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  1. here guys hope it goes to a good home
  2. barry elys car has been up for sale ever since I can remember its also has a cloud cuckoo 30k asking price... more chance of flying to the moon etc.. i've also heard some terrible stories about hm over the years...just as bad as UKSC
  3. i was the reason why Clarkson left PC won't bother going into it now but suffice to say I still have the cutting from his last column somewhere where he blamed it all on me
  4. green one at sportomotive ? im sure ive seen this for sale a few times in the last few years ?
  5. if we can get some background on the cars that might be a good thing
  6. yes i know about their rep heard from several people who bought cars that broke down on the way home etc.. only to be told that the 30% premium they paid didn't even cover any sort of warranty or help or the fact that theyd properly checked the car over in the first place they will probably deal though... those cars have been there for a very very long time and have already been reduced once
  7. guys the sheep/windmill thing was a bit of another programme that i accidentally recorded on top it was some gary rhodes cookery show where he was also driving a yellow S4 through norfolk he did actually own an S4S in real life and was quite a fan i have a nice little clip filmed at the factory ... will upload at some point
  8. they have an azure, a yellow and a red ? all priced at 20k anyone know these cars or viewed them ? would apprceiate any help... thanks:
  9. been digging through my old VHS's S4 Top Gear review:
  10. ahh ok, was wondering if they might be the same. Thanks.
  11. thanks guys.. all very interesting sound clips are great crikey! that QuickSilver Supersport + decat is crazy surely a step too far ! The poor TVR had his thunder totally stolen ....
  12. ok, thanks... for sure, all brakes can be improved but I guess my point is that given the comments on this thread, it doesn't sound like it would be necessary to upgarde the S300 from its stock brakes. Sounds like they are very good and more than up to the job of general road use. also, it sounds as if changing S300 brakes over to S350 brakes would be just a sideways move rather than an upgrade
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