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  2. Many thanks. Matt - I did take the door beam off to replace the bushes and have replaced my fuel tanks, so noticed the catch bolts weren't captive! Spent last night fiddling and as you say Matt, it is fiddly. I think I'm almost there now - I painted the door catch to see where it was catching, adjust hinge, paint..repeat! Eventually got a reasonable shut and the gaps not too bad. Now need to adjust the window frame to square it all up. Thanks Mat
  3. This doesn't get any better! New bushes installed, door rehung and gaps all in line and looking pretty...BUT, the door still sticks and needs a good pull to open, sometimes I have to lower the window to get more leverage. This isn't right but I can't figure out the problem. I have moved the latch and it sits perfectly mid centre on the lock mechanism. My last thought is the lock, but it seems to move freely (on checking with another latch). Any ides appreciated. thanks
  4. I would agree with Valvoline 20/50 synthetic, and change it regularly
  5. Success. Tried to cheat by only sliding the door skin back, but had to take it off completely and loosen hinge mounts to take the beam off. A sharp knock and all released. It is a right pain removing the door frame and internals though.
  6. Many thanks, I'll give it a go. I just retracted the door skin enough to get access and tried with a drift, but possibly didn't use a heavy hammer, for fear of damage to the bracket. I'll try again. It may be corrosion is causing the pin to stick on the bushes. Mat
  7. I am trying to replace the bushes on the o/s door. Is there a magical spell I need to drift the hinge pin out? I can make it turn in the hinge, but it won't move up or down. I have an angle grinder, petrol and matches at hand, but reluctant to use them at this stage. Advice appreciated, thanks
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