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  1. Thanks. Cant see them wanting to take it 30 odd miles, but I'll have a chat with them after Christmas and see where they were thinking.
  2. Its not me taking it. It will be taken from the bodyshop where its at the moment. Its in Bishops Stortford if anyone can reccomend a suitable garage in that area. I just thought it may be a good idea to be able to tell them what to set it at.
  3. Hi, after some more advice please. My Elise will shortly be having its suspension set up. It will be on a newly fitted Bilstein S2 kit, tyre sizes 195/50/15 front 225/45/16 rear and will be for road use only....My question is, should I be asking for any particular setup values or will it be ok to let them get on with it and set it to what the default settings are. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all Marcus
  4. Hi there. Does anyone have a seat belt retainer stalk for an Élan +2. Not sure if the stalk is the same as other models Thanks
  5. Just priced up a set of T1rs. £238 delivered. Quite unbelievable really. Seems most people rate them
  6. Hi folks, I'm now going to purchase 4 new tyres for my car. I'd like to know what people think are the best to go for. Do I go for the Yoko Advan Neovas LTS, another suggestion was Toyo T1R or are there others which people have found to be good. The car will be used mainly in the summer months therefore wet and dry conditions, but I wont be venturing on track. I've got the early type alloys and was going for 195/50/15 front and 225/45/16 rear. Any advise would be appreciated thanks
  7. Thanks people. Elemental one now bought. Next question.......Whats the best air filter and exhaust? I'll start a new topic Cheers
  8. Hi all, does anyone have any advice as to which shower cap is best for the S1 Elise. The Elemental one looks good, but is it worth the price premium over the others. Thanks
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