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  1. Martyn,PM sent.Tickets,permit request,all done

    Many Thanks

    Stuart (Baldyash)

  2. baldyash


  3. Spoke to the person who has this car now in Germany. He has invoices for approx. £10k ! for work done on the car since I owned it.He is trying to get it through the German MOT which is a lot tougher than ours evidently. He seems to be a real enthusiast. I wish him many happy years as I had with it.
  4. This was my old car!. Sold it in 1999 P/e against an Elise with Paul Matty. I have spoken to Paul a couple of days ago, & car has been sold to Germany!. I sold it at just under 100k miles & now at 126K.Mattys have done the engine for the owner, who has had a accident & is unable to use it any more.It was a great car when I had it.I would have loved to have purchased it but theres no room at the inn! Agree about the interior.I said to Paul rf cheap & he said big miles & its his good name on the mileage ! Paint when I had it was perfect(a great colour) with just the usual dro
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