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  1. I need to reseal my windshield, however the guys at the glass place told me there is a slight possibility that the windshield will crack upon removal. I was wondering were I could find one in case I need a replacement. Do all Esprits use the same size windshield? If not, I drive an 88 Esprit.
  2. Well... she's running. Although idling a little too high at times. I swear this car is like the mythological Hydra. I fix one problem and two more show up. Passenger side window wont move at all, left headlight seems to be stuck. I'm now getting a strong gas smell after driving, and the connection to the brake lights is a little shabby. Headlight will soon be fixed once I get the parts from JAE, and I'm also replacing the knobs for the air conditioning. The seats will soon be redone, and the seal around the windshield will also soon be replaced. Its all worth it though.
  3. Ha! I just didnt know what I was doing. The cable fits just great, I simply hadnt adjusted it correctly.
  4. That is really lame. I told them the model of the car, I assumed they would send the correct cable. I was soooo close... Now I have to wait another 4-5 days.
  5. My original plan incorporated using a string to pull the cable through, but the original was wedged in there so tight it made it nearly impossible. I ended up removing the entire cable and then running the new one in its place. Which has lead me to my next problem. The replacement cable from JAE seems like it's about 4-5 inches too long. There is quite a lot of slack in the cable, how can I get around this one?
  6. Well I've taken apart most of the interior trying to get to the cable. I'm a little stuck right now, heading to the mods and maintenance section too see how to remove the rest. I'm trying to finish it up tonight... wish me luck.
  7. I' not very car savvy, but I assumed I would be able to replace the throttle cable on my own. I'm beginning to think I was wrong. I cant even remove the old one! There is a plastic hose that the cable slips into, and then disappears behind the engine. I was hoping I could simply detach the cable from the pedal and pull the entire cable out from the back of the Esprit. The throttle cable just doesnt want to move an inch, its as thought its been bonded with the plastic hose that is around it. Any tips?
  8. SJ Sportscars offers a clutch kit (item number SJ082Q0011) Has anyone used this kit? It states in parenthesis (4 Cylinder excl. S4s & 300) is this similar to the stock S4s kit?
  9. I need to purchase a new clutch for my 88 Esprit. I would like something stronger than the original, but not so strong that it becomes a chore to push. I'm not looking for maximum performance, rather maximum reliability. If you could recomend anything/place stateside I would appreciate it.
  10. I could have sworn the title was "Show us your boobs". Oh well... Esprit books are just as good =) I dont have any pics, but I own 3, as well as 2 magizines with the Esprit gracing the cover.
  11. If anyone has a current Unlimited Carfax account, would you mind running this vin for me? 2G1FP22KXX2122799 This will be my "drive in the rain" car. =) Email - xiphos42(a)hotmail
  12. Hopefully you're right with your hose prediction... I already have one on the way. ...However... I thought the red hose syndrome was due to high temperatures? Mine began to act up right after a light rain, the air was very cool. (I was only able to travel about 3-4 blocks from home, lucky me) I had also just taken the Esprit on a 160 mile trip (257km) without any problems at all.
  13. I will start by saying that I know nothing about the mechinical matinence of any vehicle. I work with computers, not autos. Ok, heres the rundown: Vehicle: 88' Lotus Esprit Turbo When putting the Esprit into first gear and letting off the clutch. Nothing happens. With the car in gear I can completly release pressure from the clutch without the Esprit jerking to a halt. This happens in all gears without any grinding, and regardless of weither or not the clutch is pushed in. When shifting, the gears seem a little loose, but this has always been the issue. (I dont think this has anything to do with the current problem, but decided to include it for reference) Simply put, the car acts as though it's in netural no matter what gear I select. Any tips? (On a side not my dad checked a cable that seemed to be connected to the Stick shift. He said it was secure, and seemed to be working properly. Sorry I cant tell you exactly what he was looking at, as I am not sure.)
  14. Games with simple controls are always the most addictive. ...good find...
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