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  1. It IS actually possible to tighten everything up with the car on the ground, just a bit of a pain. You'll need a helper, but if you really don't wanna chance it or bother measuring distances to arches etc it's the way to go. I did this on my car. I first tightened things down with the suspension resting on axle stands. I wasn't happy with that, then I loosened things and put the car on the ground, weighed it down and re-tightened. Didn't make much of a difference. I even bounced the car up and down when stuff was loose. I think we might be overthinking things when it comes to stressed bushes etc. Technically the car spends 99% of it's life empty on a driveway (which might not even be level) so something will always be under stress...
  2. Hesitation on startup

    I had issues with non-stock injectors. The car was in my case overfuelling like crazy. Idle wasn't all that great either. What says the MOT station? I don't know how the UK tests but here they do an idle and raised idle test. My car failed on the idle portion as the cat couldn't clean up after the FiveO-motorsport injectors I had in the car. Also car would pop and bang like an F-type V8 on overrun... switching to stock injectors cured the problem. Other reasons for very poor idle I've had was a loose IAC motor, and malfunctioning O2 sensor (freescan readings were fine but the sensor was a real dud, car would shake like mad on cold start after entering closed loop and sometimes just plain die).
  3. I recently overhauled my suspension, new bushes and coilovers at the front (factory stock) and adjustables at the rear with the perches set up to factory dimensions (same spring rate as factory). My car rides 10 mm higher than factory, this while being weighed down with 2x70 kg + half tank of fuel. I don't get it either. And no, I doubt my suspension components are bent since the wishbones up front are brand new. Granted I have a sports cat, backbox, no EBPV and no spare wheel but that can't really explain the difference IMHO. So you're not alone there! But where are you taking your measurements to get 200 mm, it does seem a bit much and your car doesn't look so far out of whack in the pictures.
  4. V8 vs S4 Weight

    Interesting numbers! But 1276.5 kg for a V8?! Can it really be true?
  5. V8 vs S4 Weight

    No!!!! The Sport 300 is the veritable king of Esprits. Of all Loti. It's the master of any Lotus vehicle now bearing the "Sport" moniker. Maybe not in performance, but in looks. By a country mile. And I say this as someone who recently went out joyriding in a Sport 380. And a Sport 350 (Exige V6). Goddammit I want a Sport 300. However, for the V8 I will say this: where the 4 pot cars thrill with their agility and fun factor up to 100 km/h, the v8 makes absolute mincemeat of them from 100-200 km/h and beyond. And it's all so effortless!!!!
  6. Cheers. I have to do some measurements though as the hole in the actual door lock mechanism is quite small. The biggest issue I've had is that the clip gets so compressed that there's no longer room for the door lock rod inside the clip on the opposing side - the resulting system has to have play in it as the rod makes an angle to the clip as it locks and unlocks, and no adjustment of the rod length can make it entirely perpendicular...
  7. Thanks for the tip! I'll try them out! Thanks for the tip! I'll try them out!
  8. Hi all, So recently I broke off one of my door lock rod retaining clips (the little white bit that connects the rod to the inside of the outer door handle) which has left me unable to use the central lock. I fashioned a homemade solution which works....until the clip pops out again leaving me back at square one. The part in question looks like this (the white bit): Now I ordered 4 of those from SJ just to have them on the shelf, but they don't seem to be quite the same as the original (the rod doesn't quite fit into the white clip when everything is installed - it's extremely tight, so tight in fact that it takes a LOT of force to lock and unlock). I tried drilling out the clip but it's still too tight. Does anyone know where I can source a spare that will work? Until then I'll outfit my solution with a small cable tie so it can't pop out! Alternatively if someone has a spare genuine part I'd be happy to buy it! Cheers in advance!
  9. V8 vs S4 Weight

    No, it's marked SJ Sports Cars.
  10. V8 vs S4 Weight

    I live off of food stamps and reside in a cardboard box.
  11. Ecu

    Yeah what is up with that? I know of some folks who got struck out by a bad ECU on a road trip, made the car go bonkers. This seems to be common on the V8....
  12. New Esprit S4s owner

    It's a tough one isn't it? The Exige really causes a strange reaction - after driving one you've just gotta have it, but then once the adrenaline settles you start thinking and you realise slowly that there really isn't anything quite like an Esprit on the market any more. Not something that strikes that perfect balance of old-school-cool, driver involvement and, yes, comfort, in one neat little package. The only thing I keep coming back to is the Evora S, but it's got a bloody Camry engine and a supercharger (I mean would it have killed them to put in a turbo!?!?). And it's too tall. Keep the S4s. Buy another Esprit. One with a v8 in it!
  13. Normal idle characteristics

    Quoted for truth. I've removed my EBPV and the throttle jack too, and this is exactly how my car behaves. When I bought the car though the EBPV had been wired open but the throttle jack was still active and sometimes the throttle cable snagged on the linkage causing a high idle like you describe. However, if you've already removed it properly.... Is your IAC operating within spec? I remember when I messed around with the minimum air bleed screw for kicks once the car would go crazy after the first throttle press (moving the car forwards) - my idle could go really high. Setting the IAC counts back between 30-40 put things right again.
  14. Not much tinkering going on after the front suspension rebuild, but this weekend after the V8 had had enough attention lavished on it the SE got a clean and it's pinstripe installed. Came on a roll from SJ Sports Cars, we figured we'd remove the upper stripe but it looks pretty cool so it gets to stay, for now: