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  1. probably just a States thing im driving my car get to a traffic light car pulls up beside me: "what kind of car is that? Ferrari?" "no, its a Lotus" "oh. who makes Lotus?" never fails
  2. i agree. riding a motorcycle definitely increases your situational awareness, makes you predict instead of react, and probably a host of other things
  3. damn Travis thought you'd be finished with those long ago?
  4. any of you guys who track your bike think that you can pilot it better than the Esprit? or maybe the other way around?
  5. just curious many names and avatars indicate ownership of a sportbike i myself own a 97 gsxr 750 and an 06 zx-10r i have to say that i know much more about pushing my scooters to the limits than i know about how to drive the Esprit hard both are very rewarding!
  6. $24k purchase $5k parts alone (restoration and mods) in the 2 yrs i've had it expecting to put $8k-9k more with more upgrades including big brakes, engine rebuild and new suspension
  7. to corrupt a very old ad slogan: you meet the nicest people driving a Lotus!
  8. more like a Mitsu Eclipse and Elise! good job but Yuck!
  9. yeah the ICE is just a premix of antifreeze (propylene glycol) and water at 10 or 15% (i can't remember) since it is mostly water, it transfers heat better than the normal 50/50 mix kind of like marketing a pet rock
  10. static builds up in anything conductive or not parts that are not attached to each other can build a potential difference from each other if they are not connected by something conductive. take for instance, hmm...blowing insulation in your attic using a plastic tube, the insulation passes thru the tube building up a difference in charge. touch the tube or the guy holding it and ZAP! also, lighting is attracted to anything with a potential to throw a streamer out. it doesn't have to provide a path to ground. airplanes get struck all the time.
  11. uh oh, about to place same order with SJSportcars please tell me its not them
  12. i rode my buddy's on the way back from bike week and was amazed it made my gixxer 750 feel like a Vespa just don't like the exhausts and the color choice talked to a couple of dealers--i hope they don't make me a deal i can't refuse there will be less money for the Esprit! well, a topic for another thread....
  13. it doesn't take a Ferrari to make a guy a jerk nor are all Lotus owners the cream of the crop. people are just people. i once asked a guy about his new ZX-10 (first one in the area) he completely ignored me for an amazing 5 minutes! eventually he looked at me and with a snear and total condescendtion said "what do you ride?" i told him that i had been riding his mother all night. usually i just tell people they are too cool for me and move on
  14. sounds wonderful! Lotus would have already done if they had the resources hell, they are probably doing it now with the new Esprit! what is the rumor now? Audi or BMW engine to power the new Esprit? when you are done, can i have your old parts?
  15. they are thru-bolted with nylock nuts on the other side. yest $150 JUST for anodizing! anodized red would have looked really cool but $150?!! 4 places gave same quote
  16. saw on another post the same pedals but got these from a different company AutoVation for $95 was going to get them hard anodized red to match car but the cost for that was $150! anyway, very happy with the result anyone interested contact Jeff Silva for a good price
  17. i replaced my marker lights with LEDs in the states, 194 bulb fits in them
  18. had them new a few months ago, but I dont see them listed anymore used ones at
  19. i recently had same problem and it was the switch. if the flash function works (pull back on blinker stalk) then it is the switch. if you need to replace the control module, i have the cross ref for the gM part, about $30 if i recall later
  20. Erik center exhaust looks great! could you make a video clip with the car out of the garage and place the camera from the side? i would be interested in the sound from that position thanks
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