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  1. Vanya

    This Cannot be Happening! Opinions, please!

    @Robert WeberHey man, don't feel too bad - no harm's been done and you can easily replace that thing with the engine in situ. Contrary to popular belief, compared to a modern car, the Esprit gives you loads of room to work with when it comes to the timing belts and crank pulley. Just put it on axle stands at a comfortable height, and take it at a slow pace from underneath the car, hopping into the trunk when need be to loosen things up there! I think you got off lucky! Stunning car and engine bay by the way!
  2. Hi man sorry for the slow reply. It's ok on the motorway to be honest. The Esprit's biggest failings are road and wind noise at high speed, not the drone of the exhaust. Albeit it's not as quiet as with the stock cat and stock exhaust. You are correct it's a single pipe silencer (the one SJ sells)
  3. Vanya

    restoration options?

    Carbs are really pure magic - they drive different, sound different and smell different. There's really no contest. Keep the carbs!
  4. Famous last words. You know you'll end up with an Essex or Sport 300 somehow. Both will need work.
  5. I would've bought a Sport 300. Or a mint condition Turbo SE. Oh well 20/20 Hindsight and stuff.. Problem is when you fall in love with said shed....and then spend the next few years pouring money into it...
  6. Vanya

    Warning Light Control Module

    Russ, Thanks for the tip. I've had an issue with mine, exactly as you describe, where the brake warning light wont go out, even though there's nothing wrong with the brakes. Sometimes it DOES go out but very rarely. And there's bubbling at the base of the module. Thank you so much for the advice. I don't look forward to opening the module though! /V
  7. Also comes in handy after the inevitable stroke one has upon hearing the V8 engine spin a bearing....
  8. Vanya

    Original Turbo SE rear dampers

    I'm looking for a pair of (preferably unused) rear dampers for a Turbo SE. I believe these were identical on the Turbo and SE (same spec springs and dampers). I'm simply not satisfied with my SPAX setup as it doesn't feel right. I'm running original front coilovers but the rear makes the car feel strange, too bouncy when set firm and too much movement when set too soft (looks like the car is gonna bottom out when riding over wavy roads etc). I'd like to have everything set up the way Lotus intended. Anyone have a pair of these kicking around on a shelf somewhere? Cheers in advance.
  9. Vanya

    Esprit SE High Oil Pressure

    Mine is silly high when starting the car, like I think the gauge goes to 6 and then 7 on acceleration, but at hot idle it''ll settle at the first tick on the scale (was that 2 bar or 1 bar?)....
  10. Vanya

    whats it worth?

    Ahh....another one tempted by the dark side of the force.
  11. Fell in love with mine first time I laid eyes on it at the dealers out in Hertfordshire. It was an amazing sunny spring day and it just looked so glorious basking out in the sun: Unfortunately mobile cameras never capture the full intensity and glare of the sun but needless to say I was instantly sold - Racing Green/Magnolia, twisty country roads and now power steering. Never looked back.
  12. Vanya

    Glass roof

    @LotusFellaI have a genuine Lotus glass roof for sale. It's a heavily tinted panel that used to be on my V8 which I sold earlier today. Kept the panel as the buyer didn't pay full asking price for the car. Send me a PM if interested!
  13. Vanya

    Converted to gas!?

    Vad i helvete!? WHY!? WHY!?? I mean how impractical is that, aren't there like 2 filling stations in the country!?
  14. Did mine in a press:
  15. What are you all doing with the ABS pressure Switches? I seem to recall a mention of them being put on eBay but I can never find them!? I'd like to get a hold of them in any case...