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  1. The handbrake does work fine on the Esprit with these calipers (albeit they do need adjustment occasionally). Pete mentioned that the larger handbrake pads may be an option in the future on one of my other cars where the handbrake isn't as good (the car is heavier and needs a higher holding power due to the calculated weight percentage for the MOT). But I don't think there is any concrete information yet, so he can't really offer the information out there till he knows more and there is probably development/testing work that would need to be carried out before they can offer the caliper anyway.
  2. The SE should be getting up to a maximum of 0.85 Bar. I'd check the actuator first and make sure that is working properly.
  3. Looks great. PNM have done a 360mm kit with bigger 8 piston calipers in the past but it doesn't fit behind any standard V8 wheels and therefore fits very few cars and so isn't really worth advertising. Will be big ££££ too. The 321 mm disc/6 piston combo fits very snugly behind the standard wheels and you can't really go any bigger safely. The performance improvement from this kit over the standard Brembo's/AP is massive as well and more than enough to stop the Esprit very well. Regarding the rear calipers, I believe there is work being done on making the rear handbrake pads larger (twice the size). Pete from PNM knows more about this. With Hi-spec, you have to remember that whilst they know brakes well, they don't necessarily know Lotus's (or any other of the massive range of cars that their calipers end up on). They aren't Lotus specialists so whilst they can do their best to help, they just don't have the in-depth knowledge of the cars that the likes of PNM Pete has. That's why Pete offers a brake kit for pretty much every Lotus imaginable and Hi-Spec don't.
  4. Hi, I have seen this car and have spoken on occasion to the previous owner. The car is truly mint. I would happily buy it. The previous owner had a money no object approach toward the maintenance of his Lotus. It's one of the best V8's I have seen with a number of nice upgrades, everything was immaculate and the history file kind of shows. It's strong money but for a reason. Good luck.
  5. Drove down to Le Mans last year for the Classic (with trips to Nantes and various other places whilst in France so did about 1600 miles in 4 days) in a 100k + miles 300bhp '88 Esprit. Car never missed a beat and engine has never been rebuilt. It has done the Le Mans trip on numerous occasions now and is also used regularly even in bad weather in the UK. They are reliable cars if looked after properly. As with any car, if you skimp on servicing / use cheap poor quality aftermarket parts and let people who don't really know what they are doing look after them, then they won't be as reliable.
  6. I'm sure I've seen a Sport 300 with 345's on the rear. Could be wrong though.
  7. I guess I should comment on this as an owner of Esprit's and an A610. Fundamentally, the 2 'destructions' of these rare vehicles are slightly different. I don't believe the Esprit was destined to be destroyed by Top Gear in the same way as the A610 was. It was an unfortunate (if not entirely innocent) series of events that seem to have led to the ending of the V8's life. The A610 destroyed by Clarkson was a show winning example of a car that is rarer than an F40 or Countach. Just 67 RHD A610's were made out of a total of 818 examples. Compare that to the total production of Esprit's (in itself a very rare car) which was just under 11,000 units. The car itself was owned by a chap who genuinely loved the car, kept it in a heated and carpeted garage and had covered just 54,000 miles. Unfortunately, his business went bust and his car was sold to a production company for a 'feature'. I am sure the guy was genuinely gutted when he learnt the fate of his car. Speaking with Clarkson, the Alpine Owners club did learn that he had no idea how rare the car actually was and he apologised for the destruction but said it was simply because it was the cheapest supercar they could find at the time and it was purely for entertainment. This is a car Clarkson put in his top 100 cars of all time just a few years before. The issues with the car (with the steering lock) were brought about by the fitting of the remote control equipment for the crash rather than an inherent fault with the car. From my own point of view, I own and have driven more Esprit's than most on here and indeed use one as my daily driver. They are fabulous cars and I love them to bits. But I must also say that the A610 was a dream car for me like an Esprit was many people's dream car. It is a truly fabulous driving machine and I think the criticism I have seen of this car is generally from people who haven't driven or owned one. There are so many similarities between Alpine and Lotus, and indeed the A610 and an Esprit that anyone who does criticise Alpine cars probably doesn't really get the 'Lotus Thing' either. I also know of quite a number of people who are very well known in Lotus circles who have Alpines as well. With regards to why these cars aren't bought up by enthusiasts...well most enthusiasts already have one and in the case of Alpine enthusiasts, there aren't really that many. Generally, if you are British you will be more enthusiastic about a British sportscar than a French one. It would be great if we could all buy every example that cropped of our chosen cars but in reality, we usually have to settle for one!
  8. Hi there, I am a friend of Pete's and have spoken with him regarding the web site. Unfortunately the website was done for him some years ago and he does not currently have any control or access to it's contents. It is an issue and it is something he is looking at sorting as soon as possible but the web designer now lives abroad and has been difficult to track down. For the meantime, it really is best to give him a call on the number 0151 630 6101 or [email protected] and he will be happy to help. Kind Regards John
  9. I saw a Mini Marcos in our local Tesco's yesterday. Never seen one 'in the open' before.
  10. I will be at CarFest North at Cholmondeley in a white Esprit with Club Lotus North West. I believe there will be 7 cars each day for each Club. So there will definately be some Lotus representation at the Northern Event.
  11. Very much an 80's car. F Reg 1988. Tim who shot the video came in his Nissan. Yes, it is in the video a lot but we thought it was a nice comparsion of two modified cars from different era's. The 350z is a serious bit of kit and is actually as quick as a GT-R or pretty much anything on the road actually (600bhp). The Lotus would have absolutely no chance of getting anywhere near it but that wasn't the point. Just a nice video of an Esprit which I felt Esprit/Lotus enthusiasts may enjoy watching.
  12. Great video of this lovely Esprit. =
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