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  1. If you have been considering purchasing a New or Pre Owned Lotus, this is a great opportunity to get the wheels in motion. We are holding a Lotus test Drive Day on Saturday 20th July from 9.30am - 5pm. We are booking 30-minute time slots (last drive 4.30pm) for the following cars Elise Sport 220 Elise Cup 250 Exige Sport 350 Exige Sport 410 Evora GT410 Sport - Manual & Auto **For one day only, we are also offering special pricing on all New and Pre owned Lotus stock*** To book your test drive please call Maxine on 01483 281000 email: [email protected]
  2. Hi All, Wanted to make you aware of a Lotus Evora event we are holding for anybody that is seriously considering purchasing a new Evora. The event is being held this weekend on Saturday 10th March and Sunday 11th March. We will have the following available for test drive: Evora 400 (auto) Evora Sport 410 (manual) Evora GT410 Sport (manual) Evora GT430 Sport (manual) If this is of interest please contact Jamie Matthews on 01483 281000 or via email [email protected] If you are interested but unable to make this weekend please let me know and we can look at alternative dates. Thanks :-)
  3. Yes it is, we have the other one, the Metallic Blue PR car
  4. Will do my best to hide it away for you Mes, I have never been great at selling the cars I like as I always want to keep them so you might be in with a chance Yes the exhaust will give 400 and Sport 380 owners the opportunity to enjoy the cars as intended, which is of course on a track! Our design with offer twin straight pipes as your rightly guess. We will hopefully have some pictures in the next couple of weeks to show. The Lotus Titanium exhaust will be different to our system, we have decided to try and make it quieter than the standard exhaust, their system actually makes it louder! I bet the Lotus system will sound incredible but unfortunately you will not be able to go on track with it.
  5. As we are also talking about exhausts we will be offering a track friendly Evora 400 exhaust system by the end of next month for those potentially interested @CocoPops @Bravo73 @Seriouslylotus We will be offering a Titanium System with Carbon Tips that will not only reduce weight by 12KG but will be eligible for 105DB days. This system has been developed & designed by Quicksilver Exhausts only for Bell and Colvill and will be retailed for £1,500 inc VAT. If anybody is interested or wishes to order one please get in touch with our Lotus Parts Manager Chris Stewart on 01483 286459 or via [email protected] @MesTCS Thanks........much appreciated
  6. Haha sorry @C8RKH :-) Yes it is a stunning combo and looks better for not being broken up with the Matte Black Accents, I wanted the car full body coloured. I have some good news in regards the exhaust....The Cup 360 comes with the Lotus sports exhaust which many will recognise as the Sports exhaust that came with the N/A Evora, the Janspeed twin pipe rear box with the blue flame tip, we remove the standard box at this end replace with this.....Saying that I'm also a big fan of the 2Bular exhausts, beautifully made and sound fantastic!! If you ever fancy swinging by for a Coffee and a chat I would be very pleased to show you our Cup 360
  7. Hi Dave, Interesting thread and it is a tough call between the 2 and you raise very valid points, as a bit of background and my general thoughts, we had 2 Cup 360's made in Essex Blue and sold one of the cars just before Christmas and have one remaining. The Sport 380 is obviously very nice and a step forward over the Sport 350 but is £68,500 without OTR costs or any options Like paint or A/C etc.. by the time you have ticked a couple of must have options and with the OTR costs you are getting towards the mid £70's for the Sport 380, whereas with our Cup 360 with all of its spec is £68k On the Road. I would wager that the Ohlins on our Cup 360 would provide more time in a lap than the extra 20PS of a Sport 380 on tuned Bilsteins. Lotus tell me that Ohlins are generally worth a second a lap at Hethel over Nitrons and the Nitrons are worth a couple of seconds over the Bilsteins......I don't know how true this is but it is what I have been told by Motorsport. There is a potential weight difference between the 2 as the Cup 360 is 1,130KG and you can get a Sport 380 to 1,100KG but need the full Carbon Exterior and Interior + the Titanium Exhaust which then adds another £10k+ to the bill so it becomes a mid £80's car, if you don't have these options then the weight is approx. the same between the cars. It is an interesting question and there are certainly arguments for both.............I'm glad to say though at the end of the day both are very special.
  8. There was only one timed run unfortunately and yes you guessed it, it was the one in which David spun in the Video above and clocked a 71.51. He was very annoyed as he was pretty confident he would win it.......Oh well. BTW he is now know as David Spinnard :-)
  9. Well I did speak with him yesterday and I did dial a 01953 number
  10. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! There are a couple of spare spaces still for those that are interested
  11. Hi Paul, The price is per car and you are welcome to share the driving but there would be an additional £16.50 charge for the other person at Goodwood to cover their lunch and coffee. There is no additional charge for Brands Hatch. Thanks, Jamie
  12. Hi All, Bell and Colvill are proud to launch our Circuit Club with three events at Goodwood Race Circuit and Brands Hatch for Lotus and Morgan owners, dates as follows: Goodwood Motor Circuit – 7th April 2014 (08.00 – 17.00) - £250 per Car with a 28 Car Limit – 105db Day. Brands Hatch – 8th July 2014 (15.30 – 20.00) - £140 per Car with a 35 Car Limit – 102db Evening. Goodwood Motor Circuit – 4th August 2014 (08.00 – 17.00) - £250 per Car with a 28 Car Limit – 105db day. Lunch and Refreshments are included on the Goodwood Days. Contact Maxine Ayling on 01483 286456 or e-mail [email protected] for more information or to book. Pre-Track Day inspection and preparation available, please contact our Service Department on 01483 286444 or e-mail [email protected] for more details. We look forward to hopefully seeing you there! Jamie
  13. Hopefully some of you might be aware now that we are pleased to confirm that Bell and Colvill have the first registered UK Dealer Demo Exige V6. We are now booking test drives.......... To book please call Jamie on 01483 281000 Hopefully see you soon!! p.s. - I will be at the Newlands Corner meet tomorrow morning with the car
  14. Bell and Colvill will be hosting an Elise S open event on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th September in which you can get the opportunity to drive the new Supercharged Elise. We will also be running a BBQ alongside this event, so if you fancy a last chance of a Burger or Sausage Bap before Summer finishes make sure you come down! Test Drives start at 9.00am and finish at 6.00pm. On top of the opportunity to drive the new Elise S and be fed and watered, everybody who test drives the Elise S will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a trip around the Lotus F1 Team headquarters at Enstone (4 places available) Anybody who buys an Elise S at the event will also be treated to a Driver Academy Day up at Lotus with former Team Lotus Driver Martin Donnelly as your instructor! Due to the limited spaces it is on a first come first served basis, so if the new Elise S is of interest make sure you contact me ASAP to book your test drive on 01483 286419 or at [email protected] Everybody is welcome down for a BBQ Burger or Sausage Bap regardless, I look forward to seeing you there! Jamie B&C
  15. Thanks guys for coming, it was great to meet some new friends and catch up with some old ones. Bibs again many thanks for coming and I look forward to seeing my film debut ;-) Trevor, hopefully speak soon in regards the GP edition :-) Look forward to seeing you all again at Newlands Corner on the 15th. Cheers, Jamie
  16. Hi Everybody, We are holding a MY12 Evora S open event on Tuesday 3rd April and Wednesday 4th April from 2.00pm until 9.00pm. We will be running both a Manual and an IPS Evora S and will also have some very special offers on the few remaining MY11 Evora S in stock. This event is open to all so please pop down see the car, grab a coffee and a biscuit it would be great to see you and we will try to get you out in the car if we can! If you wished to book a specific time slot in the car please feel free to contact me on 01483 286419. Hope to see you there! Best regards, Jamie Bell & Colvill
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