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  1. there are many places to buy upgrades here are a couple has made brake kits for Esprits before and will give you many options and put together a kit for you enjoy
  2. good call actually, while the disks get very hot, the calipers remain fairly cool. the only contact point is the pads and they are not great thermal conductors. the elastomers used for the seals have a working temp range less than the fluid
  3. flames in the exhaust comes from removing the catalyst. the catalyst reduces VOCs and NOxs by thermal oxidation at a lower temp than without it. these volatile organic compounds are--you guessed it--volatile (flammable) and ignite somewhere in the exhaust system. high revs just push it out faster and so you see flames comminig out of the tail pipe. any engine does this cheers
  4. just take it to a local engine machine shop and they'll pop it out for you lickety split
  5. Amen brother! maybe everybody should buy an Esprit and come together in our Lotus community but there will always be those antisocialist who choose Ferrari or Lambo or Porsche.... can't we all just get along?
  6. its usually just the plastic in the gears in the motor have disintegrated. the repair kit cost $5 and takes about 30min start to finish. very easy
  7. Tony has one
  8. what's with all the negativity moriartys? i learned alot in my 5 or 6 years and will be paying for it for a long time to come.... hmmm, maybe its the school. who knows? ahh but the parties and the girls never a better time! enjoy it while it last
  9. I recently put General Exclaim UHP all around and are very happy with them, esp considering the price. good reviews on provide a better ride than the BF goodrich runflats that were on there and grip at least as well as the sumotimos previously fitted great bang for the buck for a performance street tire though i have no idea of how well they would work on a track i can set up a sportbike suspension for preload,compresion and rebound damping for my riding style fairly quickly just running on some local streets but unless you have access to a track setting up a cars suspension is a more time consuming process. people like Travis can dedicate some time and set it up for thier driving style and that's really the best. i'll just go with what Lotus has tested and if not happy, I'll let them know either way, its got to be better than the 16 yr old original...
  10. that would be good reading but where can I get those streamers for the mirrors?
  11. I took my SE out today for a Sunday ride over to a girl friend's house for dinner. I was on a road that was quite bumpy and lots of police were driving along so I was just tooling along about 35 mph. Came to a light and a Modena pulled up next to me. The guy blipped his engine a couple of times and man that exhaust note was pure aureal Heaven!!! I wasn't even in a "car" mood and that sound still got my blood boiling! I wish mine could sound half as good as that. He spun his tires and lept forward for about 40 ft then matched speed with the car in front of him. The car in front of me had not even moved, so I could not respond even had I wanted to. After that he ignored me and eventually turned off the road I was on. That sure is a pretty car. I am planning on the Lotus suspension upgrade, red race chip 6, WC turbo, and S4s inlet valves. I wonder how it would stack up against the much more modern 360 with equal drivers. Either way, they are both beautiful and exotic cars. Maybe my next encounter will be more telling... :-)
  12. the gator was most likely dead when the python swallowed it. pythons are not native to Florida. as with many areas of the world, non-native species have been introduced. in southern Florida, there is a large concentration of wealth and many pets such as parrots and snakes get released into the wild. wildlife experts have seen the python population steadily increasing and this is not the first such confrontation observed between the python and alligator in the Everglades. the sharp claws on the gator seemed to have pierced the snake as it moved, and like a balloon it popped yuk!
  13. why did it have to be done twice in 3 yrs? leak? painted frit band detach from glass? thanks chris
  14. well done! looks good will be doing that mod sometime soon too. thanks for the wiring info
  15. mucho cool Slade I had one just like it well, it was a '79 and yellow and carburated and in great shape (at least when I got it) wow that brings back great memories enjoy it and keep us updated
  16. Just doing this myself. Put a pictoral guide on my website, though its still in progress
  17. a very good ram air system has a maxium theoretical power increase of 5% on a normially aspirated engine, and thats only at very high speed. with a high flow air filter, the ram air will increase the efficiency of the turbo, i.e. the turbo will be able to sustain a higher flow at high boost pressures. if you drive fast in the rain ( bad idea in a Lotus IMO), water will saturate the airfilter. cheers
  18. the polyurethane bushings definitely outperform rubber in every property. milled is preferred over cast, but the bushings will break down at temps over 212F. the bushings Marcus sells have a durometer (measure of hardness or flexibility) slightly greater than the OEM rubber. this should give close to the feel that the car had when it left the factory but last longer. I work at a rubber manufacturing plant and have spoken to the other engineers at length about this. I can't see getting the bushings up to 212F unless I put the car on the track and maybe not then. I will upgrade to the PUK bushings when Lotus releases the new suspension kits
  20. according to the parts xref on this site: A910E6604F Magneti Marelli M80R (1.7); Lucas 54293567; Lucas 3M100 Starter motor
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