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  1. I'd hold out for Chrome Orange. But I am biased anyway..
  2. Try Deroure?
  3. How about trying a battery powered portable power station (can place in boot)? You can plug a battery tender into it to keep the Lotus battery topped off when parked. Then, use the Lotus to recharge as you drive Something like this... More info from this site in the States (not branded the same but certainly looks like same manufacturer)..
  4. Might be faster to go aftermarket (and I've never heard of these replacements failing again). Only downfall is the long distance shipping...
  5. Over here you can get a complete install kit from HethelSport:
  6. This may not be for everyone, but I got tired of popping the hatch every time I came home (or went out) in order to plug/unplug my charger. So, I added an external magnetic charger connection.
  7. That would have be great if I actually received the usual PM notifications in a timely fashion. But, unfortunately, I didn't. Therefore, I had no idea I had a PM.That's the only reason why I posted my replies here. So that they would know they had a reply in case they weren't getting their PM notifications too. Of course, you could have always PM'd me to tell me about the ‘Private Messaging’ system instead of posting here
  8. It may be rather difficult to open if the cables are no longer working as designed. However, some have gone through the bottom after dropping the diffuser/belly pans and used multiple extensions to unbolt the boot hinges. Others have gone through the meshed vents to get to the same hinge bolts. Either way it is not easy. Here is some info on boot/hatch access (also used after a dead battery if emergency cable doesn't work): And here is some info on fixing the boot/hatch release. It includes links to photos of a proper set up release: Lastly, there is a fail safe that you can set up in case your boot won't open with the remote/emergency release due to failure or dead battery. However, this has to be set up in advance of any issue. Several of us have taken the steps ahead of time to set it up. PM me if you would like more info. Its not something that we post, as it makes it simple to get into the hatch and we don't want the general public to know about it. Good luck!
  9. In your GT430, I'm not sure if you have the same fusebox set-up as an S1, but this is where I sourced a ground on my (S1) car:
  10. An air bleed plug is located on the heater return hose near its connection with the return rail, and a bleed nipple is incorporated on the by-pass pipe near its joint with the thermostat housing.
  11. Some info that may help.....
  12. Took it for a quick spin before the rain comes tomorrow...
  13. If the tell tale is lit, there may be a fault code from the TPMS that the dealer can read. For example, there are different codes specific to tire/wheel location (LF/LR/RF/RR) for malfunction or dead battery. There are also separate codes for other malfunctions/communication errors. And, don't feel bad, I don't think you did anything. But on a side note, I do plenty of stupid things every day
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