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  1. elaborate on "the dash went dark". a failure of the ignition switch or lose or shorted wires on the back of it might erantly activate the starter and at the same time remove power to instruments
  2. Welch is as good as you can get outside of Hethel why dont you have him fix your remaining issues?
  3. i installed a cheap keyless entry sys on my SE. the central door locking unit is under a cover in the front bonnet. all that is needed (if your solenoids are still good) is splicing into 3 wires of the existing CDL. pretty easy
  4. it doesnt get cool here lately until Nov Dec! it seems i have a following anxiously awaiting the completion of the conversion...
  5. Dave "Changes" probably has a stock ing module available. i will once the weather cools enough for me to finish my ECU conversion. if i remember correctly, the VR sensor on the flywheel for engine speed is connected to the ign module; the ign module reports engine speed to the ECU.
  6. as Travis stated, post Freescan file and often this symptom is due to TPS or IAC not in correct position
  7. if somebody needs a plug, i have one for sale i'm not using anymore. PM me
  8. could be bits of the form-n-place gasket material used everywhere on the 910. the original stuff was quite hard when i disassembled my engine for rebuild
  9. From the album: engine rebuild and AEM ECU

    mounting bracket and pulley with trigger wheel installed. requires slight modification to the oil cover
  10. ragingfool35

    engine rebuild and AEM ECU

    engine upgrades with 3071 turbo and Alunox manifold. some additional sensors needed for sequential fuel injection and coil on plug
  11. From the album: engine rebuild and AEM ECU

    machined and welded a boss to pulley then shrunk custom steel trigger wheel on
  12. From the album: engine rebuild and AEM ECU

    thanks to Dave (Changes) for pioneering this method of cam position sensor for new ECU
  13. From the album: Random Bits

    added 36-1 trigger wheel to crank pulley and installed hall effect sensor
  14. i have fit 3 different H4 sets into my SE. What i can say is that each time the trusty Dremel was required to modify the stationary rings to accept the tangs used on the new lights
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