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  1. Jim Knowles has all blue silicone hoses in engine bay said he got them from JAE they may have other colors available as well if you know what you need, has all colors of Samco silicone hoses available Jeggs and Summitt and any performance place has SS braided hose covers for any hose size if you want to go that way but they tarnish after a while
  2. in the Lotus--just once. the trooper wrote the ticket for 20mph over (i was actually doing about 9 over by the speedo) cause that bumps into a higher fee bracket. perhaps it was karma cos on the bike--never have stopped to find out what they wanted!
  3. mine does it all the time i suspect a leak in the intake system my bov spring was too weak i replaced it with a stronger spring and the symptoms are not as extreme now if boost pressure leaks out (in the intake system) downstream of the pressure hose to the wastegate, the frequency valve is not fast enough to compensate and overboost occurs there are many potential causes of which this is one
  4. thanks Eric yeah the anti-roll bar to lower link/control arm/wishbone bushing is rubber was hoping for poly there
  5. i was probably the one talking about the variable geometry turbos for gas engines and one of the first apps being the new porsche. they are still oem only there are 2 types, one that vary "stator" vanes (kinda oxymoron there) and one that varies the inlet area by a simpler means sort of like an exhaust power valve used on sportbikes. something similar to a boost controller would need to be used in conjunction with gm ecm signals to control the turbo would definetly be worth the effort would give the 4 banger similar power and torque curves to the v8 i spoke to john welch a couple of years ago about him doing it he said he had bad experience with the old generation units and was not thrilled with the idea of trying again maybe u guys could talk him into it when the time is right if not, i'll definitely work on it myself
  6. yes--anti roll bar yes--wishbone no poly? thats where all the load is... thanks guys
  7. its shown in the pic, but looks like the original rubber...?
  8. what about the sway bar bushing in the lower control arm?
  9. i have PUK bushes but not installed yet does the kit not include the sway bar bushings?
  10. the NSX is a superb automobile. nobody can argue that Honda lacks engineering prowess. it incorporates many technologies and ideals that Honda was gleaning from its F1 program and was probably as much a milestone for them as the SE was for Lotus, a technological tour de force from a company with limitless resources. just look at the front suspension pieces--more art than engineering. i would be afraid they would get knackered by road debris, they look so delicate. if you read the car magazine comparisons (against the Esprit) of the time, the NSX is described as being easier to drive fast, eminantly refined, everything works and is reliable. but in the usual Japanese fashion, all the excitment was refined right out of it. I guess some people want a reliable exotic, but not enough for Honda to keep making it. technologically, there is no comparison, the NSX is from a whole different era than the Esprit. that there are those that even want to compare vehicles from one of the largest and one of the smallest production car companies speaks volumes. real David and Goliath stuff. since i couldnt afford both, i chose the Esprit over the NSX. it only took about half a second to reach that decision. park them next to each other and the crowd will be drawn to the Esprit. Jon said it best in that there is a sense of occasion when driving the Esprit. It truly speaks to my soul.
  11. travis is a big x-180r buff and has discussed this subject before with illustrations contact him
  12. I had the same problem be sure to degrease the seat and the hole with solvent else there will not be enough friction! obviously, dont get the solvent in/on the boot or where the grease is supposed to be
  13. like Chuck Yeager used to say: its the man, not the machine!
  14. classic symptoms of: stuck thermostat, malfunction water pump or low colant level.
  15. i've done the same just to chat with other performance car owners. the ferrari guys i've met are just as into their cars as we are ours. i'd have a ferrari and a lambo next to the lotus if i could and like a proud parent, love each equally
  16. had i known this was a common problem, i would have posted these pics 3 yrs ago. i used a 1/8" dia stainless steel rod, bent it to hook in the hose clamp and in the hole in the flat plate mounted to the frame. (did i make that plate? been too long to remember) but either way it only took a few minutes
  17. has alloy header tanks not specific to Esprit but adaptable
  18. i just removed the nut, put a piece of wood under it and gave the wood a sharp whack. presto, popped right out BTW, Travis says he can now remove his rack in 30 min! beats my 4 hrs fiddling around
  19. NICE! all prized scooters in that collection ah the OWO1! pretty special back in the day let me know which you are faster on
  20. me and some of my buddies are going to Road Atlanta Labor Day weekend anybody else going? not driving the lotus but it would be cool to meet up Luke?
  21. Kato r u hearing anything about this? r they being hand made by one 80 yr old man? c'mon, it doesn't take this long for probes to reach Mars! surely we can fab a couple of springs and shocks?
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