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  1. it is electric, to be a bad earth I connected a gauge directly on the battery and on the capsule and that gives a correct measurement. thus...
  2. I tested another filter, I tested the pressure gauge and the gauge on a compressor, they function, I cannot more what make there is only the oil which I did not change
  3. i take mineral oil elf 15w40 the pressure gauge climbs to the same maximum if I disconnect the pressure valve!!! electric probleme ???
  4. the needle goes up has bottom directly
  5. I have spare parts then I tested another sensor, I tested on another pressure gauge, I checked the mass too. The oil level is at least and always more than 7 bars. I changed oil filter too I does not understand any more what occurs !!! what can make increase the oil pressure ? with how much is it normally cold? thank's
  6. when I accelerate, the indicator of huille also ignites then dies out !!!
  7. hello, good year!!! i'm french and i have a probleme with my esprit (sorry for my english) i have a probleme with the oil pressure gauge. i start the car: the gauge is to 0 I accelerate and the needle goes up has bottom and remains blocked. when I stop the car, the needle remains also blocked and I must tap on the gauge to make it go down again thank you for your answers
  8. how much is there to you teeth on the timing belt for a lotus esprit turbo hc 1989 ? the timing belt a mechanic lotus in France put the doubt to me. 133 or 132 ? thank's (the belt assembled on my car is one 133 round teeth)
  9. hello, i'm french, i search a radiator of clim and chargecooled. thank's
  10. ok cool si on peut parler en fran
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