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  1. In your GT430, I'm not sure if you have the same fusebox set-up as an S1, but this is where I sourced a ground on my (S1) car:
  2. An air bleed plug is located on the heater return hose near its connection with the return rail, and a bleed nipple is incorporated on the by-pass pipe near its joint with the thermostat housing.
  3. Some info that may help.....
  4. Took it for a quick spin before the rain comes tomorrow...
  5. If the tell tale is lit, there may be a fault code from the TPMS that the dealer can read. For example, there are different codes specific to tire/wheel location (LF/LR/RF/RR) for malfunction or dead battery. There are also separate codes for other malfunctions/communication errors. And, don't feel bad, I don't think you did anything. But on a side note, I do plenty of stupid things every day
  6. As I replied to you in the other forum, I do not think you changed the pressure locations for the tires as they are not user programmable. The TPMS will automatically identify the tire/wheel configuration by interpreting the signal strength as a distance from the individual sensor to the receiver.
  7. As mentioned above, the micro switch is inside the black plastic housing. In order to bend the micro switch tang, you would have to either drill the rivets and separate the latch or break the black plastic housing. Doing either may or may not enable you to fix it. Some of the latch issues appear to be caused by the black plastic cracking and allowing the micro-switch to possibly move or at least not properly activate. For more info see:
  8. Nice job. The tips look great. On a side note, if you ever want to sell the removed pigs snout (if its still usable and you will ship to the US) please PM me as I'm interested in one...
  9. For what its worth, back on October 24, 2015 I received a private message from a moderator advising that I violated Rule #2 by promoting another Lotus website without express consent. The message (not sure if you can see my messages) was to tell me to stop posting links to another Lotus forum without having it cleared by you first. I believe it was in response to a post I made in the "help! clutch gone?" thread. I apologized and assured the moderator that I had no vested interest in any forum of any type and I reap absolutely no benefits. But, I refrained from any further links, even though there may have been great information to be gleaned. Anyway, I'm getting off topic here..... If your good with it so am I Thanks for clearing it up for me!!
  10. Great idea! I did the same thing when I installed my vented A panels. They have proved to work well with no paint damage at all (I also have clear paint protection on them that was added later.)
  11. There's a pretty good glove box repair thread on the forum over here. It includes a write up with diagram and photos. I'd post a link but I've been previously reprimanded for that.
  12. You have to remove all of the material to get to the bottom. Note that my cable (even though it has never been used) is laying in a position heading to the rear. Although, that is not the direction to pull it. It should be pulled towards the center of the car.
  13. My brother had a similar situation just two weeks ago. After a thorough inspection, they found one tire had the belts starting to separate. Caused a noise and vibration. His tires were just below half tread life.
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