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  1. I second this. Great brake feel from this system, feels like a regular modern servo unit. Only thing lacking on the V8 is larger callipers front and rear, necessary to rein in all that weight when travelling at high speed (which is par for the course in a V8....).
  2. Vanya

    SE High Wing C Service

    You're good. But could you get the lower links on my SE free without a saw or a blowtorch??? 😎
  3. Vanya

    SE High Wing C Service

  4. Vanya

    SE High Wing C Service

    You've got no chance. They will just twist off
  5. Vanya

    SE High Wing C Service

    That brake hose adapter to the rear caliper, even if it looked a bit better the adapter itself is made of some kind of soft cheese. The head on mine rounded off and left me having to drill it out. Luckily it's perfectly possible to do without having to drill to the bottom of the adapter (thus fouling the very sensitive bottom sealing surface on the caliper itself).
  6. Vanya


    Beautiful solution but even if the kit isn't prohibitive having to upgrade the gearbox and engine internals will be!
  7. Vanya

    Finally found an Esprit 👍đŸģ

    Love the colour! Beautiful car! Hope it treats you well, my V8 sure has! Don't listen to the fearmongers!
  8. Vanya

    V8 Dipstick Tube installation.

    How did you do it?
  9. Vanya

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Yep. Am I the luckiest guy on the planet or what?
  10. Vanya

    Esprit Turbo SE 1991MY RHD

    Thanks man. Yeah I'm hoping the price will inspire someone from the UK to make the trip out here to look at it It's a wonderful car and I will be genuinely gutted the day it goes. It's the car I trust to get me anywhere and never fails to raise my spirits no matter how I'm feeling.
  11. Vanya

    Esprit Turbo SE 1991MY RHD

    Unfortunately none of the above ☚ī¸ We'll see how things pan out, I'm expecting that both cars will take a while to sell (I'm quite certain we're in a recession here in Sweden if not in most of Europe) so I'll still be enjoying them throughout the summer until they're gone. And once they're gone who knows what the future holds. I'll definitely be coming back to Lotus that's for sure.
  12. Vanya

    Esprit Turbo SE 1991MY RHD

    Nothing as pleasant as a new Esprit I'm afraid. But yep, in the plural. The V8 will be up for sale during the day as well.
  13. Vanya

    Esprit Turbo SE 1991MY RHD

    Yes, unfortunately I will have to part with my Esprits. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately) it's not for another car, but to raise much needed funds for other purposes
  14. Vanya

    throttle not returning to rest

    This. I accidentally used gearbox oil on mine back in the day and had it stick like crazy a month later. Sewing machine oil was better though.