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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if SJ Sportscars decided to re-manufacture them in the future. A much needed part to be sure. I dread having a go at mine, although I'd just drill them out carefully. No use hoping pressing works.
  2. Me too. Excellent tyres, great with the 205s on the front (although mine are 205/50r15)
  3. This post cracked me up - especially the comment about the pontoon! I agree the performance isn't too far up over an 07 XJR, but it's what, only 56 hp difference? I too am VERY partial to Jags (although I'm a pre-facelift XKR guy at heart). I would no doubt be annoyed at the fuel costs. Fuel in Sweden is probably the most expensive in all of Europe and is constantly being jacked higher because...environment/sustainability/veganism or some such hogwash. This rules out the DB7 as well. Right now my sights are set on the Evora or Elan M100, just gotta shift the Maserati first. But the Evora is very enticing considering the reasonable running costs and cheap insurance. And those brakes. Omg those brakes.
  4. I believe it's called Steel Grey. Re export: its EXTREMELY easy, all you gotta do is send in the original plates to the DVLA equivalent here together with a document showing it has been registered in another EU country. Simples. Sweden is currently being drained of cars because the krona is so incredibly weak - there's no cheaper place in europe to buy a car. Anyone reading this who wants a RHD Esprit Turbo SE, drop med a line
  5. A grey/light purple one just showed up down in Malmö with really low miles (31 000) for something like 8000 quid. I'm very tempted... What do they drive like? How does the turbo perform? Is it like a modern unit where you hardly feel it or is it more old-skool where it kicks in suddenly at higher revs? How's the handling?
  6. Oh for sure it's a fantastic PAS system...but it is a PAS system.
  7. Don't discount the Turbo SE! Its a real he-man car, rough in all the right places and no PAS in sight.
  8. It was a thrill to get behind the wheel of a Lotus again, and my first time with an Evora. I was shocked at how civilized the ride was and how quiet it is at speeds. It's quieter than my Mas and that's meant to be a grand tourer (it suffers from a lot of road noise). The second I sat in it and started the engine I thought to myself "hell yes. I want this". The Evora reminded me a lot of the Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ, but with softer suspension...and usable torque. I'm not sure whether the NA Evora has enough power for me, but that's probably less it's own failing and more to do with my taste for forced induction and a very wide torque band. I don't like to blow my own trumpet and as such hate revving out engines. I'm not a showoff. I wish it was sprung like the Exige Sport 350 - I've NEVER driven a more comfortable car. That's not a joke. The way Lotus handle damping and suspension is pure art. Where other brands just make you feel like you're driving over rocks, Lotus give you all the handling you need but with more comfort. After the Mas and the DB9 the interior build quality (2010 Evora) was a letdown, but this isn't a jab at Lotus. Year on year quality improvements have been very noticeable. I remember trying a 2007 Elise and being shocked and appalled at how much like a VX220 it was (shoddy), but I've driven Elises from 2014, 2016, 2017 and the latter years have been absolutely bang-on. Same for the Exige Sport 350 and 380. Fantastically put together. Evora 400 likewise. Maybe there's a noticeable bump in quality in 2012 and up Evoras? In any case I haven't written off the NA Evora, but at 425 000 SEK it feels like it's perhaps not justified. I don't like to lose money on cars, and you UK peeps are spoiled with a million sub 30 000 pound Evoras, whereas outside of the UK they are VERY pricey and seem to be holding their values. But something tells me the minute I buy it I will lose a huge chunk of money. The bottom line however is this: as an overall package, the Evora NA is fantastic. It's got the looks, the ride, the comfort; it's not cheap to insure, it doesn't guzzle fuel. Which is why it's still in the running. Worthy mention: while I was at the dealers I had my first run in with an M100 Elan (Turbo). DAMN that thing is low. And good looking. Good value for money, and I might just be picking one up if the Evora thing doesn't pan out. Yes it's FWD but it ticks all the right boxes otherwise.
  9. S4s is a solid car and it's rarity will ensure stronger return on investment with time. That said I personally like all three of them equally much. You can't go wrong with any of them to be honest.
  10. Apparently the ticking that I heard is due to little end wear and oval liners. Seems to affect a small number of pre 08 DB9 cars. And I've seen some threads about V8 vantages with similar issues. Nothing I can be bothered to deal with. I've only just dodged a bullet having owned a V8 Esprit without incident for 4 years, not in the mood to have to rebuild an Aston V12. I think I might go the Evora route if the DB7 doesn't pan out. Gonna see an Evora on Saturday.
  11. Small update: Went and drove a DB9 this weekend. Well, let's put it this way. You get what you pay for. I loved the extremely heavy steering and the perceived quality of the car. @tinywillyuk You were right, it does like being spanked off the line, and the throttle mapping in 1st gear is ludicrous. It really doesn't like corners though... I drove out there in my Maserati Coupe, and while the DB9 is lower and has tighter, more stable handling (especially at speed), I can't say it was twice the car compared to the Mas. I didn't really feel the difference in power (400 hp vs 450), and there was a ticking at idle which kind of bugged me - supposedly many DB9's do it, but I don't wanna run the risk if it's piston slap. As I told the dealer, if I shift the Mas, I shall possibly be coming by to pick it up, but not before then. Next to make a small roadtrip to try a DB7... the outlay is far smaller and the car might be more up my alley (low tech and put together by hand). Kinda like my Turbo SE.
  12. Thanks for the insights! A narrower pedal box than an Esprit? I'm guessing it's gonna be like a LHD Esprit then (no footrest) - I get what you mean. I agree about the Esprit being the long term car - I've sort of come to terms with the fact I'm probably never letting my Turbo SE go because there's something about it that makes it so special. The Aston I wanna cross off the bucket list, along with "Big V12 Engine". The exhaust system on the DB9 is something I really look forward to. I find the prospect of a valved-system so enticing, because sometimes I wanna be abnoxious and other times I just wanna cruise. With the DB7, like with all my previous cars, I'll be forced to choose - loud or quiet.... Currently waiting to hear back from a mechanic at an Aston workshop here in Stockholm about which of the two cars I should go for given the price and mileage I've presented to him (a good DB7 for 20 000 GBP almost feels like a no brainer for example). In the meantime, I'm hoping a nice Evora NA shows up so I can stop this nonsense of driving other brands than Lotus.
  13. Yeah there seems to be some kind of beef in the AM community between the Bloxham and Gaydon owners. I've heard the term "Jag in Drag" thrown around a lot but IMO that's no bad thing...
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