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  1. I've read some weird rumours along the lines of "The MC20 was meant to be sold as a Dino while the Roma was meant to become the Alfieri" - I can kind of see it. This car has nothing whatsoever to do with Maserati, except maybe that crazy track car they put out a long while back. Is "Carbon Fibre + Alcantara Delete" an option at this point? It looks cool, I can't fault the exterior other than it doesn't really have its own identity. The interior looks like any modern supercar interior. Dunno if this will sell?
  2. I dunno man, there's just something about the brand. I personally love them - I also know of a guy who has a car collection that is beyond epic and he really loves the GranTurismo; and many out there feel the same. Merak, Quattroporte IV Evoluzione, 3200, 4200 Cambiocorsa, GranTurismo, Ghibli - all awesome cars. I was particularly floored by the quality of my old 4200 - so incredibly well put together throughout. Sadly parts prices and the expensive Cambiocorsa box saw me part ways with it. If nothing else Maserati is a good stopgap between Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.
  3. Philippines Joke. Czech Republic.
  4. Got myself a new daily driver. I've done a lot of stupid stuff for laughs but this takes the cake. The odometer reads 479 000km. It has no rust to speak of. The only possible explanation is sorcery or black magic. (Had a new crate engine installed at 279 000 km or so, but still on the original gearbox.)
  5. Hi all! So sometimes my Facebook feed churns out stuff that I actually find interesting and relevant - as opposed to pictures of someone's latest spawn, vacation, targeted product ads or charged political diatribe debating the merits of liberal democracy. Some dudes in (I assume China) going by the names Mechanic Steve and Mechanic Chris put up these fascinating videos of wrecked cars that they erm..."rectify" by pulling the panels straight, cutting out sections, grafting on new ones, repainting etc. They seem to do it all. Here's a case in point: As an engineer, I can
  6. 355, 360, 430, Maserati 4200, Maserati GranSport - I think there was even a Land Rover that had more serious issues with this leading to catastrophic engine failure. I had a hard time visualising how you'd get suck back pressure to ingest catalyst remnants too, but when I chatted with the head mechanic at the official Maserati/Ferrari dealer I used back when I had the Mas he said he'd seen a GranSport with this issue with dust from the cat substrate on top of the valves. My Maserati obviously also had this issue with the pre-cats breaking up; however the PO had driven the car like this for yea
  7. I did 'em up with the car on the ground. It's not too much of a problem. Otherwise as the others point out - each corner until it just lifts off the jack stand, then tighten. But there's something rewarding about doing it according to the manual (yes I bought 150 kg cement to weigh the car down with!)
  8. Vanya

    V8 article

    Considering it's good enough for Christian von Koenigsegg (who recently bought a Final Edition V8 from an acquaintance), it oughta be good enough for anyone, even the comments section of Pistonheads
  9. Yep the S300 had the fantastic DMIII system. Love it. It's so retro. Damn, I forgot the side skirts are also Turbo SE on the S300 - but all that stuff I can strip from my SE. My mongrel can do without an LSD, considering Lotus didn't bother fitting them as standard until pretty recently (didn't the V6 Exiges also roll with open differentials?). It's all about the looks!
  10. I just have to strip @Jacques car for some parts and then I think I'm all set. Also I believe some of those revisions made it into the S4s as well. Totally missed the bonded in roof!
  11. Hi all, Another day, another silly idea. So I've seen a load of Turbo SE:s converted to sport 300 spec over the years, but has anyone taken an S4 or S4s, slapped a Turbo SE front bumper on it, and 1 inch smaller Futura's front and rear? Surely that's way closer to a legit Sport 300 (and cheaper too considering you don't have to change the doors as well). I'm guessing the bumpers are relatively interchangeable, as well as the wiring for the lights?) I've found a dirt cheap S4s which I'm considering adding to my collection, hence the question
  12. At the same time, is it better to take a mortgage holiday and put the money elsewhere or risk throwing good money after bad if the housing market tanks/takes a hit. Many people will be underwater from the get go if prices go down - maybe better to keep the money and deal with the implications with regards to interest at a later stage? With that said, I'm gonna call my bank and see if Sweden is up to the same tricks.
  13. Identity politics, western liberalism, and virtue signalling in their death throes. And what a death rattle it is! George Floyds murder is the western equivalent of Mohamed Bouazizi's self immolation in Tunisia which sparked off the Arab Spring.
  14. Update for anyone out there who is going to attempt this job, here's a few quick words of advice to make your life easier. The videos online, guides and workshop manual leave some critical points out from a work environment perspective. 1. Remove the PAS-high pressure line Most guides state that, before you attempt this job, you have to make sure that the crank pulley can be removed. I would like to amend this by saying; don't start the job until both the crank pulley AND the PAS-high pressure line to the pump can be removed. The latter is difficult to access with conventiona
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