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  1. Evening Malcolm, it seems I am the proud owner of your old car and would love to get some history about it. I bought it last year from Tommorows classics. Best wishes J

  2. MalcolmS


  3. Thanks Jonny. I'm sure I'll look in from time to time, but it's a masochistic thing to do now I don't have the car. The evening I sold the car I started looking at Esprit adverts on the web, which is nuts. Perhaps sometime in the future.... All the best.
  4. I thought I would dig up this thread to wrap up my journey in Esprit ownership as I have now sold the car. Very happy to have owned it otherwise I would always have been thinking what if... I know you will be keen to know where it has gone, and to be honest I was unclear who exactly was purchasing the vehicle with a trusted middle man talking to the final owner but in the end, on the V5, it has gone through as a Trade Sale to Bell and Colvill. Thank you to everyone on the Forum for making it a great community and enjoyable experience. Special thanks to those that answered my techn
  5. Hi Jonny, Not sold as it was really today I made the final decision. Just in from taking a few pics and will get an add up ASAP.
  6. The Esprit was my first dream car and I am very glad to have owned and enjoyed one. However, life with a 2 year old means I just don’t have the time to enjoy the Esprit so I’m going to sell up. Of course I will tell the new owner about this event and a trip to Hethel to meet you all is bound to be of interest. Cheers, Malcolm
  7. Alex, Try these people.... Allcap Wessex Ltd Unit 2, Central Trading Estate, Signal Way, SN3 1PD Tel: 01793 613369 Atb, Malcolm
  8. Thank you for all the help. I had a quick look at it today. Thought I would start with the inertia switch as it is accessible. Manouvered the two white wires to try and work out which one had the purple stripe and hence connected to the pump. Then when I put the key in ignition, it all started clicking again. There is a lot of good advice on this thread for anyone that has similar issues in the future. I just want to add that to access the fuel pump you need to remove the engine under tray. Thank you again to everyone that helped. Cheers, Malcolm
  9. Guys, Thanks for the input. Hopefully I will get a chance to look at it tomorrow and I will report back. Cheers, Malcolm
  10. I'm out of the country from 29th June, landing back 23rd July. Don't think I could make 25/26 July and stay married. However I am around all August and September.
  11. Turbo Esprit 1982 Just had my first dns. Well in truth it did start but as I was sat on the drive waiting for things to warm up, it just cut out. Now it will not start. Starter is turning the engine fine but it's not fireing up. Yes I have fuel :-) Normally when I have the key turned to position just before ignition I can hear something that sounds like a pump operating but now there is silence. I'm a novice when it comes to car mechanics but keen to have a go. I have a multimeter and the service notes. My first question is where is the fuel pump and how best to get to it to check if
  12. Looks fantastic Jonny. Congratulations. I would be interested in the dry sump meet. Cheers, Malcolm
  13. You want the handbook with Publication Part No. A 082T 0324Z Lotus cars Ltd 1980 It is written for the dry sump engine and mine has a couple of addendums stuck in to cover the wet sump variations. Mine has plain cover and is in a black and gold plastic wallet. Hope the helps. Cheers, Malcolm
  14. Jonny, they look very good. Cant wait to see it all come together.
  15. I think you also need a Jaegar version, rather than VDO, but I dont have an Essex so best check with those that do.
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