdown, when the water pump started leaking all over my drive. Gutted. I re-coloured the seats and fitted the carpets myself. I had the headlining done for me. There are some before and after pics of the upholstery further up this thread. I bought this car in Sept 1985
  4. Afternoon all - I was just about to take 'Linford', my 1979 Eclat ( out for the first run since lockdown and it's pissing coolant out of the water pump 🤬) I don't want to take it on myself (getting too old for that stuff now). Wondered if k-seal might work as a temporary fix to allow me to get to Mike Taylor at Lotusbits - that would be a 2 1/2 hour drive from where I am. But I'm wary of putting any old stuff into my engine - any views on K-Seal? Serves a purpose or stay well away? TIA)
  5. Good luck, Pete. If you go down the Gliptone Scuffmaster route, get in touch and I'll pass on some observations on what worked well and less well.
  6. Hi Tony. No, i didnt remove anything (mostly on the grounds that i wouldn't have a clue where to start). The stitching was still intact but the leather had torn close to the stitching. I glued a reinforcement strip of leather behind the tear, and then unfilled the gap with Leather filler (also from Gliptone) , then used the recolouring paint over the top. ps, I also used the filler to infill the cigarette burn.
  7. Yeah, I think the design of the interior has aged well
  8. Cheers Pete - Thank you for your kind words. No, they haven't been re-covered. I have re-coloured them myself using Gliptone Scuffmaster, dabbed on with a sponge. They were in pretty good condition, just scruffy and tired. Will attach some 'before' pics later
  9. I've invented a stretched limo Eclat 🤣🤣
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