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  1. Still looks great even if its beat up a little. I hope the poor kid who lost it got a new one! (I have about 10 that I keep in the boot to hand out to kids who show interest my car
  2. Be very careful if you try to jump start an Evora. If you have the key in the ignition while you apply outside voltage, you can corrupt the ECU and get a (fatal) "COMMS ERR". The way to avoid this is to keep the key away from the vehicle until you have the jump box connected. Then proceed to grab the key and start the vehicle. The ECU is extremely sensitive to voltage spikes and is powered up when the key is in the ignition in ANY position. Originally, this error would cause you to have to purchase a new and very expensive ECU. However, the ECU can now be recovered by Lotus but is
  3. I "borrowed" these photos from online to show what you are looking for when replacing the brake switch...
  4. Paint code for the US is printed on the VIN decal that is affixed behind the passenger seat. It may be the same for the ROW: "The number is also printed on a label stuck to the vertical face of the fuel tank bay, below the front edge of the right hand rear seat cushion or luggage shelf. Pull back a flap in the carpet to view."
  5. Although not an Evora, I kept a car covered outdoors for roughly two years without issue. The main thing is to get the best cover you can designed for outdoors. Over here, we have a company called California Car Cover that makes covers in various types of materials for what you would use it for. Their materials for outdoors are basically water proof but still breathable. So, rain does not penetrate but any humidity/moisture that may get under the cover can still evaporate. I related it to a raincoat for us humans. The car I had covered stayed perfect and as clean the day I would unco
  6. I had a torque issue when I bought new rims (BC Forged). I brought new wheels/ new tires/ new transmitters to the tire fitter and didn't realize he did not torque the new transmitters properly. After I mounted them, all 4 tires lost air over night. I had to tighten all 4 transmitters to stop the leaks. I also had to drive about 50 miles for the new transmitters to all register correctly on the dash. The proper torque for them is 7.5Nm.
  7. It might be where you are putting pressure on the door to close. Contrary to what you might think, push down on the front edge (the edge closer to the front of the car) not the back edge.
  8. LotusFella, no need to pump the clutch. Just make sure you have a good connection with the bleed hose on the slave bleed nipple and do not open the bleed nipple more than you have to or you can pull air from the nipple threads while vacuum bleeding. Other option if you aren't successful... pressure bleed from the master so that there is no air introduced at the bleed nipple. Several guys over here have performed a good bleed and got the pedal back. Lotus recommends every two years, if I remember right. But, I bleed every year with Castrol SRF React Racing fluid. Its pricey but I have neve
  9. I don't recall if those nuts are captive or not. So, they may or may not drop and require clam removal for retrieval. But, I believe a very small hole drilled in the VERY CORNER of the hatch opening (below the pollen filter trap door and in the corner so water does not pool on the pollen filter) would not be an issue based on what is below. Of course, do so at your own risk. I would also use a drill stop to make sure you only drill through the clam and not any further.
  10. I'm a fan of Deltran Battery tenders (I currently have 18 on various vehicles/boats etc.). They sell solar controllers or panels with built in controllers: I'm just not sure if they are compatible with lithium batteries. However, I'm sure an inquiry will answer that: [email protected] If they are not compatible, I'm sure there are solar panels that can power a compatible lithium battery charger out there.
  11. Is that garage a private one? Does the garage have windows? Can a solar panel be placed in a window or outside to power a trickle charger compatible with a lithium battery ?
  12. For what its worth, over this way, there have been more '14 cars that had to have the wiring harness replaced than any other year. (Almost all have been '13 and '14 cars.)
  13. Are you the original owner? Have your wheel been refinished? Did you use their product on all 4 wheels and if so, do any other wheels have the same issue? Meguiar's webpage states their Ultimate all wheel cleaner is "Acid free and pH balanced". I would therefore believe it was not caused by their product. However, it does contain the following: Sodium mercaptoacetate, alcohol ethoxysulfate (sodium salt) and Ethoxylated C9-11 alcohols. What this means... I have no idea as I'm not a chemist. But it looks like at least some of those chemicals are used in (of all things) beauty
  14. Someone on one of the forums had a custom dash cover made. I tried to inquire about getting one but the company I was linked to said they do not make them for the Evora.
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