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  1. Hi Mike, what did I miss? Yes my 300 was No 64 and went to Southern Ireland - all live and well with a real Lotus enthusiast. It was registered in 1996 so not the car in the pic. TC
  2. Yes, this is the exact Lotus - with the 2 piece sunroof (the purchaser actually lost one half on his way over to the place that had maintained the car for me). Thanks for this, I only have one pic and that is similar to the last one. You advertised the car on Paul Matty's board - thats where I called you (just sold my 2nd Europa at the time) Looks stunning......
  3. In the following order.......... over 32 years Lotus Europa S1 Lotus Europa Big Valve Lotus Esprit S2 JPS No 75 Lotus S3 Turbo Lotus Esprit SE (Red) Lotus Esprit SE (Black) Lotus Esprit Development mule and press car (cross between GTS, V8 and Sport 300 Lotus Exige S1 Lotus Sport 300 No 64 Lotus Esprit S3Turbo Lotus Aston Martin Vantage S All Lotuses except the Aston..... I lied about.........
  4. The hull is a semi wave piercing design ....duh 3106 miles on one fuel load and in under 52 hours (just a bog and a maxi pack of Walkers between 8 crew) ...............had worse stays in TravelLodge
  5. About to embark on a new Challenge .................. Got any more Stickers??
  6. Been a sailor since I could remember - had a sponsor on here somewhere, think he was called Bibs
  7. Thanks Mike - have enquired about one for sale - no reply yet but this one pictured below would be the ideal solution. Had an orange ti (my third car) in 1985 (XTC 90V) Would n't pull the skin off a rice pudding, was always at the petrol station but it sounded great. Can t imagine how different they drive without the power steering and the benefit of manual windows(?)
  8. Been a while Mike....... - yes, have already been in touch with the Owners Club for membership. Will come over to Castle Coombe at the end of May - I am after a standard car, also considered one of the remaining ti's
  9. Searched for a while ....looking for a standard and original Lotus Sunbeam (Avon if there is one out there)
  10. Also booked in - good news - not taking a Lotus unfortunately ........will see you there Ian Oh, in this....
  11. Still undecided ........ taking your advice and will attend one of the TLF days. Still room for a nice JPS as well.......
  12. That is the one Bibs, I guess after I sold it the thing was badly damaged. Without the wheels, body, plaque etc. and a Cat C against it then its no longer a JPS Did some research and found this description and history - completely inaccurate.......... Early Lotus Esprit S2. Genuine JPS Engine For Sale (1980) This is my fathers early Lotus Esprit S2. It is incredible to look at and even more incredible to drive. Finished in the iconic black and gold colour scheme. She is factory fitted with the super rare John Player 2.0 Normally Aspirated Engine (Engine number; CC907790316079). Un
  13. As a long time owner of at least 10 Lotus over many years (I'm old), one of the cars of particular interest and history was a JPS Edition. For many years I wondered where the car ended up. In short I bought it registered a 'W' registration - so perhaps the last registered, owned twice by the original owner, and as I sold it in around 1987 completely standard - me being the 4th owner (or 3rd as it had been owned twice). Bear with me ........ I know Will and Kate are distracting your concentration on the important issues here..... but the buyer was ......well his parents were less than happ
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