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  1. the info in this thread no help?
  2. for the blanking plug however, the supplied o ring is too small. need a slightly fatter one
  3. sorry, cant help with that. my car has been at the dealer for collision repair for nearly a year now... however, they are the 2 wire actuators if that helps
  4. the link to purchase is in earlier post if that is what you are requesting?
  5. are there good alternatives to the sodium filled valve out now?
  6. i put a mirror on the firewall to see the cam dots. with the belt off they can be rotated slightly by hand to get the dots aligned properly. a small ruler or straight edge across the cam shafts' centers confirms the dot alignment. all seen via the mirror. i used a sun visor clip on mirror just the perfect size
  7. i removed the throttle jack and EBV which helped some, but problem seems to have gone away with green pulley and new cam belt
  8. i have before and after pics if someone wants them, PM me this attachment size limit defeats the purpose of searching past posts... EDIT: i see a subscription avoids this problem. let me join tomorrow and will post them. when did subscriptions become available?
  9. adding a 2nd piggyback solenoid is the easiest thing to do, but nearly as easy to just replace the solenoid.... price went up to $15 http://www.a1electri...oduct_Code=W15F i made brackets that fit better for these solenoids i bought a pager alarm from ebay. comes with keyless entry (the pos and neg output wire) to signal the CDL as pointed out above, the drivers solenoid is used as a sensor. that is the wire to tap Lotus_Esprit_Power_Door_Lock_Actuator_Bracket_Rev_A_Model_(1).pdf
  10. dont they all have CDL? I replaced my worn out solenoids with $10 units and added a $50 alarm/keyless entry system. I mounted it under the bonnet next to the CDL module and tapped into the trigger wire on the OEM CDL. its on the electric schematic in service notes; easy to find but i could look if you have trouble
  11. i bought same hex socket set and worked great. as previously noted, make sure the allen is fully entered into the bolt head!
  12. forced induction negates any need or benefit and the NA region is too small a span to affect
  13. from another post I recommend you retain the SE suspension geometry as follows: First set the car by ballasting to a mid-laden ride height of 170 mm below the chassis front crossmember, and 170 mm below the rear lower link chassis brackets; Front Camber; minus 0.2 degrees Castor; plus 1.0 degrees Toe-in; plus 0.1 to plus 1.9 mm overall. Rear Camber; minus 0.5 degrees Toe-in; plus 1.5mm each side
  14. Hi Chris, This is not good news. The S4 doors are completely different. The door aperture is the same but the door inner & outer mouldings are completely different parts. The S4 doors have a different beam and door latch assy. The S4 doors have different outer and inner door handle arrangements, different electrics & different window lift mechanisms. The door trim panel is completely different so the old panel will not fit. The inner handles are completely different and are in a different position. The Hinge is the same and the Mirror is the same. The best possibility is to find a used pre S4 door. There is a difference between USA & European doors - the mirror position is different. Cheers Brian Brian Angus Product Engineer LOTUS ENGINEERING
  15. oops. try PM again thanks fellas FYI the dealer is paying for everything if the door is undamaged and otherwise suitable, they will contact and arrange payment and shipping
  16. the left door (LHD) they said they got a new window frame that would be much appreciated thanks
  17. affirmative on door beam, hinge, etc damage I was more thinking they replace both doors so they match
  18. long story short, the Tampa Lotus dealer doing the collision repair on my 90SE, drove it onto their lift, got out without setting the parking brake and left the door open. it rolled backwards off the lift and destroyed the door they cant find a replacement for that style
  19. on my 90SE, the regulator assembly is held on with 3 nuts, 2 have to be removed and 1 loosened as the assembly is slotted on the bottom. I think I had to remove the nuts where the ground strap is attached as well i've done it about 40 times, takes about 10 min now from door panel removal to regulator out. pretty easy I think the 88 and 90 are the same I bought this from removed the arm from the Lotus unit (grind welds off), replaced the Volvo arm with the Lotus arm ($10 at local weld shop), bent to fit and installed now they zoom up and down and I can get cheap replacement motors that are more efficient than the OEM (both are Bosch i think?) I did have to relocated the screw holding in the ashtray to the right about 3/4" to prevent interference with gear Order Details -------------------------------- Item : Volvo Front Left Window Regulator with Motor SKU : 371741-944 Quantity : 1 Item Price : $127.75 Item Total : $127.75
  20. thanks guys dont want to hijack the thread thanks for the info, I did not know they had a FSE (i'm certain the dealer doesnt know either)
  21. it's a long scary story they are looking for a new or used door now they don't own or even wish to look at the service manual they even asked me how to fix a stalling problem on a customers 89SE they are the only dealer in Tampa but that is for another thread
  22. just leave it at the most incompetent Lotus dealer on the planet for a small collision repair they will keep it for 4 months, then put it on the lift, leave the door open and let it roll off the door now opens nearly 180 degrees
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