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  1. Oz futura

    For a set of fresh Futuras, one sells a car! I'll be flogging my GT86 if need's seriously easier to just buy an Esprit with the wheels already on than to find a loose set.
  2. Oz futura

    Damn I also need these so I can get rid of the godawful Monoblocs on the V8.... @Barrykearley have you already snapped them up or?
  3. Wanted Stevens esprit rear hub units

    1220 GBP PER SIDE?!?!!?!? BLOODY HELL! I'd best be f*****g careful drilling out the lower links in mine... Or I'll just keep an eye on eBay and nab some unsuspecting listing even if I don't need 'em at present.
  4. Prices Soaring

    That is absolutely stunning and that price is even better....bad timing for me (just spent a few bob on the new daily beater) but it stuff is around at this price come spring :D:D:D
  5. Wanted Stevens esprit rear hub units

    Yes Steve Strange is licking his lips in anticipation.....
  6. Sno limit. (Fount the limits of the esprit in winter.)

    No no what I need is a Sport 300 where the turbo kicks in even higher and the probability of death is even greater!!!! TUUURBOOOO!
  7. Sno limit. (Fount the limits of the esprit in winter.)

    Hahaha you guys are bonkers. I have enough trouble exercising self control in my GT86 in snow let alone the turbo lagged goodness that is the SE!!!
  8. Prices Soaring

    Haha that'd be awesome - so I guess someone drives out, delivers the car, flies back home, the next person sits on it for a while, takes a road trip etc... It's a fine idea...EXCEPT, it can't be left sitting around too long in any given country. Here in Sweden at least back in 2012 when I bought my SE from the UK, you weren't allowed to drive a car registered in another EU country for more than like 10 days before you had to register it here (hurray for EU and open borders!)....not that Sweden has anyone to enforce it, but it could be an issue in countries that have any kind of police presence checking this kind of stuff.
  9. Prices Soaring

    I'm totally up for that. But let's make it an Excel. Can we get it to a million miles? That's reassuring because I have a serious soft spot for the 348 - you get the classic lines and looks of Ferrari of old but without the wanker owners. Sadly I haven't seen the same trend in Sweden. The 348's are very pricey here. Not as pricey as a 996 turbo though ironically enough...
  10. Wanted Stevens esprit rear hub units

    Yeah I remember that experience of yours - it's exactly the reason I'm holding off...
  11. Prices Soaring

    I'll invest, if I at least get a ride in it. Didn't one recently come up for like 100 000 Euros (and it disappeared just as quickly).
  12. Wanted Stevens esprit rear hub units

    That's a great call on Steve's part even if they are expensive - too important a part to be unobtanium IMHO. I ain't touching my rear lower links until I can source a replacement in case things go tits up.
  13. They should introduce a 5 bhp intermediate step as well with "weight reduced rear view mirror stalk" as an optional extra (700gbp). More options can include Lotus badged tyre valve caps and washer fluid reservoir cap.
  14. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all!