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  1. Vanya

    Esprit Boot Space

    That's correct. The '92 (SE Highwing) onwards opened wider with the S4 and V8 opening about as much as any car IIRC.
  2. I f*****g love this forum. The memes being shared are brilliant, and sometimes, demonstrably useful. Like converting kitchen roll to TP. Anyways there's never been a better time to buy a car. Currently look at winning an 86 Excel at auction for about 3000 quid. I'm gonna meet the apocalypse in a fibreglass chariot.
  3. Dude. You are my hero. 150k on an Esprit. I will follow in your footsteps.
  4. Is it just me or are cars nowadays designed by committee somewhere, perhaps the People's Republic? All modern sports cars regardless of manufacuturer look mostly identical - genereric, teardrop formed masses packed with technology and devoid of any sort of elegance or lasting beauty (the new DeTomaso is an exception). There's an open goal for the manufacturer that decides to cash in on nostalgia and put out an angular car, and to hell with the drag coefficient etc. If Lotus thinks releasing an Esprit derived from the Evijas design will be successful they need only look back toward the success (or lack thereof) of the revamped Europa; a car loved by very few. There should be a respect of heritage. Get Giugiaro on the case again. Me personally, I'm biased - I'd like something based on the G-Turbo or preferably Turbo SE Stevens shape - square and angular, but with a modern twist. Oh and that Bahar-era Elan was dope. It was by far my favourite of the lineup. Shame it never happened.
  5. We can't save the world using the same tools which got us here in the first place. I have a feeling that EV will suddenly go the way of Diesel faster than you can say Wolfsburg once the true impact of EV:s and their load on the power grid (upon mass adoption) reaches the public conscience. Suddenly hydrogen (produced renewably) will seem like a much more attractive prospect. I often find myself trying to justify a Model 3 long range, but then I remember that a) I can keep driving and maintaining my '97 XK8 so that new crap doesn't need to be produced (I'd rather look after old things which are well built anyway), b) I'll only lose massive amounts of money on a modern car due to depreciation and c) I'm not ACTUALLY saving the environment because of the emissions that have already been created due to manufacture. But such is the allure of the Tesla brand (and the pat on the back you feel for going EV, because that's what the zeitgeist demands). There are strong psychological marketing forces in play which need to be actively fended off. On the subject of Tesla however:
  6. Just saw it. The comments section is predictable as always. Dunno if worth making a Pistonheads account help set the record straight.
  7. How much did the Esprit dash run you? New masks, when they do show up (bookmatched sets) are hundreds of pounds, say 250-350 GBP... Mine looks like ass. I bought some burr elm (91 SE spec) years back which I haven't gotten round to doing; might be worth it sending the lot to these guys?
  8. As Donald Trump has proven over the last couple of decades, the truth and facts matter very little when it comes to peoples convictions. You can present the most cogent argument and it won't make a dent in people. This is why the world is the way that it is. As for Greta, she is a child, and should be treated as such; we all thought we could change the world when we were 16, before wage-labour and cyncism ground us to a pulp. She will disappear and resurface in about 12 years working for Goldman Sachs. In the meantime, I'm gonna keep on rescuing the world, by not having children and driving 25 year old cars.
  9. Thanks guys! I'll keep waiting patiently. for now I've fitted GAZ shocks with S4 spec springs, car is a lot more planted now at all speeds with no bounce so that's a huge plus.
  10. On a lighter note... Got me a new daily driver; A spotless 1997 Jag XK8 for 7100 GBP. I made the decision after test driving a Porsche 996 C4 which reminded me of what passionless motoring feels like. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!
  11. What does the oil smell like? Gearbox oil has a very particular smell. It's in all my clothes thanks to the SE and weeping driveshaft seals, so I'm well acquainted with it.
  12. I've heard horror stories of people frying their V8 ECU:s in particular - I would't risk it. I don't even leave my battery connected on my 4 cylinder car.
  13. Hi! Just had a look at my old struts today and they are indeed white spot - still have the remnants of a white sticker as well as the Lotus part number marked in the damper. What condition are the used ones you have in? Also, do you have the matching 12 mm spacer they're meant to be fitted with?
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