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  1. + 1 for "don't do it". Having taken apart the entire chain from the master unit to the translator there's just so much adjustment and risk it'll shift over time...
  2. Vanya

    Esprit fuel economy

    Esprits are extremely economical. I've gotten quite good miles from mine when driving on the highway. Best I've done with my current daily (on highway) is 14's baffling how thirsty it is.
  3. Vanya

    Evora -> Vantage

    I've heard the boot in the Vantage is mind bogglingly big. I've recently fallen in love with NA engines after enjoying the 400 hp V8 in my Maserati and could easily see myself switching to a Vantage next year (feels wrong to be driving something not British) - but there's something about the Evora that is so alluring, even more so when it seems to come up top trumps above. Does the NA Evora feel like a slouch compared to the 4.7 V8? Do you have to rev it out to have fun or is it just fun at any speed? I think the Vantage is a good 400 kg heavier at least so a lot of that power is "lost" on simply getting it to move...
  4. Vanya

    Clutch bearing

    I have the same on my Stevens. I was thinking of pulling the box just to change the bearing. Pain in the ass to listen to...
  5. Vanya

    What made you happy today?

    Cheers man. Code turned out to be a intermittent "suboptimal catalytic converter efficiency, left bank" story that's been following the car around for years. I've shut it off hasn't come back since.
  6. Vanya

    What made you happy today?

    What made me happy today? Picking this up and driving it in to work at a steady clip of 160 km/h.... (lI was ess happy about the CEL it threw at me when I was half way there, but then again, I'd expect nothing less of this marque...)
  7. Vanya

    Time to start explaining

    Wow! Stunning!
  8. Yeah seriously. If Murphy's law dictates that SOMETHING on the Esprit is always gonna need doing, better it's the driveshaft seals than something else. Better the devil you know....
  9. Naaaah , they're around. Not as cheap as they used to be though.
  10. Cheers for the advice lads. Really looking forward to getting this done. Sorry to hijack a g car thread
  11. Vanya

    Esprit Turbo SE 1991MY RHD

    Bump! I still haven't found a home for my SE, and would like to do so before I pull the trigger on a Maserati 3200! I'm willing to negotiate on price if need be. The SE has just had its AC regassed so whoever buys it will be able to stay cool on the way home.
  12. What's the easiest way of getting the hub carrier off the car without removing the drive shaft - I currently have driveshafts that aren't leaking oil and would like to leave them undisturbed at the gearbox end... Really looking forward to this job tbh. But mine too are seized so I believe some quality time with the drill is in order.
  13. Not to hijack a thread but, I think I might be pulling a Barry over here in [email protected] I must be absolutely bloody mental: I've got an option to buy at just under 12 000 GBP. It's done just a shade over 32 000 miles and is manual transmission. Virtually unmarked paintwork and not a trace of rust. Never been on a salted road. However. Clutch is trashed - as soon as the turbos work their magic it gives up. Tyres are ancient, and cambelts should probably be done again (last done 2-3 years ago and car has done like 2000 miles since). Discs are toast. Despite this, after driving a 2005 Cambiocorsa yesterday with its normally aspirated 390 hp Ferrari lump (yaaaaaawn) and horrendous auto transmission, I'm totally in love with this thing. It's like my old V8 Esprit, but a little more GT. Same soul and spirit, supposedly more lethal. After the V8 it feels like out of the frying pan and into the fire. With the V8 I lived in fear of spun bearings and broken transmissions. This one will have me living in fear of crank end float.
  14. Vanya

    This Cannot be Happening! Opinions, please!

    @Robert WeberHey man, don't feel too bad - no harm's been done and you can easily replace that thing with the engine in situ. Contrary to popular belief, compared to a modern car, the Esprit gives you loads of room to work with when it comes to the timing belts and crank pulley. Just put it on axle stands at a comfortable height, and take it at a slow pace from underneath the car, hopping into the trunk when need be to loosen things up there! I think you got off lucky! Stunning car and engine bay by the way!
  15. Hi man sorry for the slow reply. It's ok on the motorway to be honest. The Esprit's biggest failings are road and wind noise at high speed, not the drone of the exhaust. Albeit it's not as quiet as with the stock cat and stock exhaust. You are correct it's a single pipe silencer (the one SJ sells)