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  2. Many thanks for all your replies. Funny that you should mention the Boxster TBD. I have just come out of a 987 Boxster, having previoulsy ownde one of the first S2 Elises. Anyway, i ordered the Porsche from the dealer when the 987 model was lauched in 2005, waited patiently, paid full price of course !!, had it serviced at the main Porsche dealer, kept it nearly 7 years, because i did so few miles, and was considering trading it in against a new Boxster, when the engine warning light came on. Get the car collected and taken in to the dealer, who tells me the timing belt was broken, massive
  3. Many thanks for your replies. Am tempted to go for a NA 2+2 with IPS gearbox, mainly because have read/heard about the manual gearbox not being easiest shifting box around - or is this not the case ?. Will be looking at a 2011 model. Don't think i will go for an S - like Justin said 5-8 K is a lot of difference. Will certainly help towards the running costs. Have used the comcar website which calculate Benefit In Kind, but obviouslty the biggest potential cost is depreciation - which is very hard to predict. If i buy a £40,000 2011 Evora +2 NA now, and in 3 years look to sell it with
  4. Morning all, Am looking at buying a used Evora in the next couple of weeks. Was just wondering what people thought was the best option. 1) Evora 3.5 with IPS and rear seats 2) Evora S with manual , but without rear seats Will be driving a couple of miles through town to and from work daily, but live in the countryside so lots of good B roads when not at work. Do the rear seats make much difference come resale time ? Is the IPS liked or loathed ? Budget is maximum of £40,000, but obviously less is best !!! Lastly, i have the opportunity to buy it through my compnay a
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