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    engine rebuild, JE pistons, Alunox manifold and exhaust, GT3071R turbo, AEM Infinity ECU, Audi COP, custom header tank, custom guages, poly bushings, LOTAC suspension, Wilwood big brake kit all wheels, custom wheels, LED halo headlights, cruise control, custom window motors, custom aluminum fuel tanks
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  1. i also made some comments regarding the stock ECU with my GT3071 here:
  2. i suspect they are sacrificial much as the inserts of many other types of couplings is such as Lovejoy, etc. Since they are plastic with a plastic wheel it is less likely they absorb shock as many inserts do. I put aluminum gears in mine so the plastic torque pins probably serve both purposes now
  3. very nice! i was not aware of that process. Certainly gives another option for the dash. thanks what are your climate control knobs from? did you reconfigure the stock system?
  4. Cam what was the boost at those HP numbers? are you monitoring your fuel pressure at 90% duty?
  5. i took some pics. I replaced the cat with a short Magnaflow also straight thru. sounds the same but very slightly deeper
  6. i have one from Alunox made to my spec. It is 2.5", not obnoxious. It is a long 6" round straight thru with cat. very light and simple. This is first engine start after rebuild. I'm not sure if parking brake cables would interfere, i cut and rerouted them atop the trailing arms when i installed big brakes Alunox exhaust.flv
  7. I am planning to go aftermarket so my CC will be available around Christmas
  8. I have front and rear with parking brake. With my old S4 wheels i think i needed spacers for the rear calipers to clear the wheel. By 2 piece do you mean hat and rotor? mine are integrated but discuss options with him; he shouldn't need any parts from you. If you do go with Revolution and get the rears let me know so we can all review the final installation elements from my install; it will go much more smoothly for you (Daryl and I worked together for a few months redeveloping the rear setup when i purchased mine as those drawings were lost from previous development)
  9. you are in Georgia and are buying a brake kit from UK? Daryl at Revolution brake sells front and rear kits for Esprit with free USA shipping. I have them on my car and they work very well. I'm certain he will make any setup you wish. Mine are slightly more custom than the kits he advertises
  10. after i rebuilt the engine I logged the following oil pressure idle 3500 rpm cold 60 60 20w-50 hot 40 60 10w-40 hot 30 60 10w-40 6k miles
  11. you are thinking of this, but above 5000 rpm and TPS above 75% the target value is .84 bar, TPS above 95% is 1 bar. The wastegate solenoid will do what it has to do to achieve the target boost, starting with the values in this table and modifying them until it has. I have some old logs with dc at 100%. This graph shows the base settings that have the least error to achieve those targets. Below 5000 rpm and TPS <75% there is no boost target. This is slightly different for my Infinity ECU which I specify a boost target for the entire range, but still have to include the same duty cycle table for the ECU to use as base settings to get there. Without the table the only safe way to do it would be to start at zero everytime and specify a ramp. Make sense?
  12. BTW I looked at a few old Freescan logs. To achieve the target 2.25 Map my wastegate duty cycle ranges from 65 to 80
  13. you are not wrong but the wastegate doesn't have to open much at all to kill the pressure. throttle position and coolant temp set the target boost. this is changed if knock is encountered. boost is determined by MAP. The PWM will change to achieve the target boost pressure. read EMH2 for the factory explanation of function. anyway even if you use the OEM capsule, the setup indicated in the service notes is just to get it close. you should then do a freescan log or 2 to see if it is responding properly. graph wastegate duty cycle with MAP and TPS something to consider when using OEM parts is how old they are. Rubber bushings have a shelf life for example. if the OEM capsule was assembled 20 yrs ago, the spring has been in some compression for that time whereas the Forge spring is shipped uninstalled. I doubt very much there would be any significant difference, just something to think about when pondering OEM vs aftermarket. one thing i don't like about the Forge is the mounting studs only engage a couple of threads of the capsule. you have to be careful not to install the nuts too tight or the studs pull out and the capsule is scrap hope that helps cheers
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