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  1. Hey Yan, Sorry mate was off grid for a few days, I work at sea. Replied to your PM's just now. Spats, thanks for your input mate.. made me laugh a bit, if the 400 muffler is louder than the dual mode SSC I feel for ya mate, because the dual mode in bypass mode is mental loud. Makes me a bit happier that they have had the same issues on other exhausts too, so they know its a thing... maybe why they are ignoring me?! ill keep you updated if any progress is made, I even reached out on social media the other day and got a reply straight away saying "contact us at for any help" I was yelling at my phone "that's what I've been Farrrking doing!!!!" - I think they might use a separate company to look after their social media though. Cheerus gents!
  2. thanks gents, these were both in the original email sent on 2/9/21.. still no reply!
  3. Hey mate, Yeah I gave it a good drive on the way to the test centre as its all A roads, when the tester called me to say it failed i asked how long had it been standing, apparently half an hour. So asked him to take it round the block for me and make sure it was VERY hot.. He said he took it out and it still failed. My question is SSC would be what CAT was supplied with the system so we know what results to expect, It must be doing something though as I have no MIL lights.
  4. Just a short one, I purchased the SSC V6 headers and exhaust package last year.. fitted them in lockdown and not really used the car much this year mostly because there's not been much going on to take it anywhere. Anyway, the SSC system came with its own CAT which was all fitted and the car immediately failed MOT on emissions. Also the exhaust valve rattles when closed and sounds really crap, so i have pulled off the vacuum tube and blocked it off for now, everywhere on LOUD mode, which is fine but this system of theirs really howls.. Like ears bleeding after half an hour kinda howl! - its not the end of the world but if you've paid for a dual mode system you want to to dual mode don't you. I should mention I did have the system ceramic coated before I fitted it, and it looks bloody awesome too.. I cant see how ceramic coating could have effected the way the CAT or the valve works at all, as it was all masked off correctly. I have reached out to SSC several times about my problems, and they just stopped replying. for 9 months now I have sent 5 emails and nothing back from them. Now last time this happened the guy who I was emailing had left and the CC guy was on paternity leave, so I have forwarded the email to info@simplysportscars and everyone else I had in my address book there. - Silence. Has anyone got any contacts at SSC to give them a friendly nudge for me? - I just want to speak to them about how I can fix my CAT and valve issue, I've even said id buy parts from them, I'm not after warranty freebies. MOT day is rolling back up and i don't want to have to switch to the old exhaust again to make it pass.. the guy last year said it "wasnt even close, or i would have snook it through for you" so there's obviously something up. Thanks in anticipation. Ry
  5. Hey George.. following your project on here and YT, keep at it mate it wont be long before your enjoying the produce of the hard work. Quick question for you, would you be willing to post the results from your sizing up and replacement of corroded bolts? the undertray bolts and some other bits are a bit tired and its always been on the list to remove them and measure mine.. when you said you was doing the same I thought it might save me a job It would be handy if lotus or a reseller just made a pack of everything so you didnt have to order individually. Also, your address is on show in one of the above pictures, just so you know. Take care mate.
  6. I have the HKS as part of my TVS1900 as red viper says above. There is significantly more induction noise and SC whine but only after about 3.5K revs, under this everything is close to normal, nothing that won't put a smile on your face. personally I have no problem with the HKS, as with any filter the less you clean it the more dirt particles will be pressed through the filter as differential pressures build. As long as you clean it regularly it will treat you well, Performance car parts normally do take more maintenance.
  7. It’s fantastic Tim, power delivery is smoother than the standard tune and it really picks up in any gear now. It’s a real grin maker! first and second are incredible, you can see your passenger disappear into the back of the seat and start looking around for things to hang on to 😂 i also just noticed that the Geely big wigs are in the background!
  8. That’s a great picture Advantage! Thanks to the guys for letting the LF1 on the stand at the last minute and for the emergency set of spare tickets! I owe you a beer bibs, looked for you a few times to tell you in person but you must have been at the bar 😂 We enjoyed the show it was awesome, great day with great people. thanks again.
  9. Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply mate, i managed to pick up car number 8 on friday from the good guys at silverstone for 1000 pounds cheaper! What a machine!!
  10. Unfortunately ive missed a few cars recently so im still looking.. anybody know of any for sale or coming up? Thanks,
  11. rlongthorn


  12. It is with a very heavy heart I have to report to you guys that my Evora S is no more. By my own admission I haven't participated much on this forum much since the purchase of my car, Although I have spent many hours reading through posts of various topics from trying to sort out problems to just plain boasting about how much we love these lotus's. I have done this because I have Enjoyed reading about other peoples experiances with the little lotus with a big heart, A car with quite a few quibbles that myself and so many of you are willing to look past just because we love the car so much, the enjoyment of driving it and I'm almost ashamed to admit that in a schoolboy fashion I love peoples reactions to it parked up or driving by. This weekend I fear was the last outing for my amazing Evora, driving on an A road approaching the brow of a hill my car met its match in the form of a Ford C-Max coming in the other direction. Veering slightly onto my side of the road The C-Max clipped my cars rear end and because of the flared rear wheel arches collected the rear right wheel and pushed it through the rear of the car. This basically made me a passenger in the following seconds, I shot to the other side of the road and along the grass verge for around 10-20 metres, and then nose first into a 10FT deep drainage ditch where the nose dug into the soft mud deploying the airbags and flipping the car end over nose and coming to a rest. I hung upside down in the car for some time unconscious, my first memories are climbing up to the top of the ditch and looking back at the car three wheels in the air thinking oh F****. I checked myself over and the only pain I had was from the nettle stings on my hands from climbing up the ditch, Amazed as to how I had got through that unscathed I was guided into an ambulance that had just arrived on scene for a check up. Looking back at how well my Evora not only took the impact of a car on a national speed limit road with a potential closing speed of 120, it then protected me through another 20 meters of hell, a 10 FT sheer drop and a flip onto its roof. My car is a testament to not only how well Lotus have designed the Evora but also how well built a hand made car in the UK really is! I will remain forever grateful to the workers at the factory who put my car together in such a way that it stood up to such a massive double impact and did its main job - Protecting me so very well! if any of you guys read this - Thank you!! My only injury's remain to be nettle stings, (and a concussion from rapid deceleration), If by some miracle my car is repaired or a replacement lotus appears on my drive courtesy of my nice insurance company I will never look at an Evora the same way, Engine warning lights, awkward gear changes.. not a chance. Ill see it for what it really is. A well built amazingly tuned driving machine that saved my life. I am convinced if I was driving anything else I probably would not be writing this post today. I have attached some pictures as to what the poor Evora looks like. I hope to be behind the wheel of another lotus again soon. Thanks guys! - Stay safe. Ryan
  13. is it possible to get komotec without driving to Germany?
  14. Yep ive done mine, you can pick the part number up from a few of the threads.
  15. I've measured the draw on my S, which was 270mA im not sure if that included the boot lamp on or not though but even still not a massive amount, keep this in mind when choosing a trickle charger, 500mA minimum, mines just a cheap unit bought from halfords but it works great. trickle chargers and conditioners are both fine for any length of time, the battery will only take what it needs at the voltage supplied by the trickle/conditioner which is normally 13.8v for a 6 cell lead acid battery, the only time it can damage the battery is by over charging which means operating over 13.8V for prolonged periods, giveaway for this is the battery bulges at the sides, or you can see acid discharge around the top of the battery (white powder or staining) otherwise it can sit there for years if needs be, most house alarms have a lead acid battery inside designed to take over in the event of a power cut. these are left on charge 24/7 and changed every 5 years or so. ive had the pleasure of replacing my Varta, which comes with a 1 year warranty, i don't think its the brand of battery just more the usage of the car tends to be less especially when the weather isn't so nice, i don't think daily drivers have many problems. I managed to drain my new varta down to 1V last week by leaving the light on (doh), took 2 days to charge back up again but shes okay now!. dead short batteries 0V are recoverable as long as they aren't left in that state for too long, and your charger has the legs. i think any battery warranty will not cover deep discharge as this kills all lead batteries within a week or less they can tell at the factory and wont give you your money back. now you all know what i do with my free time haha! I look after a bunch of boats and jetskis over winter periods.. very exciting job!
  16. Hi guys. Took off the wheel liners to adjust a headlight bracket and some of the screws that hold the mud flaps would not budge. Turns out the bracket that holds them is made from untreated steel and corroded quite bad, thought I should pass the knowledge on so you can check your own cars. Some of the hose fittings aren't looking too hot either, will speak to my dealer to see if I can get the brackets replaced. Attached pics.
  17. its well known that painting your engine bay parts red give you extra power!
  18. 1. Mel Davies, Evora NA + Radium and Sport exhaust. 2. Chris Weeden, Evora NA + Radium otherwise standard 3. M1LUM, NA with Chavvy exhaust, std intake 4. TomE, Evora S MY11 with decat 5. Ryan L, Evora S MY11 Decat, Sports exhaust & K&N.
  19. Does anyone know of a decent alloy protection system?..
  20. Hey Mel, Nice picture Most electric cars use Li-Ion tech including the Evora 414E, they all have internal thermal shutdown built in, safe as houses!.. that one on the Dreamliner still has the boffins scratching their heads... titanium boxes sound expensive! I just read that about airbus!.. i had a look on wikipedia and it says over a billion Li-Ion batteries are airborne every year in consumer devices alone (laptops mobile phones etc).. I think its a very safe mod, and will save you some kilos i found this one on 111, it has a built in isolation button too, but is crazy expensive!
  21. Sorry to hear.. I've had that 'DOH' moment when i disconnected the battery for winter and closed the boot all the way. first few times i pulled the emergency chord (after i found it), it didn't work either which was also fallowed by some choice words!.. i pulled it to the point where i thought it would snap and i heard a click as the boot unlatched.. relief! I strongly advise against swapping polarities on any car, especially if it has a dead battery, it could fry the ECU & alternator. also be careful connecting 2 sources of DC to a car like you did, theres a chance you might double it up to 24V which would have the same effect. Once a lead acid battery has been fully discharged for a long time, you can throw it away.. the lead plates inside get oxidised and the battery wont charge or do anything, My Evora has a VARTA battery, i replaced mine a while back & i don't rate them, if your buying a new one consider a Li-Ion replacement which will save you a lot of KG's (weight loss = more fun as lotus traditon) and any future problems with degradation when discharged. L\A tech is very outdated, they have been using Li-Ion on aircraft & laptops now for years because of the weight advantage. i think the Li-Ion ones are about 3 times as much but i think in the long run worth it.. hope you get your car back soon
  22. Hi guys.. I have tried to keep in touch with TDI about this, this is what they have to say: "Hi Ryan, there has not been any movement on the intake front quite yet although we are getting very regular enquires, our aim was to chat with the guys coming to the dyno day and try to find someone willing to volunteer their Evora for us to do some final development on but that obviously didn’t happen thanks to all the snow. The good news for you is that anything on the intake system which benefits the NA Evora will benefit your SC model to a far greater extent." Kind Regards Sam Borgman Technical Director
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