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  1. Ewwwww Polestar 1... *stops derailing thread*
  2. I'm just wondering when Lotus will put out a new GT (grand tourer)? If churning out endless numbers of increasingly extreme Evoras and Exiges is the way to get a new Esprit on the market well then keep on saturating. But I'm personally growing tired, and will likely invest in a BMW i8 very soon since nothing in the Lotus line appeals to me any more....
  3. The consumers might be pissed off but I'd wager dealers are even more furious. I don't know what kind of margins they have when buying from the factory but in some places *AHEM SWEDEN* there are Sport 350's and Sport 380's lounging around with pretty much the same price tag, also sitting uncomfortably close to Elise Sport 250's in terms of price. Nobody is buying, and they won't be able to shift the stock without a significant discount. So why the hell would a dealer EVER want to stock Lotus cars if this is their current strategy?
  4. Ah, you needed a bit of a change anyway. The 430 Exige is cool, but it's that same Elise-derived interior from 1995; it's all so familiar. The Evora is a totally different kettle of fish. And, it's a fair bit prettier too!
  5. I can't wait to get behind the wheel of this. The 350 and 380 blew me away but this...holy mother of god...
  6. This. I fitted a new sunroof seal a month or two ago on the SE and WOW what a difference in perceived quality! It doesn't make a sound anymore even over rough roads! @ramjetIf you don't want to use that much force to close the roof, add some shims under each roof handle? That oughta do it! If the tailgate clears the closed roof when opening and if the roofline doesn't protrude to much above the surrounding fibreglass, you're good to go.
  7. Have you tried simply tightening the cables? I had to do this on my V8 not too long ago as it would no longer hold. I've heard the cables can stretch over time.
  8. S4s sport seats (or gt3, s300, etc)

    The comfort seats are nice but in the SE provide absolutely no side support so going round corners at speed throws occupants around like crazy. That and the sports seats look so much cooler! The V8 lux seats though, those aren't going anywhere - the inlay in them is magic. Never had more comfortable seats in a car ever.
  9. S4s sport seats (or gt3, s300, etc)

    I'll also chime in, except they don't have to be cheap. Just gimme the damn seats.
  10. Yeah he really liked the Exige. What was his deal with the Evora 400 though? I remember the article on I think Pistonheads where I think he accused it of garnering attention and being fawned over just because it's British and not on it's technical merits. But then again with CH it seems that any car that ISN'T a Porsche Cayman gets knocked down a few notches for that reason. Which begs the question....does he have a meltdown when he is given a Cayman to review? Can a Cayman be as good as a Cayman? Does it compute?
  11. It IS actually possible to tighten everything up with the car on the ground, just a bit of a pain. You'll need a helper, but if you really don't wanna chance it or bother measuring distances to arches etc it's the way to go. I did this on my car. I first tightened things down with the suspension resting on axle stands. I wasn't happy with that, then I loosened things and put the car on the ground, weighed it down and re-tightened. Didn't make much of a difference. I even bounced the car up and down when stuff was loose. I think we might be overthinking things when it comes to stressed bushes etc. Technically the car spends 99% of it's life empty on a driveway (which might not even be level) so something will always be under stress...
  12. Hesitation on startup

    I had issues with non-stock injectors. The car was in my case overfuelling like crazy. Idle wasn't all that great either. What says the MOT station? I don't know how the UK tests but here they do an idle and raised idle test. My car failed on the idle portion as the cat couldn't clean up after the FiveO-motorsport injectors I had in the car. Also car would pop and bang like an F-type V8 on overrun... switching to stock injectors cured the problem. Other reasons for very poor idle I've had was a loose IAC motor, and malfunctioning O2 sensor (freescan readings were fine but the sensor was a real dud, car would shake like mad on cold start after entering closed loop and sometimes just plain die).
  13. I recently overhauled my suspension, new bushes and coilovers at the front (factory stock) and adjustables at the rear with the perches set up to factory dimensions (same spring rate as factory). My car rides 10 mm higher than factory, this while being weighed down with 2x70 kg + half tank of fuel. I don't get it either. And no, I doubt my suspension components are bent since the wishbones up front are brand new. Granted I have a sports cat, backbox, no EBPV and no spare wheel but that can't really explain the difference IMHO. So you're not alone there! But where are you taking your measurements to get 200 mm, it does seem a bit much and your car doesn't look so far out of whack in the pictures.
  14. V8 vs S4 Weight

    Interesting numbers! But 1276.5 kg for a V8?! Can it really be true?