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  1. this the same as your order?
  2. nothing wrong with either of those solutions Glyn and Thom! aftermarket ECU conversion is more popular than i thought in the Esprit community and quite a bit of diversity in ECU brands!
  3. thats looking pretty similar so the other 2 tables from our cars can be compared with some expectation of similarity. those AFRs seem to be procedural values for tuners, not necessarily what is desirable. probably values at 120 kpa and above should be left alone, but the others are open to preference. i am shooting for lean economy in the cruise zone for highway trips. EOI does have significant affect on ign timing and injector pulse time in the lower to mid rpm range. try changing the setting while car is idling, see what you think. since you are tuning it yourself there are a few things to keep in mind with the spark: the goal is to achieve mpp at optimal deg. this value, whatever it is, is fixed and needs a dyno to find it. but if you feel a sweet spot by the seat of your pants (4500 rpm at 160kpa for example), whatever the values are for AFR, advance and VE at that location on the tables, you can make some reasonable guesses for the rest of the table by these general concepts: higher RPM=more advance lower kpa=more advance. lower temp=more advance. AFR lower than 11=more advance. AFR higher than 13.2=more advance. there is no substitute for a dyno, but logging and comparing the raw knock values after each change can give you a pretty good feel if you are going in the right or wrong direction. i am struggling with understanding so much advance at idle though. factory is 8-10 probably for emissions, dont really know. upto 20 is not uncommon but still seems high. you can see i have mine 11-13 and fairly lean Maybe i should add a row for lower kpa value in case car is driven at altitude...i have the barometer connected but selected MAP only.
  4. just a caution doing that: the sensor is directly above the exhaust manifold and may not like the heat for long the bolt imbalances the pulley, spinning fairly fast. may be insignificant compared to the belt forces, but something to keep in mind. (i was going to do the same until Dave showed me his solution) BTW, here is my final (balanced) solution for use with CC pump cam trigger.pdf
  5. i have also set the EOI to 440 deg @ 1000 rpm and increased by steps to 150 @ 4000. made a noticeable improvement for idle and also changed the VE values. many other changes so i need to get it back on dyno. my VE values majorly changed from 200 to 225 kpa over 5500 rpm to around 110. without the AFR table, the VE table (and ign table) doesnt mean much. PM Cammy for his MS tables (though i think his is still configured more stock) here are the current tables, datalog-approved, but not dyno optimized
  6. i can provide it but be aware 1) the values shown are 2 deg retarded from actual timing due to a now resolved issue with the software 2) i have since massaged many values in the table to achieve better cold start, idle and fuel economy in the cruise area but have not re-tuned or dynod. unlike Dave's car which spent many days with a tuner, my original tune is a rough tune. My tuner did not configure multiple tables for modifiers and offsets for example, such as timing and AFR changes for high MAT, or knock retard, etc. what this means is that the AFR and Ign map was tuned for no knock and best power only at the conditions present that day.. That partially explains why the total timing is so much less than stock. Cammmy also has an MS ECU and his info is likely of more use and honestly looks more reasonable than mine
  7. if the bushings at the gearshift are bad (where the cables attach to the gearshift lever) it will move too far and contact the reverse inhibitor block as well as produce vague gear engagement. I also did the short shift mod. Other Esprit owners who have driven my car rave about how easy and positive all gears engage FWIW.
  8. certainly if you intend on flex fuel, you need the bigger injectors. Mine is just a weekend driver so the pain of alcohol would be a crazy burden. i've never used silver coated wire. Here is a link of tinned, silver and nickle and their uses and joining methods Wisdom/12T0024X00-Anixter-WW-Conductor-Coatings-W%26C-EN-US.pdf PTFE insulation is good for pretty high temps and chemically resistant to most everything yeah the AEM Infinity has selection to drive calculations using VE ECU (that is how mine is tuned) as do most ECUs these days, although i couldnt say it is the same as the Haltech. According to AEM, the advantage of a VE table is that once it is tuned and set, you can change parameters like boost and injector sizes without requiring a re-tune. It will calculate fueling based on the VE table value. Regardless, for the Infinity, the final fueling is determined by the AFR target table.
  9. i said in another thread that my tuner has only tuned mega hp GTRs and Supras and that ive had to massage the tune to get better fuel economy. the fact is it makes good power everywhere with no knock but even my cruising mpg tanked. So if there is a moral to the story, even with the best setup, it may not be as good as factory, depending on your definition of "good" LOL i re-used much of the existing harness but added wires for new sensors and such. I used some MIL spec tinned copper and high-temp insulation from Mcmaster Car as well as weather-tight connectors from there. Soldered and heat-shrink everything that was practical. good luck with your conversion and keep us updated!
  10. LOL I saw Dave's and thought "why didn't I think of that?" it used to be used for the same purpose (distributor) DOH!
  11. injector dynamics are very popular with the tuner crowd. My AEM ECU already has the flow characteristics for ID injectors so they can be selected in a drop down menu when setting up the ECU. My research indicates that max flow required for 1.25 bar boost is just under 800, so i selected 840 cc injectors. Injectors are very good these days but remember that an injector has a minimum pulse width, so the amount of fuel delivered by a 1000 will be more than that of an 850 at that min pulse. this affects fueling at low rpm. if you want that smooth idle, consider the 850. i would be happy to share my pin maps and sensor requirements if you need for your conversion. just PM me
  12. my local tuner comes recommended by the community for AEM Infinity tunes, but has only tuned mega power Supras and GTRs. I found i had to massage it everywhere after tuning to make it smooth and tractable like a factory car. It was fun learning the parameter/effect relations during the process and im still experimenting to achieve better highway cruise fuel economy
  13. oh sorry i guess what i was saying is that toe out may have contributed to the instability, but there were other factors that may have been responsible or partly responsible and the toe out possibly exacerbated them. if you have seen POV video of race drivers working the wheel, thats how bad it was. i use the factory toe spec now but with more caster (i think about 2.5 was most i could achieve with SE). it is very stable now. but this is also with new bushings again and LOTAC all around. i believe my alignment print is posted on here somewhere
  14. plotting the MAP and IAT with the power curve would be very revealing. your ECU can data log. likely you found a culprit with the air temp rise. take it back and tell the tuner to log the data during another dyno run if he didnt already
  15. what are the MAP values during the run?
  16. Dave (Changes) did many mods including crank, rods and pistons and some head work. I think some have used titanium valves. PM Dave with your question he has a thread on here "412 BHP..." that details some of it
  17. i was concerned with the COP exposure to exhaust heat so added some shielding (the lip on the mounting plate)
  18. what would be a good way to measure the fuel temp? a thermocouple in the tank sump drain fitting? i see them only for diesel.
  19. sadly no. i missed the perfect opportunity on the 500 mile drive to LOG37. Im not sure what instrument would be suitable to measure the temp of the fuel in the tank. I thought i could remove my tank drain plug and put something short in there, it would also need data logging capability...seems like more effort than i want to expend lately. If someone is interested in the PN and wants to run an experiment, i will dig it up and provide. how did you measure yours?
  20. thanks for testing. odd that it worked on my car.
  21. hi Dave i think last we spoke i indicated a method for fuel cooling i was going to try. this $75 AISI 316 coil is made for dialysis on the fuel return line. Just installed it.
  22. thanks Dave, it can do multi maps, that is a good suggestion. I really am not looking for anything but better than OEM HP, but 300 is a nice round number (even if a different dyno one indicates something else ) it literally was 4 hrs of car constantly running (mostly idling) with no fans to cool the engine. i dont have logs but i bet the MAT was high
  23. a few are aware of the ECU conversion i did to AEM Infinity 506 along with COP. I have been tinkering and learning the ECU to get it drivable to a tuner and finally got off my ass and did it. I had no HP target for the tuner, just instructions for easy start, smooth idle, good MPG, no knock at full boost and boost target of 1.25 bar. All is not well as he suspects the stumble may be due to mounting the MAP directly to the intake port instead of remotely and/or choice of spark plug. Still, this was the initial visit and after 4 hrs of heat soak the Dynojet said 289 at the wheels @ 1.20 bar. Don't know what it was before the rebuild, new turbo and manifold or ECU. this is with a CAT installed. i will probably tweak it to get a reading of 300. Grain of salt and all that with dyno numbers, but still pleased. this tuner has mostly only tuned Supras and GT-Rs to big HP for drag racing. he complimented the responsiveness of the engine after a test drive saying that he was surprised that a little 4 banger had that much motivation.
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