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  2. Sorry have been busy and missed the reply - I can give them a bell . who made yours
  3. Hi Folks Same old same old.... Cracked manifold (second on this car!! ) anyone got one lying around they want to sell? Ideally I'm looking for a Stainless one BUT .. whats out there?/ I did read the thread on this forum for an Alunox ones but that was 2 years ago Phil se 89
  4. ps ,,, spelling update (typo included ) woking = working and dislogeded = dislodged....... regards Mr thikky thick thick from wokingham
  5. Thanks for the update.. just been away for the weekend. hense the delay. I've not got my ALDL woking yet. so am none the wiser .. also now it seems the ports (front and back) don't seem to be working.. does anyone know if there are any "inline" fuses or connectors to the ALDL which may have been dislogeded by having the engine out?? Can it have "blown up" ??? Yours Mr grumpy
  6. Hi Mike/Chaps This is almost exactly my symptoms as well (Esprit 89 SE). I just had the manifold replaced (engine out) so all cables were disonnected. Now what happens is the the car seems to run ok "MOSTLY" provided I dont thrash it. however after a long run when I come to idle the revs stay at 1800 ish, I can blip the throttle to no avail.... However , If I switch off / on then the idle is instantly correct. Did you get any resolution to this.. I put a new Lamda sensor on last year and it seemed to be cyclng correctly. BUT is not an original, its one specified in lotusworld. However I will re-check the connections to that sensor . Anyone with any ideas I would appreciate some guidance. I broke my ALDL connector (sat on it) so just soldered some new transisitors on it. Will try it out tonight and see what the sensor says..
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