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  1. never tried it bought the serial cable way back before usb was finally figured out
  2. sure looks like it if Freescan would work OK with USB
  3. I just slid mine towards the rear under the insulation to remove the gearshift mechanism
  4. LEW and PUK sell the cables and software kits chargecooler impellor is a JABSCO marine part (do a search this forum for part #)
  5. after much research, the 90SE had everything I wanted: the early seats, the glassback, early door panels, leather shifter, chargecooler, GM parts. upgrading the rest like the wheels, brakes, new lotus suspension, new poly bushes, LSD, etc to personalize it, modernize it soon as a variable geometry turbo comes to the retail market, all the woes of the little 4 banger will be gone! (or I buy a wrecked 997 turbo and transplant the motor/tranny!!) the Stevens Esprit was my dream car and one of my life goals I am very pleased now and will be even happier when all the upgrades are complete never never never will I sell it!
  6. look it up. gives old ac/delco part no and replacement replacement is $63 universal i think
  7. THANK GOD!!! I thought I was the only one with that kind of luck! whew! pretty much EVERYTHING with me goes something like this: call on the phone "do you have such and such part" "yes sir" "do you have in in stock?" "sure do" "would you mind pulling it off the shelf and confirming? just to make sure its really there and not just in computer" "holding it in my hand sir" "great! whats your name so i'll know who to ask for" "Joe" "great! i'll be there in 10 min" get to store, ask for part "we dont carry that sir" "?. check again please" "we have never carried that sir" "I just got off phone. guy said you had it!" "who did you speak to sir?" "Joe" "Joe? Joe's been dead for years. please leave sir"
  8. I got my rod end bearings from McMaster Car sealed instead of open, dont have the range of the originals but my shifting works great 6275K11 for $10 ea
  9. Paul did you take any pics? did you have to remove the tunnel console thanks chris
  11. I believe the SE has the largest dia anti roll bar up front. dont think there is one in back enlarging the front would give you a flatter turn but will change the suspesion dynamics esp front to rear and you would likely lose some handling characteristics for better or worse I could not say, but the Lotus engineers must have thought for worse since the S4 has smaller dia... someone will chime in shortly to confirm or deny
  12. I chopped mine 7/8" on the 90 SE it has to be re-welded as Travis states. be aware that you lose leverage and shift effort is somewhat higher, maybe not noticable at first
  13. quote name='Riddlemr2' date='Dec 31 2006, 01:33 PM' post='77950'] Is there any reference anywhere that will list what wheel size, offset, and bolt patterns will fit (particularly on an S4)? I would like to install aftermarket wheels pretty quickly to show off the Brembos but I'm not sure what will fit.
  14. i put same ones on mine but got the knurled finish so wont slip
  15. get busy then! my contact info is on my website for their convenience
  16. oh my doing any Tokyo Drifting? could you hook me up with a cute Japanese girl?
  17. sweet, rc45! a couple of guys in Daytona had rc30s back in the day. where in Japan are you? I keep going to Sanda-shi a couple of hundred klicks from Osaka dig those tiny chicks there!
  18. i just upgraded to an 06 zx-10 love it but cant get the suspension set up right like on my gsxr
  19. install aftermarket H4s they are cheaper, high quality, and give more light you will be happier I have some on my web page if you need some part numbers
  20. lazy dealers! even Dave Bean Engineering and JAE dont give encouraging responses if at all I appreciate the responses but I would like to hear from someone in the US who has tried to get them thanks
  21. I keep checking and get "part #s not available in US" anybody had any luck? thanks chris
  22. props to Hayden! he did very well in AMA at age 16 and on and is truly a fantastic rider finally came to terms with his GP mount. Rossi is really really good but without competition, whats the point in racing? I miss the days of Gardner, Rainey and Schwantz epic battles!
  23. uh huh. except for that little Audi trait called unintential sudden accelleration! (caused quite a few audis to crash into walls in the states back in the 80s) where does this idea of German reliability come from anyway?! good marketing? they couldnt keep thier tanks running in WWII! and i've seen crazier "engineering" in my buddy's 944 than in my esprit
  24. i'm in! unless i spend the $ on a copy of Duke Nukem Forever first!
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