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  1. Hi Tony, Ref your battery box quandary, I can confirm that, the hinged flat and press stud is used on the 2.2 Elite, and the plain two tier design box is used on the Series 1 cars. I managed to source the rubber eye retainer from the original suppliers a few years ago. The eye hooks onto a strip like hook pop rivetted to the boot wall underneath the carpet. I Have had to unhook mine though, as the tension was tending to strain the box and pull it apart. Hope this clarifies, Cheers, Iain
  2. Hi Clive, The washer jets originally come from the Escort mk1 and sit flat under the scuttle. You will however need to bend them into the correct shape. Your best bet will be to try someone who breaks these cars, lotus elan on ebay or Lotus Bits. Cheers, Iain
  3. Ranald


  4. Hi Don, No pics to hand at the moment. However if you look up "mgb air vents" on ebay, you will see what I mean by hand painted in silver. Cheers, Iain
  5. Hi Don, The vents are from the MGB, and are hand painted in a flat silver. I have just restored all four of my faded vents with a small pot of Humbrol paint. It is possible, but time consuming to use thin strips of masking tape. Cheers, Iain
  6. Hi Guys, Have just found the perfect "Dad" present on ebay. A lithographed 40x40 cushion with a 2.2 Eclat, which can be personalised. Have also made enquiries about doing one for the Elite owners. Have just been informed that, they are going to do one this week. eBay item number: 141902140350 Cheers, Iain
  7. Hi, It is called the "miners lamp", and was originally an aircraft idea. The part you are missing is the push on "mask", with a small square hole offset to one side. With care it can be twisted and angled down to shine on the centre dash, and illuminates perfectly. Thanks for the heads up on the bulbs. Cheers, Iain
  8. Hi Mark, You are welcome. Glad to be of help. Best regards, Iain
  9. Hi Mark, My 503 still has its original white nylon clips. You will need 2 off them, and they are self adhesive. I have arraldited mine back on. They are approximately 25-30mm wide and have a hook, which you pull the loom back into. Similar ones are used to retain the jack handle to the boot floor. If you have a manual, look at the drawings on the "Servicing Chart", you can see one of the clips holding the jack handle. They are still available, was looking for the nylon snapper clips for the breather tube to the cam cover at the time and found them in an electrical supplies catalogue, prior to ebay. Hope this is helpful, Best regards, Iain P.s. have a look at this similar ebay listing: Nylon Cable Clips Self Adhesive Backing 8mm eBay item number:171061674449
  10. Hi Will, Welcome. From past experiences, I would say GO FOR IT! I have owned my 503 for over 25 years, and found her the other side of London full of water. The car had been sitting on a slope and rain water had poured in through the heater plenum chamber. I could however, see the potential in this car and bought her - I still have the original Auto Trader ad. The first thing I did when I got home was to remove all the soggy carpets and sound deadening, and use them as templates. I then set about rebuilding all four corners of the suspension with new bushes, ball joints, steering swivels, bolts etc myself. The rest as they say is history. Though I keep on finding hard to find bits on ebay. Sourced a brand new, hard to find rear wiper arm, complete with little roller at a Maserati garage in Turin! These cars are a life long hobby. I am currently finishing off the A post finisher air extraction vents with a small black grille in each aperture, to keep the spiders out! Grilles were fitted on the Esprits, why not the Elites and Eclats. Found the mesh on a modelling site on ebay. As I say, an owner can spend a lifetime improving on the factory. A lad who trimmed business jets for a living, replaced all the brushed nylon upholstery and headlining for me. Twenty five years later, I am still being told it is better than the factory! I you decide to follow in all our footsteps, I wish you luck in your endeavours, and welcome again to Elite ownership. Best regards, Iain P.s. you can see both my cars on my profile to see what can be achieved. Also get yourself a work shop manual and parts list, as they are invaluable.
  11. Hi Dan, To put your mind at rest, I have not forgotten you, the pc failed again; and I was in no fit state to sit at my desk and fitxit. It is now up and running again. Your steering wheel is sat here ready for dispatch, I just need your details. Have given up on the email, and have opened a Hotmail account. [email protected] Cheers, Iain
  12. Hi Dan, You cannot miss the house, just look for the white Elite in the front. See you then, Iain
  13. Hi, Have you got a sat nav? If so, it will be much easier, than trying to give you directions. Iain
  14. Hi Dan, Apologies, not replied sooner, have just found your message; still have having problems with getting a fully functioning email. Trapped the siatic nerve in my back, so have been off work this week in sheer agony! Cheers, Iain
  15. Hi Dan, Have swapped over the crash pads, and your steering wheel is ready to be picked up. What day are you travelling on? Getting to Hull is a lot easier now, just turn left and head straight down the M62, Much easier than when dad used to drive us down every year from Scotland to see granny in an Aston Martin many years ago. Only option then was all the back roads! Saw my first Elite back in 1979, when Dad took us up to the Lotus dealer in Glasgow, to try one out as a company car. However, having two younger brothers, this wasn't practical. Settled on the first Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV SE into the country instead. Dad did admit years later that, he could have had an Aston Martin V8 , for what he paid out on the Alfa! Vowed then to own an Elite by the time I was 25 years old. Achieved my goal 3 months before my Birthday. You are more than welcome to see my cars, have owned my 503 since I was 25 years old. I turned 51 a few days ago. Being an engineer, I have never been happy with the centre air vents on the series 1. The LHS one always seems to be distorted, as if it has been forced into the heater aperture. After looking at ways to improve the "fit and finish" have settled on removing 20mm off the back of the vent. A thicker foam pad on the heater box takes up the slack. Hey presto, the fit is now perfect! Humbrol paint and careful masking rejuvenates the original hand painted silver lining as well. Which leads me onto the guttering on the Elite S2.2 Upon investigation, it seems to me that, in 1981 Lotus had a batch where the screw centres were at least 2mm off. This caused a lop sided effect on the car. The passenger side gutter tolerance was 1.0/3.0mm, whilst the drivers side was 5.0mm? Have re-positioned the gutter and rectified this issue to. Looks much more finished! Like someone said a few years ago, "There is nothing wrong with these cars, that the owner and the dealer cannot put right". Cheers, Iain
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