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  1. How many miles are owners currently getting on the clutch before it needs replacement ?
  2. Does an aftermarket exhaust effect the warranty ?
  3. Has anyone had to turn their 2011 lotus Evora in as a lemon ? ??..... I purchased my 2011 lotus Evora new a lil over 150 days ago, less than 6 months ago , MSRP $80,540.00( heavily loaded) ... It's been at the dealer during that time over 80 days, with everything from electrical, to mechanical , to starting , to windows, to AC , to clutch ( I had to replace clutch after I put 4000 miles on it with 4 months ownership, with just normal driving ) ... Condenser is now out, it's at dealer now for indefinite time .... In the last 60 days it's been at the dealer 43 days !!!!
  4. I did examine the bad clutch on the vehicle and compared it to the new clutch when it came in .... They're both extremely thin with the clutch pad material being very thin on both , even the brand new one, which is of concern as far as longevity ... lotus is obviously using a "thin "versus a "normal " clutch and when I contacted Ron Mann about using a clutch with a "normal" pad by the same company to help with wear and tear he said the current clutch was the only one "tested and approved" ... The old clutch is being sent back to the U.K. And on to the clutch maufacturer for their evaluation
  5. Yes I have pics the dealer emailed me(park place jaguar/lotus; lotus of Plano , in Plano Texas) , not sure how to post them to this site/the forum ?
  6. No offense at all... Excellent one else drives the evora except my self and my wife , both of us have driven it since we own it , along with other vehicles we own including an Aston Martin......neither of us keep our foot on the clutch pedal other than to shift, don't slip the clutch etc... When she drives and I ride I've never noticed anything unusual .... the salesman who sold us the vehicle rode with both of us while driving etc .... My wife says I get on it a lil more than her, which is true ... I've had several vehicles with clutches including two jeep wranglers I use
  7. Thanks so much for your input!!!!.... And passing this info on to Lotus and the USA field service engineer ... I will bring up these points and pass on this info/email to the dealership in Plano, Tx and the service dept/manager where the vehicle was purchased new just over 4 months ago, problem occurred just over 3 months ago , the vehicle has been at the dealership for 2 weeks already ...
  8. Got up one morning and the car wouldn't move ....,absolutely no indication of problem prior to that.... Started car in neutral, pushed in on clutch , put it in gear, let out on clutch and the car woundn't move... The car had been at dealer three other times for other warranty related problem and a "multi-point inspection was done all three times " with no issues with clutch picked up... Mechanic dealer said glazed over which indicates "normal wear and tear possibly from having foot slightly on clutch all the time" .. I explained to him I never touch the clutch with my foot unless I'm gonna cha
  9. Yes there's a problem , you put the car in gear when it's running and the car doesn't move :-)
  10. Lotus of Plano just informed me that the clutch on my new Evora has to be replaced at a cost to me of $6400.00... It's a 2011, purchased new barely 4 months ago and has 5000 miles on it now with no track driving , or tire spinning ,just normal driving... This seems unbelievable , absurd !!!... Maybe at 15000 or 20000 miles like a Ferrari or Lamborghini but at 5000 miles and 4 months old with routine driving ?
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